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Mixing Recap

Lesson 25 from: Mixing Electronic Music In Ableton Live

Isaac Cotec

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Lesson Info

25. Mixing Recap

Lesson Info

Mixing Recap

Let's just quickly overview these things to make sure that you know you can either remember or realize what you didn't see so you can watch it later, but you don't have time for that. But here's a review of what we've gone over. We talked about creating a beautiful mix by using the different parts. Uh, the different tool sets that we have as a mixing engineer. We talked about preparing your studio by using the case system to make sure your monitors air set at a good level, talked about setting up your room at a good level by using referencing a reference mike. Right? So we now have a good room. Good listening. We talked about getting punching dynamics out of our sound with compressors getting a balanced mix. Pink noise mixing is amazing for that. We all stuck about using the power of the compressor to really control. Our dynamics advanced a queuing techniques when over mid side, which I absolutely love, as well as regular um queuing, giving the mixed dynamics upstart dimension with pan...

ning really giving its space adding depth with advanced mixing effects, we've gone over tons of different advance mixing effects throughout those as well as total control and review this. We got the tools of our trade. We got our years, right, Um which are a reference we got our volume and dynamics gain structure, compression frequency e que saturation distortion, painting delay and reverb in our stereo field. I told you we'd go over all this. We went over all of this six hours. So I want you all to be very excited to just try this out and also feel free to find me on survey creates music. I'm all over the place, but you can find me on Facebook. I'm always interested to hear from people what their tracks are, what they're doing as a musician. I'm in this because I love it. And I in this because I love to share and help people, uh, and is one last little thing. Remember when we looked at this? Remember where we are in the stages? We're talking about mixing mixed down the composition, getting that already We're not telling. Talk touched into mastering. That is the final polish. And that is something that you can go out and get the final mix. I mean, the final master, but at the mixing stage. It's gonna be very professional. Very good. Any good master engineer will be able to take this and make you a very solid professional Knicks. Lots information. So And you said Isaac, you have this exact graphic somewhere in your studio just to remind you Yes. Yes. This process. You do this all the time, use this process all the time. And yet still you find that I still need a reminder. Yeah, fully. I also, uh, we're going to be doing another class. I'm going teaching here again two weeks or something, and I am teaching the 1st So I'm gonna be going over moving from conception to prod to pre production two sketches to composition to get you ready to mix. But if you ever get stuck on music production on getting a song going feeling a little bit slower, like you could speed up, your process will be going over that awesome

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Jose Gerardo Rendon Santana

Excellent Course, Isaac Cotec is a great instructor and a great producer. The course is very well organized explaining each important step of the mix. as well as great tips and techniques. He also includes a great deal of support material with the course including an Ableton Live Pack with tons of great presets and tools to put to practice the knowledge acquired in the course.

a Creativelive Student

Isaac covers an amazing amount of material in a clear and concise way. Great intro to mixing with Ableton or review for the intermediate user who wants to solidify their best practices, DAW knowledge as well as gain some production tips.

Ian turner

this is the best thing money can buy in my life. Isaac makes it look easy and the way he teaches makes you understand everything and makes it easy for you as well. its exactly what i wanted to learn in each video! i cant even sleep because another video loads and im like "ohhhh i need it" lol. i thank god for this class being affordable and the real deal.

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