Adobe® Lightroom® CC Crash Course


Adobe® Lightroom® CC Crash Course


Class Description

Find out what Lightroom® is and does and how it can help you retouch and organize your images. In Adobe® Lightroom® CC Crash Course, veteran instructor Jared Platt will offer an easy-to-understand introduction to this useful program.

If you’ve been avoiding Lightroom®, this is your opportunity to explore its interface and find out how it works. Jared will teach you how to:

Import and organize images and video
Adjust and correct images and video
Export and share images and video

Even if you have never used Lightroom® before, Jared will help you develop a deeper understanding of the program and how it can play a role in your creative process.

Adobe® Lightroom® was designed to make your post-production process easier, not more confusing! Lightroom® for Beginners with Jared Platt will show you how exactly how it can help.

Ready for the next step in learning Lightroom?  Check out Adobe Lightroom® CC for Beginners with Jared Platt.

This course is part of the series of Adobe Lightroom tutorials.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC