Shoot: Flash with Dad & Children


Introduction to Flash for Children and Family Images


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Shoot: Flash with Dad & Children

Oh perfect, there it is. Nice. All right. I think dad's in, on set. Hi dad, come on forward. I'm gonna pull this away. Hi dada, hi dada. So, (baby talk) there we go. Now you're pretty tall. Yes. Hi, I'm Mike by the way. Andy. Good to meet you Andy, welcome to the set. So one of the things that I'm thinking about now is he is really tall and it really offsets the proportions of this whole thing. So before we built around you, but now we're going to build around dad. So we're going to change everything up and dad I think we're going to have you sit on the stool so that your head comes down a little bit. (baby talk) Does he, does he like sitting on your lap? Does he respond to you pretty well? Yes. Why don't we have him do that. And you can put your foot on there if you'd like. All right you wanna move him to pa? (crying) Okay we'll see. Do you want do them for a moment and I can take him out? Yeah fine. All right we'll take a group photo around dad. This is such a cool ...

experience for me and for everyone watching because this is the type of thing that happens all the time in family photography. Just kind of have to roll with the punches. In a minute we're going to bring a couch on the scene. That might make things a little bit easier, but hey, we'll see how we go. All right this is perfect. You know what dad I'm gonna actually gonna use that apple box for her. And I'm just, go ahead and put your foot up here and you can step on that there and move your hip in nice and tight. Why don't you come forward, like that and you stand right here in the middle. Right there. Yeah that's cool. Now you are kind of lost, in space. So I'm gonna pull you forward about there. Yeah that's good and then we want a little separation so I'm gonna twist everybody slightly just like this. Watch your toes. All right cool. Squeeze in tight to papa. Nice; you come forward a little bit. Right there. And you see what I'm doing, I'm just thinking through shadows and thinking through plane of focus. So I've got enough depth of field so the people in the front are in focus, the people in back are in focus and you've got this beautiful smile that just continues. And actually I'm gonna keep rotating you 'cause I'm looking at my backdrop and I need you guys a little bit more parallel to that backdrop. Nice, was that fun? Uh huh. Yeah. Mm hmm she says. Great, that's a nice looking shot. One other thing I'm doing here as a pro is I'm always looking at clothing, I'm looking at hair, I'm looking at the face of dad, looking at his hair, making sure all that looks fine. So I'm going to get in a little bit closer. I'm going to pull this off of your shoulder 'cause we don't want to see that. I'm gonna put this behind your ear just like that. You look excellent, perfect as always. Your hair is beautiful. Dad's shirt looks fine. Okay we're good. Now this one I'm going to shoot with a single flash and I'm just gonna move this up nice and high. And I'm not going to use a reflector. Whoa. Whoa is right. Yeah it is way up there. I'm tethered, I can't go that way. And I'll move this reflector back. Now I'm just going to look here at the angle. The angle overall looks okay. And I'm gonna shoot right underneath this flash so it's perfectly in line with the family. The family is parallel to the surface, the front surface of the flash. The family is parallel to the sensor plane on my camera, so I should get even illumination and even focus across the seam. Nice! And I didn't adjust any of my exposures or anything so we'll just hopefully, k, there it is. A little dark overall and another thing that's going on here is I've got my longer lens on and I forgot to change that out to my 24 to so let me swap that out because you can see it's a little bit too tight, especially for the girls. I'm kind of cutting them off inappropriately. Inappropriate cut off. So I swapped this 85 millimeter out to my 24 to 70. Mmkay, and now I've got a little bit more leeway with my focal length. Yeah and I'm currently at about 60 millimeters. Nice, excellent. And I need to, I just realized from my last exposure, I forgot to change my exposure up so it needs to be a little bit brighter. So to do that I'm going to I think increase my ISO by one stop. Currently at ISO 250, I'm going to increase that to 500. So doubling my ISO should give me enough light on that scene. All right you come out just a, too much, right there. Here we go. Excellent, and I'll take one from this side. Nice! One other thing I'm going to change once those come in. Oh yeah look at y'all. That's really great, you look fantastic. But you need to be a little bit higher to get a nice little diamond shape up there. See how on the left she's a little bit too low, there's kind of a big gap over there. So I'm going to raise her up with this apple box. So go ahead and step off. I'm going to turn this, watch your toes. Nice, yep, go right back there. I think that's better. Do you think that's better? Yeah, I'm going to have you turn your hip towards the camera. Like that, good. You want to, you ever put your hands on your hip? Do you ever do that? Is that comfortable for you, like this? Let's see what that looks like, Yeah, we'll see, we'll see if that works for a photo. You don't look like a very sassy girl to me though. So sometimes we do that, sometimes we don't. Now dad with you, I'm going to have you move your hand to the back so we can't see it. I mean you can put it right here in the small of her back, I just don't want the fingers to be creeping around in front. All right you ready? Let's do it. Ah ha, yes, that hand on the hip is great. I love it. And for you, what I'd like you to do is take your hand and bring it up just a little bit, yeah right there. Hey look who's back, Xander. Hey buddy, do you want to step up there? Great. Mama you can come on set and help him get up if you want. Feel free to. Yeah and this is all normal. Yeah up on the leg would be great. Oh yeah look at you. Mama. You want, hey Xander. (clicking noise) (laughing) Oh there we go. Quick mama get in there. Hey Xander. (clicking noise) (laughing) Mama come around this side. Right there, stand up. Oh nice and tall. A little bit more to your, there you go. Oh yeah, hey Xander. (clicking noise) (laughing) Yeah good. And you can bring your hand down if you want. There we go, hey Xander. (clicking noise) (gobbling sound) There we go, nice. Oh yes. All right, hoo.

Class Description

When capturing images of families and children, you preserve memories for generations. Learning how to use flash opens up so many options, as you now longer have to be constrained by weather or location. Photographer Mike Hagen will help you incorporate flash into this genre of photography to create family heirloom images that also capture a moment in time.

In this class, Mike teaches you how to:

  • Create looks that wouldn’t be possible in natural light
  • Use your flash to freeze action
  • Use reflectors, modifiers and other lighting equipment to enhance your flash

Learn to harness the power of flash photography to make their memories last a lifetime. Give clients those special images by using flash photography to preserve their special moments.


Jayne Fletcher

Amazing class! Lots of information


Love the natural way Mike has to explain and to work on the studio. Plenty of tips and clear knowledge transfer for me that I manage quite well natural light but that I still mess with the on-camera flash.

Robert Spencer

The class seems great, but my connection - even at 20MB still give me 20 seconds and then butts out for a minute :(