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Make Your Dream Trip a Reality

Lesson 32 of 32

Finale Q&A

Chris Guillebeau, Stephanie Zito

Make Your Dream Trip a Reality

Chris Guillebeau, Stephanie Zito

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Lesson Info

32. Finale Q&A

Lesson Info

Finale Q&A

Santa leo had asked, will the facebook what is the facebook page that we keep talking about? And will it be continued? Oh yeah, great question we have to continue to reference that without saying where people should go, so if they go to travel hacking dot org's slash f b dream trip starts in a while trouble acting got orc slash fb dream trip they can join this group it's totally it's totally free! We will keep the group open and many members will continue to help other people and we'll pop in from time to time. We won't be as active in it as we have been through this company has been through for you in the face like two hours a day she's been sitting in this group s o probably in the long term, the best place to get support and ask questions is in the trouble hacking cartel. So that's, the service that we offer and there's a there's a special deal for everyone watching. I'm creative life on you go to travel, hacking got or slashing dream trip and you can get a thirty day trial in this ...

service for just one dollars, on we will be much more active and not going forward fantastic and uh, if you're like matt, you know, just get in there every day thinking about it and looking at what the latest and greatest is because I think that's what I've learned is that things are changing all the time, right? It is it is it's been really fun to watch people in that group like matt said transform from not knowing anything saying I have zero miles teo having them share advice with other people on the best things to do that's awesome, so let's get in some more advice and answer some people's questions all right? So this one is from somebody else named stephanie who had asked if you earn status with either airline or hotel group in this calendar year. So say before december thirty first do you have to start all over in january or do you keep the status for the next year and only lose it? If you do not re qualify the second you want to earn the status, you have that status for the calendar year that you've earned it in less the year? So you're always earning for next a year and it always resets in january, okay, fantastic! You actually have it for a long period of time, basically. And then next year, of course you need to re qualify, but you but you'll be you'll have access to those benefits throughout the whole year while you're re qualifying, so it actually gets easier and we did spend a lot of time talking about how you qualify and things that you do so in order to qualify less in twenty two go back theo yeah, listen twenty two way we talked about it in a couple different lessons but, you know, maybe especially in weeks three and four we're gonna delve into us not us a lot and why that matters and why maybe you don't even care about it to your situation, but you could just earned a lot of miles and then use those for premium ticket and doesn't matter. But yes, one of my favorite things about this boot camp is that stephanie has every lesson she knows exactly where to send you and we're gonna go that was in lesson six, twenty two minutes yeah that's right that's right? All right, this is a question from jan williams, who was in our studio audience again and she says in a month, I'm starting another dream trip and will be driving from vancouver to quebec city via the u s I'm wondering if there's a way to maximize points while buying gas should I just be using my no transaction fee credit card or is there a better way for points on? I guess within that question she's in an international right scenario so you did a travel hacking road trip I did you know that we talked about in the previous creative life course you actually drove up from florida to portland and all on the way you were earning miles and points and bonuses I would say what I did on that trip is I purchased gas gift cards at the office supply store where I earned five times points and then I used those gift cards toe pay at the pump and the nice thing about that was I also got the cash price for gas instead of the credit price for gas, so I got five times points and cheaper gas but in jen's case, because she's in canada, I know she doesn't have that card that earns five times points. So what I would suggest for jen is toe look into the gift card strategy to see where she might be able to by those gift cards and then use those gift cards when she's once she's in the states or buy the gift cards in the states and use them that's definitely something I learned in this class was the power of gift cards and you know if you do have a card that earns like on a road trip, I actually downloaded the office depot apple, my phone when I was driving across the country and I could see where there was a new office depot on my on my journey kind of a nerdy thing but out of control, but you're out of control they were probably somebody don't all right let's get and some more questions can I use a partner airlines lounge with either first or business class ticket or is it just the lounge of the airline air fire? Great question it depends but most of the time you can so most of the time like say you're flying within the star alliance say you're flying on united and on a premium ticket or otherwise that would give you access but you happen to be in singapore we were just talking about singapore then I think united has the united club there but there are some better lounges that are part of star alliance by singapore airlines maybe tire race has alone so you can actually you could actually access any of those partner lounges and you could even launch hop so sometimes you think you can look if you have enough time if you have a couple of hours you can go around like three or four more allowance like seven lounge is in hong kong about the record signing my record so yes so that's that's a good point not everyone realizes that they think they can only go to that one but there might be a much better one that they have access to and I just thought that I had forgotten about I don't know how the story of the guy who was in for a year yeah who lived in a lounge essentially don't know refundable ticket right that's next year's brother. There you go. A new book in order for that. Right, chris? All right, so once again, I want to continue to help people who are still having fears about all of this. So this is from anti g. Are there any prepaid credit cards that earned miles for people with bad credit? So prepaid credit cards that earn miles? I don't know of a prepaid credit card. What I would suggest in that case, if someone has bad credit and isn't able to get one of the regular credit cards, would be to get a secured card or, um, that might be a prepaid card, they might not actually be earning miles on that, but they can use that to restore their credit, and if they have that card and they're paying their bills regularly and faithfully, it actually won't take that long to get back to the point where you can apply for a regular one. We talked all about that in less than seven part of seven fan tastic. Okay, so this is from heather grace uh, regarding regarding hidden city ticketing. And maybe you can remind me moving that's what that is, if you do that a few times, essentially, is there a record? Uh, you're doing that a profile with the airline of missing flights, she said, I don't think I would do it very often, but I'm wondering if there might be any consequences great questions you want to take that out today? I don't I don't know of any consequences, so unless you know itself, not not really so for hidden states ticketing, what lesson did we cover that in? I believe, let me think about that, we'll come back to that, you should go back and watch all the previous lessons if you have access to the chorus hidden city ticketing is essentially a way for me to say what's in twenty to save hundreds of dollars sometimes quite a lot of money on just on really simple trips, even within the u s or elsewhere on we explain exactly how it works, you know, in that in that lesson, but so the question was, are there any consequences for that? Not really basically, I mean, it's one of these, I think we had black hats, you know, during that segment, so it was kind of thing where the airlines don't like you doing this, they say that there can be consequences, but, you know, tens of thousands of people have done it and there's no record of anyone actually, you know, being harmed. I would say if you're commuting somewhere twice a week, you know, I wouldn't use it on your like work commuting strategy, but if you do it once a year, twice a year or something, I don't think you have any problem. This one is from karen mason it's it's, a little bit specific, but I think that there's a greater lesson within it, she says. I want to visit my boy and chiang mai from orlando to get business class. I need two hundred and eighty thousand miles by next april, april, and right now we're in june so that's a good amount of months. That sounds like a lot, actually, she says, yeah, sure, taking five people telling you what I think we can do better but she said, I have fifty thousand bonus miles on delta, and I recently got the prepaid red card and her question is, is the school achievable? Okay, I would say that, um unless there's a really specific reason and she wants to use delta to get to thailand, I probably wouldn't use sky team because of, um, of all the partners that are out there that fly through thailand into asia, really, korean is probably the best option on sky team. Into thailand but there's so many different options with united you could fly singapore you could fly thai airways if you're using american miles, you could for a lot fewer miles you could fly on cafe through hong kong and you would get probably better airlines your possibility of the massage in the lounge which one was that in thai? Tie your ways, ok, right? Maybe we did that on our dream trip to and, um and that would be at a much lower number of miles. Yeah, so it's great that she has fifty thousand skymiles you could just maybe use those for something else like miles were never wasted, you know? But I agree with switching the airline, it seems totally possible it seems like he's about we're talking about forty, probably hundred twenty to forty thousand miles around trip, so if you have something, sometimes we hear from people who don't have any miles at all and they're like, I want to fly first class next week, you know, south africa and you know, so that could be a little bit of a challenge, but with if you know anything more than a month or two, you know, it's really not difficult and we've seen we've seen that happen over and over, and I would also say to her I would definitely focus on the getting to like bangkok part of the trip because once you're in bangkok there's asia there's ty scoot there's all kinds test mile difference tons of airlines that you could get to chiangmai really cheap that's right? And we learned a lot about just doing that research so just because you have miles in one on one partner airlines or you know whatever they do the research to find out what the best way is to get to that particular destination that's what this whole class she might even be able to fly first class you go for fewer miles then on that delta one perfect all right of awesome let's see, we have a question that is from smee um what happens when you are thinking I'm losing motivation to travel hack and start slacking how do you doubt yourself keep trouble hackers lacquer that's anyone way that's the way it is when you lose money I guess the question is why are you losing motivation? You know, is it because you feel like it's not working for you? Are you just focusing on other things in your life right now? I mean, maybe my point you can add to it is it doesn't this doesn't have to take over your life, right? This doesn't have to be overwhelming like we spend a lot of time on these things because we kind of enjoy it, it's like a hobby and, like, you know, madhu skyped in he's been spending a lot of time over the past month, but they're different seasons and if you if you're just interested in the rewards than just been forty minutes a month on it, that's what we say in the trop blocking cartel is if you spend thirty minutes of my life, you're going to earn at least one hundred thousand miles in a year, which is, you know, tremendously valuable, so if you're just losing momentum or motivation, maybe let's look at what you're doing, and I would also say, like, it definitely ebbs and flows and how active you're going to be. But that doesn't mean you can't be earning miles because remember, if you've set up your system and you've, you know, spend a little bit of time while you did have the energy to do the research, then you're supposed to be earning miles while you sleep anyway, and so part of it just becomes, I don't even think about a lot of the ways I earn miles, you know, I just you know I always use a gas card I don't you know, think about it I just like it's just part of my routine right? And so you just if you set up those systems then you can slack off sometimes and then when you know you have a big trip coming up and you you know you get to work and great advice so five hundred miles while you sleep ugo is the one I know but now I think that's great advice too it's all about doing the research and setting up your systems I know I'm already in the I got the chase sapphire card and I got the alaska airlines is live here in seattle and a lot of opportunities there but I know now every time I go to a restaurant I'm like just keeping that all, um going once it's a routine uh okay, I've got another question this one is about family travel we talked a lot about that as well. So this is from tia we are a family of three and collecting points individually in different ways and with different accounts so when it comes to buying airline tickets is it best to gift points to one of us and have that person purchase the three tickets so we have enough points to make that happen? I would give them between account thinks that's what it satsuma normally not a very good value what you what I would suggest is trying to accumulate as many points in, like one account as possible or into, like, you know, if you're earning miles and your spouse is earning miles, then book the third ticket out of one of those. Or maybe if you have, you know, maybe book the third ticket, one way out of one account and the other way out of the other account, which is an easy way that you could break, break that up and remember always that your kids should also have ah, mileage account to they might not be able to be actively earning a lot of miles in some of the ways you are able to with credit cards and such, but anytime they're flying, they should be crediting there miles, anytime, there's any of these deals for free miles, you should be completing those deals in their name as well. Awesome, thank you so much to learn is a sister wealth of knowledge, I just our comic coming and asking one of you two coming back to create a five way just living creative way have your seats for you, you have a nice trip, I want to do another shot out, of course, here we're asking questions, but we're also hearing success stories from people, and this one is from bill who was in our studio audience as well and his story was incredible, he said. My update is that I discovered for hundred thousand points that I didn't realize I had that's like when you use teo exactly when you reach in your pocket and you find a twenty dollar bills going tio he had two hundred twenty thousand armed his yusa abby's overworked card one hundred eighty five on his old gold hyatt gold passport which were still active plus his one hundred twenty five thousand british airways miles and some new credit card sign up bonuses he feels in great trick great shape bruised not just his dream trip but more than it's going to the moon and back one of those twenty when it was good that was that was that was bill all right, let's, get in a couple more questions I think we have time for um let's see? Okay, this is a good one. This is from um mrs smith, sixty seven has a couple of votes as well joining in from colorado and wondering what's next for each of you because I know you know you would talked about bora bora for your dream trip has that coming along and just what's next for the two of you? Well, I don't have my trip to barbara booked yet she's been busy on the facebook wasted group and I just got home on friday, so my goal is to hang around portland for a couple of months and actually I lie I'm going to tennessee next week yeah, yeah, I don't know my next trip I don't have it planned yet you don't plan to foreign event, you know I don't play for an advance, but something that works to your advantage. I've got to fly first class on with consul last week because I booked the ticket the day before perfect well done uh, I'm not doing a ton of travel at the moment I'm working on a new book and preparing to host world domination summit in portland we've got two people who come for that in july, but then after that, of course I'll be doing some more travel, so I have around the world ticket that left off last in hong kong, we talked about round the world tickets and one of the lessons at some point, and so I'm going to go back to hong kong and that eventually takes me hong kong, tokyo, johannesburg and then I've done most of my around the world's on one world or star alliance, but skyteam actually the third alliance has around the world product as well as I've never tried I'm thinking of when I get back there, maybe I'll try the skyteam product and see how that is awesome gosh, are this time went so quickly? No way. But we still have the grand finale lesson for people to watch out there. Uh, so I wantto read you a couple things and ask for some final comments. Whitney says this has been an amazing course. Wow. Chris and stephanie made travel hacking intricacies clear and understandable. The format of one session a day for six weeks worked really well. Gave me time to do the exercises. And speaking of the exercises, I actually left it over there. Maybe somebody could bring it over. But the workbook let's talk a little bit about what happens when people do go ahead and buy this course. Thank you, too, brian. All right, so let's, tell me what is in the workbook? Well, the workbook is a really great way to follow along with the course. Especially you purchased the course, and you're gonna watch it now. It's, a seventy two page book inch lesson. Um, has some details and some exercises and is really is really a great place to take notes. Think through and process the a different material from each lesson before you go on to the next one. Right? So huge huge value when people talk about what I do when I'm not motivated I've actually been carrying this around in my bag that house, my computer like to and from work and maybe there's a day that I haven't pulled it out. But then I know that it's like it's there, and I know what I've been doing and what is. And it is a lot of information, even even day by day. It's a lot of information, and I know a lot of people in the facebook you have been talking about how they'd take taking notes in there workbook, and they'll be like I wrote this down. Can anyone remind me what it means? So it's great. Go back, go back to the workbook, you know? Look at those things that you wrote down. If you have questions about it, at least you know where to go back in the series of the twenty nine lessons. And now that you have on demand access to the lessons, you can just check out those lessons that maybe you want more clarification around.

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Who wouldn’t love to know how to earn enough miles and points for two airline tickets and three hotel nights? In Make Your Dream Trip a Reality, Chris Guillebeau and Stephanie Zito can show you how it's done. 

Travel feeds our creative spirits, allows us to discover new viewpoints, and fuels our work. In this class, you’ll find out how you can make your dream of journeying to the world’s most far-flung places a practical and affordable reality.

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Highly recommended! This is one of the best CreativeLive courses I've ever taken and a great value. There's a lot of excellent information here, presented in a fun and accessible way. The CL "boot camp" approach was perfect for this topic because it dispenses the material in bite size pieces with very doable action steps along the way. The corresponding Facebook group adds even more value and camaraderie. It's a great place to clear up any questions or confusion that may come up. What an amazing resource! By the end of the course, not only will you have learned a tremendous amount, you will actually have something tangible to show for it!

a Creativelive Student

This is a fabulous course. Stephanie and Chris are both so knowledgeable, helpful, and easy going. They clearly love and practice what they're teaching. And they're open to learning from the students too. The course is packed with information, delivered in an immediately useful way. In fact, they emphasize again and again that the point is to USE the information to REALLY take your "Dream Trip" soon! The Facebook group is the best I've ever experienced with an online course. Stephanie and Chris are remarkably present, responsive, understanding, and generous with their knowledge and experience. I highly recommend this course.