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Modern Film Composing

Lesson 13 of 17

Professional Approaches to Composing

Will and Brooke Blair

Modern Film Composing

Will and Brooke Blair

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13. Professional Approaches to Composing

Lesson Info

Professional Approaches to Composing

Um this is something maybe they didn't doesn't come as naturally to us making music making music together but we realized early on is something we have to focus on um and I think our approach to this is similar to some of the creative approaches we just try to keep things powerful but minimal and and clean and you know there's a whole another siri's of course is you could take probably hear a creative live on like web development and web design and and social media marketing things like that I think the main thing is that in this industry and looking for work and looking to make connections it's now no longer just sort of contained into this inner circle and hollywood composers that sort of know each other and work with the same people you can connect with anyone across the world you know simply through the web site it is your the first impression of yourself towards people um I would say just keep it clean keep it simple keep it professional we always ask yourselves early on like woul...

d we hire us and and there was a certain aspects of our online presidents that look now we wouldn't hire us let's clean that up we did clean it up within the last year we have started working exclusively with an agent at william morris endeavor so we're totally thrilled about um and in our first phone call with bradley or agent you know, at the end of the call he said we discussed creative and we discuss business opportunities and things um he said, I just wanna let you know you have a really strong clean web presence and I'm going to encourage some of the other guys on my roster to take that a bit more seriously um so that is something I think about doing your own way and just make it you keep it clean systems in place and we've touched on all of these things throughout the day you've seen a lot of them again this wasn't intuitive us this didn't really come naturally test, but we've learned along the way getting things in place from an organizational perspective now it's just going to save you a ton of time moving forward um for example business and tax I mean it's a lot of work and a lot of us would hope too, you know, reap the rewards and be paid for it. You should keep some sort of business structure, a tax structure and a separate from your personal income decide if you'd like to, you know, created an official structure and llc and corporations sole proprietorship there's two of us so sole provider was not an option um but weird llc and we're protecting a lot of ways because that it's additional up front you know, costs in paperwork it is worth it in the long run. That's another thing, another aspect of that getting the llc or turning into an actual business. It's it's sometimes it's right there that it feels like you're legitimizing, you're making it important and it's not just I think I'm gonna do this, it's I'm doing it and it's the first step and and really being professional about it, you know, even if you're not really making living off yet, it's, just the first first thing to say I'm doing this and kind of proclaiming and own it that's important, the others like a psychological almost advantage, you know, if you making you've made the decision to start taking it a bit more seriously and go on with that, uh, this is strictly for my boring tax experience in dollars, but so are you guys able tio recognize your your studio space in your home is kind of like, you know, tracks purposes like your own, you're all business expense? Okay, yeah. Along with all the gear we're sharing. You know, um, along with our trip out here, things like that, um, it's skipping through a quick bullet point for some reason, but, you know, with that comes, um w nine this is it sounds like homework again, but it's getting a lot of a lot of paperwork in place so that when you're asked for w nine and someone needs it quickly, you've got it. You've got the pdf ready to go? He blasted out the door, get paid a little quicker. Um, delivery and receiving, you're gonna start dealing? I mean you've seen it. This is a short film. We've worked on half of it. This was a minute and a half with twelve tracks, but a feature film again broken in the five, rials huge files, huge amounts of media and you're going to be just adding to that, just compounding on top of that and having to send it back to someone normally like under strict deadline. Um, we sort of got these things in place as we moved along and it slowed us down. I would say go ahead right off the bat. Most of these are free and easy. Get a drop box account going get a we transfer, just a large file sharing service. Um, we'll get a list of these in the er your guide as well, things like that that you can have a list of high tail is another, uh, large file delivery service. Getting all of these up and running, testing them out we started we transferring files to each other to figure out how it works you know, figure out any glitches we might have before we sent it to anyone else um that would be a huge advantage and save quite a bit of time and communication will touch in a moment on working remotely saw we had a pretty natural, you know, set up with communication going with omar but we're gonna be you're gonna be working remotely we work remotely quite a bit um get your skype set up now get your google drive said we actually were even aware of google drive until we started working with creative way rely on it quite a bit you rely on quite a bit and everyone's been so helpful getting like documents and paperwork back and forth that we can all access and share. And since we started working on this workshop, we exclusively use google drive to share in the cue sheets with folks we've been working on since since we'll have a you know universally accessible key issue that we're constantly adding to exist, you know in the cloud or other folks can get in and add notes and a just that's a little the green room workflow too is through google docks and cue sheets and multiple departments all working on the same document same time was yeah, really helpful and smooth with the whole work flow in general, this is what everyone's been waiting for, um, it's important to keep a business account separate, um, for many reasons, um, again, it keeps your it keeps your business kind of legitimized and in place get papal set up. That is a quick, easy way for smaller, quick project, sometimes little commercial projects people could quickly, um, quickly get you paid again. These air things, it could take a day, but you're just sort of plugging them in, getting them in place, feeling comfortable with how they use and setting up accounts. So there, there. I think the first time we were asked for an invoice, we had to google like what? Invoices, um and, you know, maybe we're working for free, or maybe the details were a little blurry, but we realized that we were getting paid for this, and now we have to figure out an invoice, and we had stumbled through templates. And, you know, it was a couple days later before they got him in voice. And therefore, um, a couple days for us to get paid that's a quick and easy thing to get out of the way, something you don't have to worry about when you're you know, you're focusing on creative

Class Description

A film’s score is so much more than background music. It creates a mood, shapes the story, and influences the way viewers interpret the action. In Modern Film Composing, Will and Brooke Blair ("The Blair Brothers") will examine the art and illuminate the science of scoring moving media.

You can hear The Blair Brothers’ work in award-winning features (from indie films to Disney), documentaries, commercials, and television shows. 

In this class, they’ll share their expertise and help you:

  • Find the style and tone of music that best suits your film 
  • Create dynamic musical elements that fall within your budget 
  • Improve your collaboration with composers
During the class, Will and Brooke will also score two CreativeLive student films – one prepared in advance and one scored live on air – to lend an artistic insider's view to the film scoring process and results. The Blair Brothers will also discuss their professional trajectory and how they maintain careers as composers. 

Composing music for a film can be an intimidating process for both filmmakers and composers, in this class you’ll learn practical strategies for approaching your project and producing a final product that fits your artistic intention.

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