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Monetize Your Craft

Lesson 3 of 10

Working the Craft Show Circuit

Vickie Howell

Monetize Your Craft

Vickie Howell

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3. Working the Craft Show Circuit

Lesson Info

Working the Craft Show Circuit

Working the craft show circuits all right, this is a picture of me and a bunch of girls I used to be in a group called austin craft mafia from back in the day. And this was in brooklyn. This was at a show called renegade craft fair, which still happens. And that is I've only done maybe one show since then again, because I don't sell a bunch of stuff. So what I did is I went to my friend kathy kanamori. Oh, um, and I'm going to be showing you her in a second because she's done a ton of them, but first let's talk about what you need to get started. So if you're selling a craft show you don't need to have is many, many products as if you're running a shop. That's great news, because you're not gonna have much real estate, either virtual or physical real estate, as you would for a shop, right? But you do need to have probably a good five products, and again, that could be the same product, but just different color variations, different sizes, whatever you need. A solid table, um, and brand...

ed sign ege. So some kind of sign now this means that you can go, you know, office store and have a big banner printed or if you if it's more cost effective for you, you can print something out and put it in a really cool frame, but you need to have some branding so people know who you are in case they want to find you later. Um, and then you need a cash box. You need the mobile credit that we talked about before the square or the papal or etcetera. So my friend kathy is amazing. She is like glitter and hope personified. She is so amazing and she has been selling, she goes under the name crafty checkup, and she has been selling her own her own products all different. They range from ceramic tio to crush a where and a lot of art. For years and years, she's worked countless amounts of of craft shows, so I went to her and I asked for her tips. So her craft show success tips are picked the right crowd so that's, really important you're going to go, you need to go to a place where you're not going to go to a car show to sell hearings, probably unless their car hearings. But you know what I'm saying, so know that crowd you need tio keep the are also, if if the crowd isn't, if the crowd is unnecessarily the right crowd don't discount it if they're going to be doing a ton of marketing for it, and you think that you could put a spin on it, but mostly I would say, just choose the right one, all right? You also want to choose a established event or one that has a built in crowd. So, um, either one that they've already done a ton of marketing and people are coming back, or if it's a huge of either a huge event or a new event, but that's in a high traffic area like if it's in if it's on third street promenade in santa monica, there's already a crowd there versus if it's in a warehouse, you know, even if it's in a hit part of town it's so warehouse, you're not getting walk in traffic, so consider that. All right, so the next one less up front you want to keep the initial investment to a minimum? Um, so choose the model of percentage of sales of earth's versus a booth fee if that's an option, because then you don't have to put any money up front because that's hard, especially at the bb and because you have no probably have no idea how much you're going to make, so do that whenever you can, uh, roll call, um before planning on how much inventory to bring, you want to ask the promoter what size audience they're expecting that will just help give you an idea. Um, quantities, you need to bring at least two to three higher priced items, but then you want a dozen of your smaller items or the most popular items. So you really want you went like eye candy and higher end stuff to get people to stop, but more often than not, people are going to nab the stuff. The quick the impulse buys or bring the stuff that, you know is going to sell really well. Um and, you know, like I said, bring bring at least one wow piece one thing that they can see across the room, even if you know that it's totally overpriced. I mean, hey, if you can sell like, five hundred dollars, needed deer head awesome, but go, don't go into it with that being the object that is your party, your marketing budget just bringing that. All right, uh, I call that the well item is shiny objects all right on dh, then invest in branding. I sort of touched on this before you can get table cost printed at office stores that have your logo on them or that you're or the name of your brand or your name or whatever, either do that or get some kind of sign it's really important that people know who you are and how to find you. I would also suggest putting your if you have anon online shop or a facebook page or a website put that have that printed there to, um I also personally think you should have your handle for any of your social media, too, so people can take pictures, let people take pictures of your stuff. People get a little nervous about that that's free publicity just asked them to tag you so that you have that picture too, and you can re share it, ok? And then just make sure for so set him up, make sure you get there in plenty of time. I know it's like I shouldn't even, you know, that kind of goes without saying, but it's really important that you get there so that when people come in, when the show opens, you look good. You look prepared and also make sure that you check before and see what they're lighting situation has more often than it's really surprising often, and I worked convention this this way to where I'm supposed to be, teaching how to knit and crush a and it's dark, so just ask, inquire about that next all right so taylor heart at the very beginning she was the one with the crash a taxidermy she gave me a little quote her company's called nothing but a pendant pigeon by the way consider sticking the local shows during the spring when people tend to buy less so that travel and lodging expenses don't outweigh the prophet to me I thought this was brilliant because people don't buy as much in the spring in the fall people are looking for guests there's something about the weather change too so focus focus your business on local at first all right called action time actually she's I lied we're going to do some crafty chico's should weigh just do this no we did that it is called action time I was right the first time go ahead and look up submission guidelines for your favorite craft shows take a leak leap of faith to and pitch yourself to some show that's not necessarily a craft show like if you see of an event that you're really into asked them email them and say can I be your one vendor I mean why not right also in your bonus materials I have included a list of many of many popular crashes with the girl so you can look them up all right time to move on we're gonna talk about writing about your craft we have one question actually okay vicki if you don't mind for the last couple lessons so one do one listener said, I make rees and there's so much competition like two hundred fifty pages on nancy, how can I compete? So you're gonna hear me say this a lot. You have to find your niche, you have to find your angle. Do those two hundred fifty res use the same base base reef is you? Maybe, but do they use glittery pink flamingos? Probably not. That could be your call sign. So, really, this is about clear branding yourself, knowing your product, knowing your personality and again, it's about the hustle just because here's the gig, there are a ton of designers that are more talented than I am it's true, I'm a decent designer that's good, but I'm a kick ass marketer, and sadly, there are a lot of talented, super creative, talented people that nobody ever sees their stuff because they don't know how to show people, so this is where you can shine. This is where the viewer can shine, right? Just because there's two hundred fifty pages air up there doesn't mean those two hundred fifty pages owners are out there on instagram, on pinterest doing videos, all the stuff that we're gonna be talking about later.

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Beatrice Alatorre

Love, love, love Vickie!! Her class had a lot of informative topics that I know I will use! Thank you Creative live for such an awesome class!! I love seeing what other classes I am interested in taking!!!

Kristen McDonnell

Hi, Everyone! I was one of the lucky few today who spent time live in studio with Vickie Howell! Vickie has always been a crafting inspiration to me. Today, she took crafting inspiration to a whole new level, with in depth professional insight into all the facets of making money doing what we love... crafting! She is organized, experience, on point and completely invigorated the entire room to ACTION! Our lunch conversations were lively, immediately following this course, on all the exciting things we felt called to action to begin immediately to develop the crafting career of our dreams. A huge thank you to Vickie Howell and CREATIVELIVE! *Kristen. Studio Knit on YouTube!

Jennifer Purtee

This class is amazing!!!! I learned so many new things. The "guests" were amazing and very helpful and give some great insider tips. Thank you Vickie!!!!!