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Learn to Draw: Landscape


Learn to Draw: Landscape


Class Description

Join instructor and professional painter, Amy Wynne, as she teaches this introduction to drawing the landscape. She’ll share how to use a fountain pen, brushes, water, a pencil and a viewfinder to go out and capture the space and environment around you.

In this class, Amy will cover:

  • Surveying the landscape: seascapes, countryside, and industrial
  • Composition: nature sketching as a sensory diary
  • Using a viewfinder
  • Choosing your sky to land ratio
  • Achieving depth in your drawings
  • Establishing atmosphere and shadows

Amy will end the course with a series of drawing challenges to get you outside and drawing more every day! She’ll challenge you to draw the view from your car dashboard or your window at different times of day, keeping drawings in a field sketch journal.

Amy has been teaching painting and drawing for over 20 years at colleges across New England including the Rhode Island School of Design.



Good tips on relaxing and enjoying the outdoors before you begin drawing. Great course.

Nicole Doyle

It's been about 20 years since art school and I am now getting back to it. I felt like this was a great review of basic techniques and tips. The information was very helpful to get me back to drawing again.

JEanie BRandt

This wonderful class covered everything I needed to get me motivated to start sketching the landscape.

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