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Audience Engagement and Analytics

Lesson 8 from: Irresistible Mobile Food Photography: From Shoot to Social

Andrew Scrivani

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Lesson Info

8. Audience Engagement and Analytics

Lesson Info

Audience Engagement and Analytics

so audience engagement and your analytics and I want to talk a little bit about the idea off. Let's say just your likes versus you're engaged audience. Uh, one of the things that I tried to do a little research on WAAS. What is a really successful account look like in terms of engagement? How many people actually engage with the photos? So the times, I think, has a really successful account because they get a lot of audience engagement and they only get on their best photos. 2% engagement. Would you say to yourself, Wow, that's not a whole lot, but it is absolutely what if you look at a lot of accounts? Most engagement ranges between about half of a percent and 2% of the total audience is actually engaging. And then when you start looking at comments, when you see posts that have a lot of likes, you don't have a lot of comments. That's not quite the engagement you want. You want people to actually want to write captioning and post photos that are engaging and provocative, and that get ...

people to talk and mention the things that they like about the photo of the questions that it brings up, so all of those things are important in the idea. Off engagement, I looked at some other accounts that had massive followings 2.53 million, three million followers. But when I the bigger that number got it felt like the smaller the engagement number got. Obviously, it's a numbers game. It is. It is a you know, you're looking at a ah, large number means even 2% of a larger numbers more people. But the better accounts will have a better understanding of how to engage their audience. And they look at their analytics numbers. So if you want to look at mine for a second, I have a verified account. But what this actually lets me do is look at a photo and you see this little button here that says, uh, view insights. Well, it allows me to look at my audience engagement in a very particular way, So it tells me about the number of likes I got for the photo, which is 1100 on this, and I have about 40,000 followers. So that's about a 2% engagement. That's really good. But then you look at the comments, and I got almost 40 comments on that particular post. That's another really key number is that that many people engaged in discussing the photo is another really good engagement. Que 12 people shared it so they see that little paper airplane. 12 people shared it, so that's great, because that means that it's got reach beyond where I'm actually sending it, and 60 people saved it. So those kind of numbers understanding that it's reaching people. And then when you start to look and comparing compact contrast your other photos, it really gives you a sense of the reach, right? And this is the other number. Right below that, I had 111 people visit my profile because of that one picture. Now the more people that are going to your profile now, obviously you have a link in your profile, and where does that bring them for me? It brings them here. It brings them to Creativelive because a lot of people come to my instagram feed because they want to see the classes that I'm teaching or the kinds of educational things that I'm participating in. Sometimes I put my book there where I would like people to go and read my book. But most of the time when I get them to my profile, they get a sense of who I am, what I do and what it where I want them to go next. I want you to see it. Yes, I'm a photographer. I'm a director and producer. I wrote a book. All these things were in my profile. But what I also want to do is direct them to the thing that's gonna benefit me the most. So the more people I can get to look at my profile, the better, uh, reach 12,000 people had some type of contact with that. Now look and think about that. In terms of 40 I have 40,000 followers. But I got 12,000 people to interact on some level with this particular photo. That's an enormous number. It's better than that's. That's better than 1/3 better than 33% off my getting a bigger, much bigger reach on that particular photo. Um, three people clicked on my website, so that's three actual people who went that next step that I'm asking them to go. They went to my profile. That's all what I was about. Like, I'm really curious about what this link is. And they went to that link, and then they found that that link brought, um I think to creative life. I think that's what I have that set up for right now. Um, so if you go further down here, the reach and the impressions are really pretty close, and it gives you a breakdown of where those came from. So the come from the home page, which is basically your feed from your profile page, where if somebody navigated to find me on instagram than they went, that's how they found or from the explore page, where you know, when you go on the magnifying glass and you see things scrolling there and they something For some reason, my post ended up there and then this 517 other engagements from other sources. Now that could be the people who were sharing it on, and then other people found it because it was shared. So there's a number of ways in which you are going to engage the audience than the final one at the bottom gives me opportunity to promote the post. Now this is how I end up getting my feed to people who don't follow me. And a lot of that happens through either Instagram stories or through The Discover Page, which So when I was selling my book and my book was first coming out, I was promoting posts about my book and then that would bring them back to my profile, bring them back to the link in my profile and give them an opportunity to go purchase my book on one of the websites that was selling it. And I got enormous engagement from that, and it was really beneficial because I added to my follower base it put, put them in touch with an opportunity for me to make money with the book. But it also sort of made raise the general awareness of where what I was doing in the social space. So if I promoted a post for $ or $30 I sold one book, well, that's a net zero. I didn't have to spend any money to get all those new followers to get all that engagement and start to continue to grassroots grow so I would say that if you have something to sell or you have a book or you have some other commerce or if you get one job out of it or you get one new client out of it Sometimes promoting your best posts helps you grow that audience and brings that particular feature into something that can really, really help you. If you're interested in getting a verified account, there is a way to do that, which is unlike some of the other social media platforms, you can actually request the blue check in instagram. So if you go here into your settings and you go into your account, there is request verification so you can actually request verification. You could put your name and you could put your all your information. You select a category for your account news media, sports, government, politics, all these different things, and you can. Then you have to upload some I D. And then they check you out and see that if you are somebody who has is an author and you have a book in the or you're a writer or you're somebody who's in the media or you're a photographer, that works for a particular works for a particular publication or any of the things that might make you somewhat of a public figure. You can request, and sometimes it takes a couple of times. You have to be patient. But if you get the blue check, that's a very distinctive look to your instagram. Feed it. Add some credibility to when you're selling yourself to clients, and it gives you a little bit of oomph when it comes to what kind of weight you have behind you as an artist. So it's It's an important piece that's equal to, or maybe even more important than the actual amount of followers you have to think about. There's different ways to establish. Establish yourself on firm ground in social media, and looking to get a verified account is one of them.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I always love a good Scivani class. This one didn't disappoint. I have always believed that the best camera is the one in your hand and now I can feel a bit more comfortable shooting with my iPhone. tricks and tips were invaluable...also love his honesty

Amy Vaughn

Food photography isn't my niche, but I still like taking nice photos of my food with my phone for personal use. I picked up a couple good tips in this class that have already made my food photos look better. In particular, the recommendations for the table-top size portable light and not shooting in the same direction as the light.

Tomas Verver

I still found the teacher interesting while not becoming too technically and not using too much jargon. Was shooting more differen photographs so it was a nice introduction to this genre. Even when I dont use an Iphone and I had done different photo courses.

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