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Leica M10 Fast Start

John Greengo

Leica M10 Fast Start

John Greengo

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1 Class Introduction Duration:05:39
2 Welcome to Leica Duration:15:06
3 Basic Controls Duration:05:27
4 ISO Duration:05:58
5 Shutter Speeds and Apertures Duration:08:45
6 Accessory Shoe Duration:08:45
7 Back Side Controls Duration:37:00
8 Bottom Controls Duration:07:07
9 Front Controls Duration:06:39
10 M Lenses Duration:18:53
12 JPG Settings Menu Duration:03:44
13 Capture Assistants Menu Duration:07:27
15 Customize Control Menu Duration:04:57
16 WLAN & GPS Menus Duration:09:02
17 Date & Time & Language Menus Duration:03:29
19 Camera Operation Duration:08:26

Class Description

The Leica M10 appears to be a simple camera, but it’s a modern digital camera with unlimited capabilities. Join expert photographer John Greengo as he gives you all the information you need to understand this unique camera's capabilities.

John will discuss:

  • The all new menu system with a customizable favorites menu.
  • Recommended settings.
  • The camera’s traditional viewfinder and how it provides full exposure and focus information.
  • How to work with the Leica lenses.

The simple controls of the Leica M10 disguise many of the camera’s special capabilities. John will explain all of the highlights of this camera so that you’ll be able to capture the images you love. 


Guy Neal

I am migrating from the Leica Q to the Leica M10. Though I know my way around a Leica digital camera, the Leica M10 is my first rangefinder. I wanted someone to quickly walk me through the front/back/top/bottom of the M10. John Greengo was the perfect guide. This class is "as advertised - a "fast start" for those who prefer not to page through a fairly dense owner's manual. I especially appreciated that the lessons were broken into small chunks - so I could skip the lesson on the wifi setup, for example. And kudos to the person who prepares the amazing slide decks. While there are two dozen free Youtube videos that review the M10, they do not convey the helpful information you get in this excellent class.

Simon Johnson

John does a great job of going through every aspect of using the M10. There's not a dial, stitch button or menu item that isn't comprehensively covered. He uses simple, but effective graphics to explain what's happening. He also touches on the fundamentals of photography and throws in some tips and secrets. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job than John. I'm a Leica Q owner, that's just about to upgrade to an M10 so this course has been very useful indeed.


Great class. I moved from a 240 and a 246 to the M10-M. While it's still an M10, I wonder if you'd have an additional chapter devoted to the Monochrom?