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Common Questions and Mistakes

Lesson 5 from: Irresistible Mobile Food Photography: From Shoot to Social

Andrew Scrivani

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5. Common Questions and Mistakes

Lesson Info

Common Questions and Mistakes

So what I want to dress at as we sort of got through our shooting section and we worked with the phone and we worked a little bit with editing is some of the common mistakes that we make when we're shooting, whether that be with our phones or with our, um, our DSLR there any camera. But I think there's a couple of things we referenced earlier when I was doing the shooting demo when I was showing you how shooting with the angle of the light and understanding that if you shoot with your back to the light, it's akin to shooting with the with the flash on camera, which, obviously, at this stage of food photography, everybody understands that shooting food with flash on camera is not really a good idea on ultimately understanding why is really important? It's on. It's really great to understand that if you're shooting with the light, everything gets flat and we gave you an example of that earlier. Some of the other things that we often do is we don't plan are shoots. We kind of go at it wit...

hout really understanding whether the environment isn't gonna be the right environment. the lighting isn't gonna be the right lighting. We don't have the props or maybe the facility to shoot the food the way we want or the plating. Any of that really is about planning. And it doesn't really matter what phone you're carrying in your pocket. It's about the execution. And then, of course, the food itself. If you choose great ingredients, you're going to get better pictures. So the propping and the shopping, uh, all kind of go together in making it so that you can make photos that you're really proud of. And again, if you have great light and you have great props and you have a good plan on you understand your lighting and your angles and the things that you want to accomplish when you go into a photo shoot, the tool in your pocket, the phone, the camera around your neck. None of that really matters. You can make great photos if you have all of those things at your disposal, so that brings us to a close on mobile food photography for today. But remember everything that we've learned today, whether it be how we shot or how we edited or the software we used or the different tools that we put into play. Everything that is in your tool kit is gonna help you make better photos every day.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I always love a good Scivani class. This one didn't disappoint. I have always believed that the best camera is the one in your hand and now I can feel a bit more comfortable shooting with my iPhone. tricks and tips were invaluable...also love his honesty

Amy Vaughn

Food photography isn't my niche, but I still like taking nice photos of my food with my phone for personal use. I picked up a couple good tips in this class that have already made my food photos look better. In particular, the recommendations for the table-top size portable light and not shooting in the same direction as the light.

Tomas Verver

I still found the teacher interesting while not becoming too technically and not using too much jargon. Was shooting more differen photographs so it was a nice introduction to this genre. Even when I dont use an Iphone and I had done different photo courses.

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