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Nikon Lenses: The Complete Guide

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3rd Party Zooms Overview

John Greengo

Nikon Lenses: The Complete Guide

John Greengo

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26. 3rd Party Zooms Overview


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1 Nikon Lens Class Introduction 06:30 2 Nikon Lens Basics 14:05 3 Focal Length: Angle of View 11:44 4 Focal Length: Normal Lenses 06:41 5 Focal Length: Wide Angle Lenses 16:09 6 Focal Length: Telephoto Lens 16:22 7 Focal Length Rule of Thumb 15:59
8 Field of View 10:06 9 Aperture Basics 15:35 10 Equivalent Aperture 07:17 11 Depth of Field 12:58 12 Maximum Sharpness 09:50 13 Starburst 06:48 14 Hyper Focal Distance 18:42 15 Nikon Mount Systems 26:41 16 Nikon Cine Lenses 07:06 17 Nikon Lens Design 20:56 18 Focusing and Autofocus with Nikon Lenses 14:15 19 Nikon Lens Vibration Reduction 06:28 20 Image Quality 04:44 21 Aperture Control and General Info 09:40 22 Nikon Standard Zoom Lenses 21:56 23 Nikon Super Zoom Lenses 06:07 24 Nikon Wide Angle Lenses 08:28 25 Nikon Telephoto Zoom Lenses 16:48 26 3rd Party Zooms Overview 06:06 27 3rd Party Zooms: Sigma 16:02 28 3rd Party Zooms: Tamron 07:31 29 3rd Party Zooms: Tokina 03:50


30 Nikon Prime Lens: Normal 13:50 31 Nikon Prime Lens: Wide Angle 14:17 32 Nikon Prime Lens: Ultra-Wide 09:29 33 Nikon Prime Lens: Short Telephoto 09:14 34 Nikon Prime Lens: Medium Telephoto 08:19 35 Nikon Prime Lens: Super Telephoto 17:24 36 3rd Party Primes: Sigma 07:19 37 3rd Party Primes: Zeiss 03:25 38 3rd Party Primes: Samyang 05:34 39 Lens Accessories: Filters 30:44 40 Lens Accessories: Lens Hood 13:40 41 Lens Accessories: Tripod Mount 04:41 42 Lens Accessories: Extension Tubes 04:23 43 Lens Accessories: Teleconverters 12:42 44 Macro Photography 19:11 45 Nikon Micro Lens Selection 18:29 46 Fisheye Lenses 17:59 47 Tilt Shift Photography Overview 22:40 48 Tilt Shift Lenses 06:00 49 Building a Nikon System 05:16 50 Making a Choice: Nikon Portrait Lenses 17:43 51 Making a Choice: Nikon Sport Lenses 18:47 52 Making a Choice: Nikon Landscape Lenses 14:54 53 Nikon Lens Systems 11:18 54 Lens Maintenance 10:54 55 Buying and Selling Lenses 17:36 56 Final Q&A 12:08 57 What's in the Frame 03:29

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3rd Party Zooms Overview

All right, so we're going to talk about third party zooms which is kind of a strange term but I mean there's you there's the company that sold it tio nikon and then there's these other companies that also will sell them to you so let's talk about these other manufacturers of lenses that you confined now these companies want to sell you a lands and they're going to try to appeal to some characteristic they're going to offer the same thing at a better price or they're going to offer something that the other one didn't havin features or it could be better quality john blast me did I just say that they could offer better quality than icon? Yes nikon does not have a monopoly on quality there are other companies that make lenses that will blow nikon socks off ok? They will in some categories so there's a number of companies sigma they're the largest optical manufacturer of lenses for an icon of all the other companies out there but around since nineteen sixty one they make a wide variety of ...

lenses are signal lens is better or worse than icon quick john yes or no don't ask me that question that's a terrible question it's some of their stuff is good some of their stuff is not so good there is a range of equipment ni cons range is very high count it down here sigma's ranges like right there as well ok it's the same thing they have high end products they have low in products give me two examples of similar products and we can compare apples and apples. Okay, tamara been around a little bit longer. They have done a lot of work with commercial industrial type works. You might see security cameras that used tamron lenses so forth and so they have ah have a wide stake in this optical game of photography lenses are very important to wear their business but it's not the only thing that they dio and they make some really nice stuff a swell toki no been around for a while too. They make a lot of binoculars and telescopes and filters and they're involved in a wide variety of optic business and these are kind of the three main ones that are going to be making auto focus lenses that work on nikon now there's a variety of others if you don't mind going to manual focus lenses zeiss zeiss is german been around for a very long time eighteen forty six and they make a lot of great medical industrial lenses. They also make great movie lenses and if we have any space fans out there they are currently making the optics for the james webb space telescope which will be replacing the hubble telescope so highly trusted by nasa and I should say also that nikon lenses are used exclusively in the international space station and they were used exclusively I think exclusively but they were used primarily on the space shuttle is well because they have a very close partnership with nasa and so they're used in space so if you see any of this stuff coming from the international space station and there's been a lot of great photos and videos come from that those are all my con cameras ah korean company sam yang is co branding their lens in three different ways so they could be sam yang they could be rockin on they could be bauer and they're all coming out of the same factory will talk more of those as we get into them and so there advertises some other ones as well schneider another german company that's been around for a very large time making a lot of large format a variety of custom lenses that are very expensive but extremely well made but made in very small quantities lens baby just down the street in portland oregon they make a variety of well and the best way to just say it is creative lenses they're not trying to compete on higher quality resolution images but lenses that you could do something that are unique and def for him and have a different style to it that everything else we're not going to go into their full collection but we will see at least one of their lenses in the class and there's a variety of other small manufacturers I decided to just throw in this new one chinese company they call themselves venus optics and the kind are specializing in macro lenses so we actually won't see them until we talk about macro lenses and these aren't the on ly cos there's other companies but they typically don't offer more than one or two different lenses so these are the main ones that you're going to see out there so if you are buying a third party linds there's a couple of things to be aware of is that generally nikon is not giving them the design plans on how the camera and the electron ix communicate back and forth and so these companies are buying nikon cameras and thereby nikon lenses and they're taking him apart and going okay this one's for the power and this one tells it to focus forward and this one tells it to focus backward and this one controls the aperture and this one does this and this one does that and then we're going to make a lens that works in there and every once in a while nikon says let's put in something unusual and throw him off and tries to tweak him off and so every once in a while something will happen nikon will come out with a new camera and it doesn't work on your third party lands that you bought ten years ago because they didn't know what nikon was going to do ten years into the future, so there can be an incompatibility problem it's. Not a rampant problem it's a rare problem, but it is a possible problem. A few of them, not all but few of them offer that manual focus override, where you just grab the focusing ring. In turn, the better quality auto focus lenses from sigma, tamron and tokyo will allow it, but a lot of the lower and ones do not allow it, but you kind of have to look at the specifics of the lands as to whether it can do it. They tend to have a lower resell value, so when you sell your lenses, oh, it's, a sigma, oh, it's, a tamron, how it's, not an icon, and so the night cons do retain their value a little bit. I want to be overly concerned about it, but just be aware of.

Class Description

The world of interchangeable lenses can be both exciting and confusing to all levels of photographers. Nikon® Lenses: The Complete Guide with John Greengo will help you choose the right lens and get the most out of all of your lens investments.

John Greengo is the master of making complex photography concepts easy to understand and in this class, he’ll bring all of your Nikon DSLR lens options and operations into focus. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Focal length and aperture
  • Nikon® zoom lenses
  • Which lens accessories to buy
  • Third-party lenses
  • Maintaining a lens system

John will cover the full range of Nikon lenses, from ultra-wide to super-telephoto, zooms to primes, fisheye to tilt-shift. You’ll learn how to match the lens to your needs and get insights on the best ways to use it.

Whether you are looking to buy a new lens or just want to get the most out of what you already have, John Greengo will help you to become a master of the Nikon® lens.



Outstanding class! This is a must own. You will refer back to this class many times during your photog career. John has put a ton of work into this class and it shows. Being able to download the slides and other Nikon glass info is wonderful. Even if you're not a Nikon shooter you will still gleam tons of information from this class, John covers in great detail the strength and weaknesses of each lens and when you might consider using it. I was expecting a good class, but this turned into an epic class. I watched multiple videos several times. The only bad thing I can say is I "had" to order a few more lenses! Thank you John Greengo for making a truly amazing class.

Anna Fennell

Wow! What a course! Very in depth, lots of valuable information. John instructs with great knowledge and integrity. I have taken other online courses, NOT from Creative Live (my bad!) and was left feeling like a monkey who had learned tricks without understanding or knowledge. Now I feel I have the confidence to move forward on my photographic journey securely knowing how lenses function, what to look for and what price range I can expect. Bravo John! I'd love to see a 2020 update video as an addendum.

Fusako Hara

Finally I have some sense of what lens do, know what I have, what I would like to have, what lens to use, and how I can get images that I see. Best part of this session is it was made so clear, simple, logical, and practical. I am glad that I purchased this product. Now, I am going to look for more from John Greengo so I can take better understanding and take better images. Thank You.