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Make Your Dream Trip a Reality

Lesson 10 of 32

Get the Flights You Want

Chris Guillebeau, Stephanie Zito

Make Your Dream Trip a Reality

Chris Guillebeau, Stephanie Zito

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Lesson Info

10. Get the Flights You Want

Lesson Info

Get the Flights You Want

Today's lesson is to get the fights you want, we're going to start working with some simple award tickets will go to more complicated ones tomorrow every lesson has three goals I believe you can follow along on your workbook if you have it on page twenty seven lesson ten if you got the work look at home you can join in with us if not, of course, you can still fall along with everything. Three goals for the day book a simple word ticketmaster word charts into research award availability. Okay, so let's start with a problem and here's the problem that a lot of people experience, they go to their airline's website like, oh, I got some miles and now I'm ready to put them to good use, you know? So I'm gonna go to american airlines I'm going to check, you know, you know, booking with miles or whatever typing my flight sam going from seattle wanna go to nepal? Gent here wants to go into paul it some point we're typing in seattle to katmandu nothing shows up right nothing's there and so they'r...

e like, oh, maybe it's just not possible. You know, maybe I have have to go to another website and pay for the ticket, maybe I can use those miles for something else, so actually, it is quite possible to go from seattle to nepal or from just about any other city to nepal via connections, the partner awards in particular, which we talked about a bit talk about a bit more today on so we're going to show you how to do that. There's a few different kinds of work bookings tell us about those. Well, I like to categorize it kind of us three different kinds. The first kind is just simple. This is, I think, what people think of when they think about on award booking, you know, I have earned this whole stack of miles on united, and now I have to use this I want to use my united miles to redeem a flight on united, so what I do normally is I'll go to the united website or I'll call up united and I'll book that flight pretty simple, it can also, um, it can also be simple when you do a partner award, so here I could earn on american and I can redeem on british airways, and a lot of times you can do that online, but you can't always do it online sometimes, um, you can transfer miles, so we talked a little bit about last week when you're earning miles in one of those flexible. Programs like chase, ultimate rewards or american express, and for that you have to transfer the points out of one program into an airline program, and then you could make a booking from there, whether it's a simple booking or a partner award booking so an example would be, I earn in star would I transferred to american and I redeem for a partner flight on qantas? So just an example of a new award chart. Every airline has an award chart well, except delta, they don't have an award chart anymore. They have some kind of award calculator now, but there's an award chart which basically explains how many miles it takes to fly from one destination to another destination. So when you're thinking about your dream trip and you're trying to kind of get this framework of how many miles it's gonna cost and how many miles you have to earn, the most important thing for you to understand is award charts. We talked a little bit about this briefly in lesson three. I believe in the eight most important things ate action steps you need to take, but here's an example of an alaska airlines award chart. So this is, um, it shows you here if you want a a coach ticket anywhere in the u s this is their this's, their us award chart correct me if I'm wrong scott because he knows everything about alaska airlines files but they're us award chart if I wanted to take a coach ticket anywhere in the us it would be twelve thousand five hundred miles one way right so very simple if you want to book a domestic ticket you can go to the airline award chart and you can just look and see where you want to go and how many miles it will be we also talked in that second lesson I told you that to go to bora bora it's going to cost me about seventy five thousand miles and this is how I figured that out I have most of my miles in american airlines so I went to the american airlines and award chart and I looked up this is to and from the south pacific you can the way american has their award chart is you can search by where you want to go or where you're starting from and so because I know not everybody watching this course is starting from the us a lot of people may be in germany want to go to bora bora I decided to show you from the south pacific how many miles it will cost because it's the same number so from the u n forty eight continuous continuous us states it costs three thousand thirty seven thousand five hundred miles one way in economy class if I was flying from europe you can see it would cost me forty thousand forty five thousand in economy class one way and so that's how I know that if I want to fly from america from the us to bora bora it's going to cost me seventy five thousand miles return in economy class but how if you don't already have all your miles in one program how do you know which award chart toe look at like if you know you can get somewhere more than one way how do you know which program to earn it and so this is how I figured that out for my board board trip because I could I also have miles and other programs so how do I know that I want to used the american award chart thing I do is I goto kayak it's not very complicated. Probably a lot of you have booked flights on kayak before at least check prices on kayak before um I'm not really concerned about the price. The thing I'm concerned about hearing kayak is this little thing where you can see the red arrow on the left hand side I search to go from portland which is where I live and I have done a little bit of research from bora bora already and I know that there is only one airline that flies from there's only one way to get in to bora bora and that's on a commuter a little commuter flight from from tahiti and there's no partners you you basically have to buy that flight that's the only way you can get into bora bora but you have to get all the way to tahiti in order to get that flight. So I'm searching from portland to tahiti and I just do a regular search like I'm doing for any airline on the days I want to go and then what I do is I go over here to alliances where the airlines and I clicked on alliance and then I sorted by the alliance that I know I have miles in or I know I could earn miles in and so for me I have looked here at one world and I see that this comes up this quantity but you can see here on right here that it's a tahiti knew it and alaska airlines that I would fly so they're american partners and I know then I can use my american miles that way, but you might still be a little bit confused, but we're gonna bring somebody up here in the hot seat in a second so you can get a better idea of how you actually put this into practice and figure it out for yourselves and I could do the same thing if I click on sky team it's going to show me that I can fly air france um if I click yeah, so it just gives me an idea of what airlines air flying there and what different alliances there are and how I could possibly figure it out and focus better. And this is the star alliance partner chart. A lot of you talk about your star alliance smiles, and if you had one of the chase sapphire, the ultimate rewards you can put you're miles into united and you can use this award chart. And so bill, I believe, told us he wanted to fly singapore airlines to hong kong, right? So if we're starting here, this is a little bit small for you guys to see sorry we're going out to memorize this but is not it is not a test, you know? So we're going to show you the resource is that in the tools that you can use it to plan for your specific trip? So also, if you're watching this, we have the links available on the travel hacking dot org's extreme page, or you can just go google the name of your airline and awards charts. So here from the u s, canada and alaska, too. Asia south asia, north asia will be north asia it's, thirty five thousand miles, one way economy class, eighty thousand one way business class and one hundred and twenty first class on the partner of war chart so if you're gonna fly in that double bed sweet that we haven't talked about yet we're gonna talk about that this week it's gonna be one hundred twenty thousand miles so you've got a big goal when you're gonna need some big bonuses like we talked about last week we talked about kim wanting to go to mongolia and this is korean air's award charge it's a little small simple than the big star alliance won but here if you're going tio from this is from north america to southeast asia or south what actually I think it's in the southwest asia category all the airlines categorized there destination's very differently so when you look at the award chart, you can see what countries are listed in inch region so for southwest asia here it is ninety five thousand miles one way two on the korean award chart so and then you could compare that for your case. You would compare that with the delta award chart because we've already determined for you that you could fly probably delta or you could fly korean so you'd figure out you would look at both of these award charts look at how many miles are for range and then also it's not just about the numbers it's about how you can get those miles so if it's easier for you to get a lot of korean miles because you're using your chase sapphire card then maybe you want to use a korean strategy, but if it's easier for you to learn delta miles that maybe it's better for you to use a delta strategy, so but in the big scheme of life, you're getting on the same plane anyway, right? So we wanted to bring a gen up to the travel hacker hot seek let's, work out a little bit. Can I just do a little quick side note? Yeah, you know, you mentioned that when we look at the difference, sorry different airlines determined the region differently. You can actually use this to your advantage when you're planning different awards on dh this is something that maybe not everybody carries about if you're just trying to book a simple trip it's totally fine, but maybe for our advanced people like jenny wants to go everywhere. Sometimes the airlines have really strange definitions of regions, right? And sometimes the region is quite broad I'll just give you one example, and you walk back to our map here for some reason one world defines europe as everything in continental europe as well as everything in north africa as well as everything in the middle east and most of the persian gulf as well. So it's a really, really broad definition, and the reason why that matters is because normally with other carriers or other alliances if you're flying from north america to dubai like my dream destination, for example it's going to cost a lot more miles then going from north america to europe but for whatever reason uncertain tickets and it does, it does no depending gets a little bit complex but uncertain tickets you can actually save a lot of miles by understanding that region and how it how it works. So for example, you know, fine flying north america to london it's the same amount of miles this flying north america to abu dhabi or to cairo or to jordan or something like that depending how ticket is booked. So it's a little complicated but it's one of those things if you want to research more, you can learn about it. No worries it's one of those things if you're just starting out figuring out what the award charts r is a really good step, and once you figured out those award charts and booked your first ticket, you'll get that piece of it and then you'll be ready too. If you're an enthusiast will be ableto add another level and then once you're out of control, you'll be able to figure out what all the war charts are so welcomed in thank you, jen wants to go to nepal sometimes yes and we have been thinking about maybe how do you want to get there and you thought about that? No, I've started collecting points, but I haven't delved into how to get there and the war's charts and kind of overwhelms me. So, um, what points do you currently have? I know we talked about this I have of, um, about forty to fifty thousand on air plan, and then I have, um, starwood points about thirty to forty on star would, and then I have some american express. Fantastic. Yeah, well, we've been thinking about this a little bit for you way assumed you probably had samarra pin points, so let me see. I've got the arrow plan award chart up here for you, so chris might have to get up and read it. It's a little bit too small to see hear from last. So we're talking about I think we looked at the region and saw where nepal fits, because there are two asia's there's asia one asia too. So it's in indian sub that's, right? We got confused for it for like, the whole doesn't exist, but on we're looking at canada and continental u s a and the indian subcontinent. Eso economy class is one hundred thousand miles and business class is one hundred fifty thousand miles. This is with airplane so then what we did is we were thinking about this we thought that seems you know that's great if you've got a ton of aeroplane miles that's great but maybe it seems a little bit high for some of the stuff we know about so what we did is you know we were thinking how would we fly if we're flying him to paul and what do we think about we thought about flying tune if all we thought about a couple of different options right because we don't have aeroplane myers like miles herself we do have american express membership reward points that we could transfer the aeroplane if we wanted but I believe we found another option is that we were showing yes we looked at our good friends from alaska airlines been talking about alaska a lot and remember for everybody who's watching not from the pacific northwest or alaska these are actually still quite relevant this is also still quite relevant because if you earn miles on one program you can redeem them for a lot of partners like we're discussing so the reason with example was relevant is we just decided to pull this up and say okay with alaska we know we can fly on cathay pacific that's a partner that we both really enjoys a great service you know you could get a free stopover in hong kong we looked at this and here's what we thought was interesting on the cafe pacific partner awards through alaska flying between north america and asia the brown trip award level was only sixty thousand correct and we looked to scroll down and we saw for business class north america and asia the round trip level is one hundred thousand so when we just discuss their plan it was one hundred fifty thousand on business class so basically you can spend one hundred thousand this this is the whole point sorry it's convoluted the same amount of miles book two different way can allow you to fly in business class instead of coach all right, so it's a kind of thing where you know if you just have if you have a lot of aeroplane miles that's fine you do it lots of great star lines options you could fly I would probably recommend flying tie maybe probably stopover in bangkok one of my favorite cities which is totally fine but if you are just kind of starting out or if you're like ok, I want teo I could build my mileage about balances you know, here's my dream trip maybe it's actually better in this example to say I'm not actually in the last miles which is not difficult to do in canada or from anywhere and you can transfer starwood miles to alaska really yep one to one and if you transfer twenty thousand starwood miles you get twenty five thousand star with miles and if you are interested in getting credit cards, alaska does have a canada credit card. So that's actually too good canadian credit card options that could get you this is faster this flight one better e I like fancy a little bit round about earlier. I guess the main point here is, you know, if you have sixty thousand miles on alaska, that gets you the same thing that you would have for your hundred thousand miles on air, a plan that's the point you could say forty thousand or might as well spend a hundred thousand, you know, the same amount on europe plan and flying business class as opposed to economy and there's a long way just to recap here. If you're watching, if you're watching from home, what you would want to do is go to the award chart of the airline that you already have miles in and figure out how much it would cost, and then, you know, then you have kind of something to compare it to, then goto kayak and see what, how else she could get there. If any of those other ways interest you, we're going to talk a little bit about stopovers as well, you know, maybe you could maybe you want to stop in another place on the way and so see if there's any other airlines are routes that interest you and then look those up to see how much they would cost and compare you know airplane might be the best option for her in some places, but this was a great option that we were really excited when we found him. I could go somewhere else on the other one exactly like him exactly good. So thank you very much. Thank you. We know this is a topic that people have a lot of questions about a zeiss said it can be complex so we want to kind of break it down we got more going on here and then also we're addressing it as well in the next lesson. So if regular plane award charts weren't confusing enough, I'm sure you all will have mastered them very quickly once you just start playing around with them and even but there's two different kinds of award charts I want to introduce one other factor into the mix and then I'm going to show you how you can kind of work that to your advantage as well. So thehe ward charts that we just showed you their award charts that were based on regions we looked how to go from north america to the indian subcontinent we looked how to go from north america to the south pacific um this is british airways awards chart and you'll see that they're war chart doesn't actually have location's in it it has his own one and how many miles it cost his own too and how many miles it cost but when you're looking at their award chart on the same page there's this little charge zone one is one two, six hundred fifty miles zone two is six hundred fifty one to eleven fifty one miles if you're flying over seven thousand miles which probably to nepal from here it's probably about over seven thousand miles zone nine that would cost in economy off peak thirty to five each way so this is based on distance so if you are traveling um this is another example of a regional award chart like we just looked at but to understand this better I decided to pick a destination and and look at these look at it in these award charts so this to ward charts four hundred sixteen miles from chicago to omaha who's moving to chicago here casey's moving to chicago so casey is going to go on his dream trip to omaha next year how to pick a short just take a short destination I'm sorry about grief grace is farther than four hundred sixteen miles so four hundred sixteen miles to omaha that's going to cost you four thousand miles if you book on british airways because it's a a distance based award charm if you book on american airlines, which is a regional based award chart, it's going to cost you twelve thousand five hundred miles, right? Because anywhere you fly in the u s is twelve thousand five hundred miles, so you'll be saving a lot of miles by using british airways miles instead of american miles here, and it would be on the exact same flight on the exact same plane because british airways remember when we talked about alliances, they don't actually fly planes domestically in the us they partner with american and alaska as well he could fly on alaska here, so putting this into perspective for a bigger trip using this principle to think about where you might want to go on a dream destination, we looked at going from dallas to dojo because qatar airways is another airline that has a distance based award chart from dallas to doa it's seven thousand nine hundred twenty seven miles and here distance for the itinerary they have there's written a little bit different. You'll see that to go seven thousand nine hundred and twenty seven miles it would cost you seventy five thousand points in economy class. One way when we look at the same flight on a regional based award chart, which is american, it would cost you forty five thousand miles to go the same flight one way and remember it's the same plane because american and qatar are the same alliance, so the important lesson to learn here is if you want to fly somewhere really small a lot of times you can get a really good deal on a distant space award chart, but if you want to fly somewhere really big you're going to want to work with a partner who has a regional based award chart awesome so let's talk about that was great thank you. Thanks for caring that let's talk about how we actually make these bookings okay, so there's a couple ways to do it I think in the next lesson we're actually gonna have a whole role play where you talk about, you know what you say to the agent when you call them on the phone agents like no words available there's all kinds of things we can do about that, but thankfully a lot lots of cases these days online booking is possible it's more and more available for more and more awards and more, more airlines so if you can book online that's great booking on the phone is still required for some complex awards and in some cases it can be a little bit annoying to go through that process but in some cases it's actually good because you may actually be able to get something book through the phone that you can't get booked through the online system you may be able to get the agent to be flexible on something sometimes they can do manual overrides that isn't possible you know when you do it yourself but when you're booking online we can just look at a sample booking we went to american airlines dot com we looked going from dallas to barcelona we heard that a couple people were interested in that and I just kind of pulled up the award chart our bullet, the award availability and you can see it that hot they have all the different classes of service economy a couple of different economies couple of different business class a couple of different first class were mostly looking for saver awards we'll talk about this a little bit later in the week but basically we always want to get savour words we never want to book the standard awards which are usually twice the price or sometimes more on american has a nice little calendar when you search well actually show you all of the different dates what's available if you search flexible dates, maybe the date you want isn't there but you can see one on the other side in this particular example was actually wide open looking at their partner awards with british airways and iberia it was totally possible to find all kinds of options for that so our workbook activity for the day I think we're on page twenty seven is to understand what kind of booking that you need for your dream trip, you know? Is it a simple booking? Is it basic? Is it international or domestic? You need to find more than one airline we've been talking about partner airlines tomorrow we're gonna talk about how this gets a little bit more complicated how we can book a more advanced a word do you want to stop over? Are there any other big variables? Go ahead and write that down. If you know what that is, we can talk it out. If you have the workbook, you could do that. If not, you can still follow along with us. And one thing I wanted to talk about before we go on is monitoring a word availability. So I just showed the award chart where it actually looked really favorable. Lots of flights available from dallas to barcelona, which is great. But sometimes people say like I really have a hard time, like finding a good awards there's a few things here you can do a couple tips you can check every day in some cases you khun wait list sometimes you have to call to do this sometimes it can be done online. It depends on the airline and not every airline allows it, but wait listing is actually great because then it becomes available you book if it doesn't you figure something out a cz we've been talking about being aware of trends and seasons, just as you're aware of partner airlines. If your goal is to travel with a family of four to europe in july, it may still be possible, but it's probably going to take more work. It's probably something you should be looking for earlier rather than later. If you're going somewhere off season and it's just one person and you have a lot of flexibility and maybe you don't have to worry about that as much wait listing if possible, it's also put possibilities on hold. American airlines is actually great with this, both for american flights and for all of their partners. You can usually hold any american flight for twenty four, thirty six hours. You can hold most of their partner words for five days, sometimes longer, and you can actually get into a pattern of putting something on hold. And if you're still not sure what to do or something else hasn't opened up after five days, you may actually be able to put it on hold again for another five days, and you can't usually do that forever, but it does buy you a little bit of time while you're trying to find something better and there's also a couple of services you can use, the one I'm most familiar with his expert flyer dot com I think there's a free five day trial and after that it's something like five or ten dollars a month on dh this service actually connects to the databases of a lot of major global airlines and you're able to set up alerts when an award seat opens up in economy cost business class first cost whatever you say basically you kind of put in your parameters and there's a whole matrix that pops up and you can put your email and it will say okay, you know, I've been trying to go to barcelona but actually the award chart wasn't open in this case I'm going to put on alert here and it will automatically check for you so you don't have to go back and do it yourself you know or could you check in the morning but then it opens at night you'll get an email and they'll say going book and your odds are really good then because it happens instant instantaneously so we don't have a practical stuff on good definitely some questions here in a moment but maybe just like a philosophical lesson before we wrap up this lesson this is something that stephanie and I have learned ourselves many, many times is if you see something that looks good, you should book it you should wait because so so many times it's like we're trying to plan a trip, there are lots of variables on we see something that maybe it's not quite perfect or something, but it's pretty good it's probably going to work, and then we just kind of wait on it, and then it goes away, right? So this lesson actually came from something stephanie said, I think you would try to book something, and then you, you what? My friend said it to me when I was like, I can't get there because I had can book a ticket, but I can't decide between these two things indifferent is like, you know, the confirmed that but never disappoints go ahead and do that, maybe there's a better option that will appear later, but you have something now. In some cases, it may be totally worth it to go ahead and get that booking, even if you have to pay a change fee just so you have the peace of mind and you have the actual trip good to go. So our green chip challenge for the day, every lesson as a challenge, I believe our challenge today is to put a one way one way partner award flight on hold using a dot com. We'd love to know what that is, so if you're watching online, tell us that itinerary or send us a screenshot, and I believe we have a prize for the day today is monday, actually every monday we're giving away miles last week we gave away two hundred fifty miles I believe so this week we're going to double it we're actually going to double it every monday the rest of the course so we're giving away five hundred miles today, okay? So make sure you tweet us out using house I'd dream trip you can win some miles the prices will get progressively better as we go along have to participate all week to win and uh yeah questions what do you guys think that we showed you a lot all at once? Yes, it is a question about the rewards chart going back so some of those rewards charts had off peak and on peak is that seasonal what's off picking on peak it is seasonal yeah, it is and each airline determines that differently. Not every airline has that a lot of a lot of awards they have this saber thing and they have the standard thing the peak I don't actually know is it always consistent it's different music here it's different for every airline in some places are based on seasonal day it's and so like seasonal dates to hawaii would be different than seasonal dates too you know australia so really you just have to look at that in the in the different award charts when you're checking them out okay? And my second question around that is I just forgot my second question way. Have a second lesson first, uh, I noticed that you referenced expert flyer doctor mom? Yes. And I followed them as well. And I noticed recently that delta airlines filed suit really lewd, expert fluff, liar from scraping their site for award availability and part of their great hiding with the award chart disappearing as well. Can you tell me a little bit more about that? Yes. So the way that expert flyer works is it's an independent service. It was just started by someone who wanted to help other travellers on. So the way they do this is they actually do get this data from the airlines. The airlines have to agree to share it, and some airlines are more willing than others to share it. S oh, I forget the number of programs that's currently available on expert flyer delta is not one sadly, but there are a lot of others and it's constantly changing as well. So they're basically services like expert flyer are always trying to push for more transparency, for more access, for data. And occasionally, airlines and other travel companies are kind of doing the opposite and pushing to make it make it less transparent. I don't want to jump in and say too that the more you do this again, like when you're first starting, you know being able to find an award and put it on hold is great, but the more you do it, you're naturally going tto learn more tricks and tips and things and you know when we give you all these tips you're like I don't why would I want to use expert flyer? You know all these things I don't even use expert flyer as muchas krista's because I kind of I've learned the way that works for me to find find different awards and the thing I like to do is to look and put things I'll put things on hold if I'm if I'm doing it through american usually and then I'll go back in for it expires I'll go back and check and check and see if there's any better options and even I just took on my trip to antarctica this year I flew to argentina and I booked two one way to one way award tickets because I didn't love my option coming back it required me to I could only get a ticket out of santiago I couldn't get a ticket out of this area so I was gonna have to use a united partner award to fly to santiago so I could get my american partner award home and I just kept looking you know, I confirmed the ticket and I had it and then even after I was on my trip, I kept looking because there's a lot of people like me who put awards on hold and then keep them on hold until they expire and so by looking every day you can see, you know, you'll see those people like me whose hold expires so those tickets are going to become available again. So even if you can't use a service like that, if you're if you know what you want and you just look at it every day or every once in a while you might that thing you wanted mine actually come up, your question is yes, I have a question um so first of all, thank you for that information about, uh, alaska airlines and starwood, you're able to convert the starwood points to alaska airline points out that there was a great one because in canada I thought we were just stuck to airplane, but there is that we have another option so amazing. My question is which airlines are connected with alaska airlines so that if we were to get alaska airlines points, we could book tudor friends, so if you look at it for you or anybody else looking, you go to alaska airlines dot com you search alaska airlines partners and you'll see a page that appears that list exactly what they are I can tell you off the top of my head that cathay pacific is one and qantas is one and emirates is one that's kind of what I'm working on for my dream trip and I believe korean error is one as well they partner with a lot of different airlines in different alliances so those are some of the better ones american is also a partner delta is sort of a partner there are some others we looked at that in lesson we actually looked at that and listen for so if you ever want to go back and look at watch lesson for that's in there and that's actually how you can find out not just for alaska for any airline if you just look you search for the name of the airline air canada partners delta partners, whatever and you'll see a page about that a couple other people had a question I think when you guys talk about putting something on hold that makes me nervous because I've never done it before. So I'm thinking about like, what are the risks involved with putting something because it's just you know in the old the old days like ten years ago um you could pretty much call any airline and book something without ticketing it all it's doing is holding a seat in your name and so when I'm on the american page which is kind of what our challenge is now I have to log in to put something you know have my profile and log in to put something on hold but I dont doesn't require a credit card it doesn't require anything it's just holding it against my mileage number basically what happens if the hold expires that orjust goes back into inventory so you lose your option to book that fly but it doesn't cost anything and you can have multiple flights on hold you cannot have multiple flights to the same place on the same day on hold okay as you learned at one point e ticket there was canceled you had something oh I was just going toe gonna say we're getting to the end of our of our segment where we want to talk about what we learnt absolutely what is the most important thing you learned today? What'd you learn today I wrote down I have learned the thing about the distance versus the regional in terms of looking at the war charts and that if I am going for a short flight to go with the distance turns and then regional for a long fight that's great anything else could you raise your hand all able to me particularly as it relates to my britishairways miles which I've always thought of goingto save those for a big international trip? They're fantastic for short trips manure in asia they're great yeah, so the coast first in the states and canada as well. Yeah, but you may know from living on the east coast, like flying between new york and washington are up to toronto or montreal. This could actually be really expensive flights three or four hundred dollars despite the very short distance. So that's a great use for them. That's. I mean, I have a son in dallas and it's just like I'm going to dallas. Any one more thing way spoke like you're saying. Well, kendrick said, like we spoke earlier about the families and friends and how those things linked together and I, some part of you switches off this psycho, you know it, adult it like some of it's not relevant to me up in canada, but like with alaska thing, it really is like it's, like seeing that friendship in the partnership in action and that's that's huge for the comparisons showing those everything is relevant and also really should. Well, thanks so glad you guys could be with us for that.

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Highly recommended! This is one of the best CreativeLive courses I've ever taken and a great value. There's a lot of excellent information here, presented in a fun and accessible way. The CL "boot camp" approach was perfect for this topic because it dispenses the material in bite size pieces with very doable action steps along the way. The corresponding Facebook group adds even more value and camaraderie. It's a great place to clear up any questions or confusion that may come up. What an amazing resource! By the end of the course, not only will you have learned a tremendous amount, you will actually have something tangible to show for it!

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This is a fabulous course. Stephanie and Chris are both so knowledgeable, helpful, and easy going. They clearly love and practice what they're teaching. And they're open to learning from the students too. The course is packed with information, delivered in an immediately useful way. In fact, they emphasize again and again that the point is to USE the information to REALLY take your "Dream Trip" soon! The Facebook group is the best I've ever experienced with an online course. Stephanie and Chris are remarkably present, responsive, understanding, and generous with their knowledge and experience. I highly recommend this course.