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Buzz Outlets: TV, Awards, & Infographics

Andreea Ayers

No-Nonsense Publicity

Andreea Ayers

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33. Buzz Outlets: TV, Awards, & Infographics

Lesson Info

Buzz Outlets: TV, Awards, & Infographics

So now let's talk about getting booked on TV. So that's me. On my first TV appearance, I was wearing my T shirt, and this was for Earth Day on the Rhode Island showed that I was talking about before and the way I was able to get this feature. Is that again? I knew Earth Day. Every TV show out there is going to do something specific on April 22nd every year when Earth Day is so. I pitched them a couple of weeks before and I said, If you're looking for some extra or for some equal friendly products that you want to feature for your birthday show, I'd love to be a source for you and I have a T shirt brand that I think would be a great fit. So they said, Sure, why not? Come on down. Um, and there I am in Rhode Island, talking Teoh the Pretty or Rhythm, the newscaster on the news. So it was a lot of fun. It was definitely nerve racking. I know if I tell someone you're gonna be on TV, a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs, they're gonna be like, no way, No, I am not a good in front of th...

e camera. Um, I could never do that, but again, really, I could do it. It was my first time. You guys can do it. And the hosts make it so easy, just like these guys. Do you know that your you really just think about talking to a person as opposed to Oh my God, I'm on TV and I can be on TV So there's I know there's a lot of fear and a lot of hesitation about it. But if you dio start out with, like, a really short local new segment, this was, I don't think longer than two minutes, So it was not a huge deal at all. Um, but if you do want to get on TV, I would really recommend starting with your local news shows. They all love local stories, right? Their whole purpose is to report what's going on locally. So if you have something that's newsworthy, something that you want to share with them, maybe it's chocolate awareness month and you have a chocolate business. Share them share with them that idea and give them the idea for the segment, as opposed to something that they have every single year where they talk about holiday gift or Valentine's. They give. But I would highly recommend if you do you want to be on TV. Starting with your local new station is a great way to do it. And this could be. If you're a financial planner, maybe you can go on at tax time and give a couple of tips. Or if your insurance agent, maybe you can go on and talk about how to protect your home and our what questions to ask your insurance company before you decide to buy insurance from them. So think about what problems or what questions your audience has and then suggest that's your local news. Because if your audience is thinking about that, I'm sure the people that live in your town are probably dealing with the same issues. And this is really great for entrepreneurs that have a service, Um, but for me with a product that you couldn't do that as well, and you could really talk about your product or you can pitch yourself as an entrepreneur that's having success locally and again. They love success stories. They're probably gonna have you on whether you're health coach or nutrition coach or an insurance broker. Riel estate agent. This is such a great way for them because you're giving them content. You're offering to be a source for them. But before you do that, I I'm a huge fan of becoming familiar with the show style. So if you want to be on a show, make sure you watch it a couple of times to see if you can actually imagine yourself being on there. If it would make sense, look at their formats. Do they interview you? Do you come on and talk to a camera? Do you sit down? Do you stand up? Just really get familiar with the style and how they work. So that way you can be more prepared when you're pitching and one say yes when they say Yes. So the other great thing about TV shows is that they love tips. They love top 10 ways to do this or top five things or top to back to school items, and the more you can give them tips, the better is, and again those tips are not really tips. Their value that you're adding to them so they love content. They love value. They love to know what's going on in their community and to have people from the community go on there. So this is such a great way. And yes, I know all of us want to be on the Today show where Good Morning America or CNN or Fox or some of those bigger networks. But I think this is a really great way to start, and you can have some practice here. And then if you're ready to pitch to some of the larger networks, you can go on there as well and continue your your appearances on there. And the other thing is that they really make it. A lot of them make it super easy because just like some of the blocks do where they tell you how to be on their block. Ah, lot of shows tell you exactly what they're looking for next. So this is from Ellen, and she has a tab there that's has beyond the show. So when you go on there now, this is not everything that they're working on at one time. This is the thing or the topics where they're looking for their viewers to get involved in. But if some of us, or if some of this really applies to you, maybe the the one where they're looking to struggling to pay for college, maybe you're a financial planner and you have some tips on how you can make your college tuition more affordable or something like that. So you don't necessarily have to be the person that's struggling to pay for college because maybe you're out of college and you're not going to college any time soon. But you can help them to become a source on how to give them tips on how to pay for college. And sometimes they're gonna have people on. There may be students that are struggling to pay for college, but a lot of times they have experts to help those students that are struggling to pay for college. So that would be a great thing for financial planners or even do you look like a celebrity? I mean, yeah, it wouldn't necessarily be you promoting a business or talking about it, but it could give you some practice on how you can approach the shows. You can see who's working on there and who knows. Maybe you get to the set and you find out from a producer that they're also working on this show and you can talk to them if that's a good fit for you, so it doesn't really stop there a lot of times. There's a lot of other opportunities that can come from that as well. So that's on the Ellen Show. This is actually on Good morning, America. Um and it was right on their website. I think I got this maybe two days ago. So this is something that they're looking for now. And you'll see a lot of times, almost every news channel, almost every show will have this thing on their show. Hey, do you want to be on the show? We're looking for people just like you to be on. Come on in and join us. So if any of these fit, make sure you pitch, but again, pitch on topic, just like we've been talking about before. It doesn't make sense to pitch them if you know if you're struggling to pay for college, but you want to make over. That's really not not agreed for their. But if you are, let's say a life coach. Sometimes that can tie into having a makeover, right? Because when you get a makeover, how do you feel good about yourself? And how do you, um, how do you be in your new role or with your new look? How do you deal with that? So maybe you can approach them and say, Hey, I saw on your website. You're looking for makeovers. I help people get makeovers all the time. And I know a lot of times when people struggle or after they have a makeover, and then you can list some of the things or tips that you can provide for them and invite yourself to be on their show. So it's some thinking outside the box again here a little bit. But if you're providing value to something that's relevant, then it really couldn't get you on their show. And here is another one. This is from NBC News, and they are not telling you anything specific that they're looking for. But they're telling you, what should we investigate? So, for example, for me, when I was talking a couple of days ago about pitching how to read labels with organic food, this is exactly how I did that. I went on the local news is website. I pitched my story about educating consumers how to read labels to find organic food, and I got a conversation with the producer. So this is a great way. If you have an idea that after you view their show, you see if it's a good fit, go ahead and picture through here. They definitely listen to this because that's why they have it there. Otherwise, they will never put this up there. So, um, this is nothing specific, but you couldn't think outside the box, see what content that they're looking for and go ahead and pitch it. So we talked a little bit about pitching, and I know we talked a lot about pitching on topic. But I think with TV it's even more timely than with magazines, because there's always stuff going on, and there's always things, things that are newsworthy. But they do have themes throughout the year. So, for example, in April they're going to talk about equal friendly products, just like the magazines dio they're gonna have holiday gift guide. So I think for everyone here who has a product that would make a great gift. It's not too late to be pitching your local news with your products or some of the larger morning shows that our national with your product idea eso this would be a perfect time to pitch for that. There's also mothers. They give travel season starting in March or April. People start traveling great time to pitch. For that, there's wedding season. So if you're a wedding photographer or you provide wedding flowers or cakes, perfect time to be pitching there. So think about what's going on throughout the year. That's outside of the the actual news that's going on and how your product or your service is conf it into that theme. And, um, you might. You might have some success with TV. So in terms of who do you pitch at a TV show? Usually it's the segment producer that you're gonna have to pitch and, ah, lot of times you find that information on their website and they'll tell you who produce the segment or what the person's name is. And then you can call their main phone number and ask with That person is, and sometimes they even have links directly on their website to contact that producer and leave your feedback, so that's another great way to get directly to them. And two of my favorite ways to do that is to use Twitter and LinkedIn. So we talked yesterday about journalists being on Twitter, and TV producers are on Twitter and their own length and as well, and you couldn't get direct access to them. And again, don't start off with pitching your product. But maybe start off with saying I saw your segment. I loved what you said because and give them your reason. Or again leave a thoughtful comment or start getting on their radar with through Twitter or Lincoln. A couple of other ways that you guys could get on TV is to contact other experts that regularly appear on TV and picture products. So we talked about celebrity assistance, and a lot of these assistants are also experts that contribute to TV shows and not only the ones for celebrities, but a lot of other people. Their main job is to to explore trends Teoh and to be a source for other TV show. So if you get in with them and picture products to them or your services and have them try it. The next time they do a segment, they might be likely to bring on your products. And this is something actually, that I just Googled style expert and she. Her website was one of the first ones that came up and you'll see here that she's a TV correspondent, which is why do you should be looking for So maybe you might wanna. If you have accessories or fashion product, a new Google accessory expert or style expert, You're going to get a whole list of all of these people and you'll see here she was on on Q V C or the Home Shopping Network, um, shoes with celebrities. And she tells you that she does segments for TV, so she's a great person to reach out to, instead of reaching out to the TV network and sharing your products with her. I've seen this for fitness trainers. It's great if you have ah, fitness product for style. Ah, lot of them are health experts, so they'll go on TV and talk about healthy products. A lot of them only focus on gifts, so they'll only do segments. One it's mothers, they or holidays or things like that. So this is great because you can start following them on Twitter, start sharing some of their stuff, connected them on lengthen, follow their Facebook page, and you can see sometimes they might even say things like, I'm looking for annoyed oil free lotion. Anyone have something that you recommend, And if you're following them on Twitter and you happen to have an oil free lotion as part of your product line, you could just reach out to her and say, Yes, here's what I have and it's a really indirect way off getting on TV, but you'll see a lot of times when you watch, especially the morning news, they'll have someone come on and they'll say, Okay, so what do you have to share with us today? And she has a whole table full of products that she sharing with her audience. So this is a really great way I loved this, and I think it's really effective, and I know a ton of entrepreneurs and even a style expert who goes on all the time to the local news and talks about products and trends and things that are going on. So a couple of other ways to get on TV if you don't have any luck or with the style experts or getting on TV yourself, there's a lot of companies that produce segments, so what they'll do is this company. They have relationships with local TV shows and they will go on and produce an entire segment, whether it's a gift segment or something else, and they come on, it's their thing and they talk to the audience. So it's basically like they get a spot on that TV show and sometimes they talk with with the host. Sometimes they don't. It really depends. But I actually I know them personally, and a lot of entrepreneurs that have worked with them have gotten on TV, and you couldn't get a lot of great exposure for that. They usually do charge for the service. Sometimes it can be a couple of $100 depending on how many other products they have. Sometimes it could be a few $1000 so this is not usually I don't think I've ever seen it words, but the sort of thing that it's free and here's another one that works with its eyes click here for our TV appearances list, so they give you a list off all of their upcoming appearances. And if you think it's a good fit, maybe you have, AH, beauty product or Halloween treat or something like that, where it's a good fit for you. Go ahead and email them, ask for more information, see what their rates are. And sometimes it's a lot easier to pay a few $100 get on TV then, and you don't have to have a six month contract or three month contract. You can just go do this one time, See how it works for you. And if you get returned from it, great. I do have to say a lot of times from TV, you will get a return. Even if it's the local news, you are going to get some sales and some traffic back to your website. So I think for this it's probably something worth investing in because people watch the news, they buy what the local news is recommending or what local people are recommending. And, uh, it's ah, much easier way to get to them than if you were pitching yourself cause they already have those relationships. So this is a fun thing that I would recommend for everyone to try, especially if you have a product. A lot of these do product roundups, and they only focus on products. All right, so we talked about TV. Now let's talk about a different side of publicity, and that's how to get UN award. So the words are a really great way to get more press and get social proof, because what happens once you win that can be newsworthy to someone, especially your local news. Let's say you are based in a small town and you win some national a word they love to profile people that are out there doing things. So if you win or even if you're a nominee, you can actually send an announcement to your local press your local station and let them know that you've won this award or your nominee. This is not necessarily something that you do if you want to get covered in a magazine, for example. But when you do picture magazine, if you want an award, you could mention that in your pitch and again it gives you more credibility and If someone else is trusting you and giving you this award, you must have a great product. So the magazine is more likely to actually feature you because you have some a words behind your brand. So don't underestimate the power of actually having an award. Having somewhere credibility and the other really great thing about a words is that a lot of times the award ceremonies are attended by the press. So when you do win in a word or when they announced the nominees, they have a huge party. Ah, huge nomination cell ceremony and they invite the press there. So that's a great way for you to actually get in touch with the press, meet them face to face and maybe introduce yourself. And maybe you're in my not get direct sales from winning that a word. But when the press knows you've wanted and there they've already talked to you because they've met you at that award, next time they need a product that's similar to yours or service, they might be more likely to actually reach out to you. So there's again a really indirect way of getting yourself out there, but a words really can get you a lot of social proof and a lot of instant credibility is right away because a lot of these the words there's tons of nominees they really do. Look at each product they tested that make sure it works, and a lot of them really do mean something rather than just winning on a word. So the press really does care about that as well. And you've probably seen a lot of products have some of the awards that they want on their packaging. So that's another thing where you could increase that credibility and let people know that you haven't award winning product. And if you're pitching the magazine and you're saying something like our award winning product does X y Z, they're probably gonna pick you as opposed to someone who's products, says our product. But it's not a word winning now. I'm not saying you can only get in magazines if you have an award winning product, because I've never had an award winning product that I've been featured in a ton of magazines. But I also know a lot of entrepreneurs, especially with baby products or things like that, where those awards really do mean something. They have been able to get a lot more press as a result of it. And more president they did when they didn't have when they when they didn't win the award. So sometimes I like to start off with the local words and a lot of times, local TV stations. They have a words for their community, and this is the same for local business journals, local newspapers. I know my local newspaper. They just had, like, the best restaurants. But with that list, they also had the best tech repaired, the best, all sorts of categories that I never even thought existed, like the Bust online shop. And don't don't overlook those because it could really be a great source for getting more traffic, getting more people locally, Teoh to buy from you. And I know a lot of places do things like 30 under 30 awards where they whether you're a photographer or an entrepreneur, they'll award you for having a business if you're under 30 years old or maybe under 40. But look at your industry and see if any of these awards exist. And I think you're gonna be surprised as to how many awards you'll find now. I do have to say some of these awards exists solely for the purposes of making money. So sometimes they will say the intra fee is $1000 or the fees, ah, $100. I don't recommend really signing up for those. There are plenty of ones that don't cost anything to be a part of, so if you want to spend the money, do it. But I wouldn't recommend signing up for any words where you actually have to pay unless it's a really nominal fee, like maybe $50 or or something like that, where they do have to put some work into it. They get ah, lot of submissions. They do press materials, they hold press. Even so, they do have some costs associated with that, but usually fits under $ and you feel comfortable with that. I think it's OK. Otherwise, anything more than that, if you can afford it, why not? But if you can't, you couldn't just skip it. There's also a lot of online a words, so if you have a website whether you have a product, website or service website, things like the Webby a words or the online retail of words. If you're an online retailer, there's the social media marketing words. I mean, they're so many awards out there, and I think there's even a website that lists all of the awards that are out there so you can search for that and see if it's a good fit for you. And again, I wouldn't recommend doing this every single week or every single month. Just pick a couple a year because sometimes they're entry forms air really long, and you're gonna have to spend a lot of time coming up with answers, and it could really become timely. So this is not something war again. It's your main publicity strategy. But if you have time and you want to explore some other strategies, this would definitely be a great way to go. This is the website, for example, for the Web, your words and you'll see that they have kind of categories. They just added online film and video. So if you do online film and video, probably you should be submitting here. Social media and mobile APS. So they have so many categories that all of our businesses conf it into at least one of those categories, and I know these are really prestigious. If you win one of those, you can go a long way and really increase your following an influence that we were talking about before. And also magazines have a words. I know some of the top magazines once a year. They do their best beauty products and or, for example, best swimsuits for summer. If it's summer season best yoga studio, if it's a local town or local magazine or even a yoga magazine, that's national best hair salon, I was saying before my local paper has their annual bust of Boulder ah words. And there's a ton of companies on there and businesses. So see if there's a fit for you and your business on there and, um, go ahead and submit this one. I think it's from Allure magazine, where they couldn't take products and pick winners. And the other great thing is that if you do win in a word, they're going to give you a little banner like this one that you can put on your website along with your product. So if you were going to this products website to buy it, and you were trying to decide. Should I buy this? Should I not by this? I'm pretty sure that if you saw a logo there that says The best of Beauty award winner in 2000 and one, you're probably going to buy that product because it's been vetted by someone else who really believes in it. And they've won over a lot of other products that were on there. So again, it's more of over thing where it's an indirect sale. But it really helps to build that credibility. Build the trust that we all need as online businesses and online online entrepreneurs. There's also things like industry of words where if you have a spot, maybe you consume it yourself for the best green spot. Best graphic designers. Um, I know my sister was select that she was the best of 30 under 30 photographers a few years ago in her industry. So look for whatever your industry is, there's gonna be an award for it. So do some research, Seve. There is a good fit, and if you have the time to do this once a year, twice a year, I really think it's worth it. This is one actually from Forbes magazine, and I think this is pretty recent. Yeah, this was on October 25th. So Forbes Magazine is looking for 30 under media entrepreneurs. So if your media entrepreneur go to their website, go ahead and submit yourself and then when you're reaching out to press, you can say I've been selected by Forbes magazine as a under 30 entrepreneur, and that goes a long way when you're booking speaking engagement. When you were writing book proposals for publishers, it really couldn't take your career to levels that you might not be able to take it, too, if you didn't win these win these awards. But keep in mind that, as I said, awards my not necessarily result in sales right away, but they will absolutely increase trust in your company, increased confidence with the people that are using your products and buying your services. And that, in turn, is definitely gonna lead to a lot more sales for you on your company. And ah, lot of why we're doing publicity is to increase confidence to old some of the increase our sales and our income. So the words could be great for that. So now let's talk about our last segment of the day, which is Infographic. So for those of you who might not be familiar with Infographic, it's basically a visual image, like a chart or diagram that's used to represent information or data. But it doesn't necessarily have to be something super scientific or something very technical. They could be really intimidating. Sometimes when you think about Infographic and this is what they might look like these air some ah couple of examples here. But you'll see there's a lot of colors. Ah, lot of graphics. And it's more of a visual thing, which we were talking over the last two days about visual marketing and how that's changing the media landscape, how people are really drawn to visuals. And I think that's the reason that infographics are so great and why, why they're so effective. So, um, here's the infographic that I created will see that a lot of it is text, and this is something that could have been put in a text format, and I think actually has over 50,000 reprints. I should have changed that. But, um, it took me about two hours to create this. And I am by any means, not a graphic designer. I have no design sense whatsoever. I know when something looks good, but I can't recreate it myself. But I went online, found a program that helps you to create infographics Put in my information and out came this really nice looking infographic. And if you're looking to do this, um, here are actually I'll share with you in a second. But I wanted to show you what has happened as a result of me taking two hours to create this. So my infographic was titled 30 Ways to promote Your block posts. And when you go to Google and type in 30 ways to promote your block posts, you'll see that there's about 182,000 results. So that's a lot of links and a lot of traffic back to my website. Right. You'll see here that they first show my own website where it appeared, but there's another really popular website here. It was on the hail block Technorati, um, words tracker, which is another really popular website. And this was just from one infographic that really took me two hours to create, and I don't think there are many things that we can say. I spent two hours on this and I got 100 82,000 results back to my website. Right, So this has huge potential to really get you out there and all I really did with this Infographic was I created it. I shared it on Pinterest. I put it on my blawg and I e mailed a couple of people and asked them to post it on their block as well. And from those more people wanted to post it. And I also made it really simple for other people to post itself at the bottom of my infographic. I gave them the code, the HTML code that they could use to just copy and paste that onto their website so they don't have to download the photo or the infographic to their best stop uploaded. So again, make it super easy for them. And I think unlike content that you might be writing infographics are really mind to be shared on other sites as well. So they'll take it and use it exactly exactly at it is as it is. You need to create Ah, separate one for every single one of your sites. And the other thing that I would recommend If you do this, make sure to have your URL at the bottom of it or somewhere on it. So that way, when you find it somewhere or someone find it somewhere on the Web, they know exactly what website it came from, so make sure you put your branding on it as well. So if you're looking to create an infographic, my favorite one, the one that I used to create my own Infographic was from picked a charred dot com. But there's also info Graham, and the great thing is that both of these sites let you create that for free. I ended up paying for a monthly subscription to pick the chart because I really I liked their page templates a little bit more than there free templates, but again, you don't have to spend money. You could really create this for free, and it's such a great way to get so much traffic back to your website, right, 182,000 links back to my site. That's a lot of links that I don't think I could never get on my own by simply blogging. So such a great way to get your site out there, get those links back to you. And the great thing about that is that it not only helps you to get publicity and get your content share, but it helps you with a CEO, which is part of your business. So all of this really works together in a lot of ways. And again, this isn't should shouldn't be the only thing you're doing for your business, but it should be part of your strategy. So you can do infographics along with guest blogging and maybe along with being on the local news twice a year or something like that. So figure out what strategy works for you, and go ahead and try it and see how it works. When you did that, what did your, um, your list grow from that? And could you immediately see that growth? Yes, I definitely can. And I'm actually my next light is all about what happened even more beyond those 182,000 links that I had. So yeah, that's coming in just a second. But Yeah, and that's the great thing about Infographics. And I think sometimes that can happen with video as well. If you have a video that goes viral, so infographics is not the only way to get that. But it's really a smudge, simpler way to do it. So once you have your infographic again, it's not enough to Onley put it up on your website. You have to share it, and that was my whole point. Behind the infographic is that I shared with people 30 ways that they can promote their block post. So what I did is I put that infographic into a block post, and then I took my own advice and dried out a lot of those 30 ways to share a block post to see what would happen. So I am that I'm not doing every single one of them, some of them I had to pay for, and I that was trying to do as much as I could for free to see how far it goes. But I tried a lot of those things that I was giving advice about on the infographic to promote my block post, which had the infographic so part of my advice is to shared on social media, shared and used ladder, regardless of how big or small your following Is it really? It doesn't matter. I mean, yes, if you have a huge list, it's probably going to go a longer way than if you have a smaller list. But anything you can do to get it out there every little bit helps. So put it on your website, put it on your blog's. And then this was, I think one of the key for me or the keys for me is that I contacted other relevant blog's and I asked them if they wouldn't mind sharing it because I thought their audience would read it as well. So a ton of them did share it. I was really surprised when they said yes, but at the same time, I was providing them with content, giving them something for free, saving them a lot of time, and it's something that was really relevant to their audience as well. So, again, it really was a win win situation for everyone here, and it really only took me two hours to create, so I like to say if I can do it. You guys couldn't do it, and I'm not a designer at all, and I ended up designing something. So there's a lot of tools that you could use nowadays to get you to create whatever it is you want to create, whether it's video or infographics and to really get yourself out there. But the other thing that I did is that I actually emailed picked a chart which helped me create the infographic, and this was about maybe a week after my infographic ones live, and I wrote to them and I said, Hey, I've been using your program to create an infographic and I got some really amazing results. I got over 1000 reprints by that time. It was a week later, and it was repent Over 1000 times, I said, I got over 1000 re pens and 11,000 page views in just one week from this one. Infographic and thank you so much for providing such a great tool that makes it so easy for us entrepreneurs to do this. So they said, that's amazing. Would you like to to write about your experience on our block? So I said, sure, why not, I would love to do it. So again, think outside the lines how you can take something. Maybe it's a great program that you views. Can you give them a testimonial, or can you be a case study for them in a way that they can? Sure. Your story and ah shared with their reader. So you'll see they were really happy because this showed that their program works and that people are using it with success. And why wouldn't they write about it, Right? So if you could think about maybe some other programs or software that you've used, even though it might not be relevant, Maybe my readers are not necessarily Everyone who goes to pick their chart is not gonna be my customer, right, cause they appeal to all types of people, basically anyone who wants to create an infographic. But some of those people might be, and I was helping them by giving them a testimonial. They were helping me by sharing my story on their site and again a two way street. Everyone wins, and their audience knows that this is a program that could really help them to increase their following. So think outside the box there. How can you take what you've done and leverage it in other ways? That may be what's obvious. And another thing that I ended up with this because part of my why I was so successful with this is because I used Pinterest Teoh share my infographic is that I emailed a website that talks about all about Pinterest and how people can have success on Pinterest. So by that point, I don't know what the data is. I don't know if it's in there, but by that point my infographic had over 30,000 re pins and this site is looking for success stories with Pinterest. So I emailed them and I said, Hey, I've had a lot of success with Pinterest. As a matter of fact, one of my infographics was repent over 30,000 times. I think this is something that your audience would probably want to learn about as well. So they wrote back to me and they said, Brilliant, let's have you write a guest post about it. So before I knew it, I was being featured on their side as well. So it wasn't Onley picked a chart that I contacted or Onley Pinterest or aside, that talks about Pinterest. But I really looked at okay, what contributed to the success of this infographic? And how can I get those people involved as well in my success story? And they love stories like this, right? Their whole purpose is to share tips on how people can use Pinterest to grow their business. So if I have a great tip, that's something that I've done to get over 30,000 re pens. They're gonna want to share with that because it's or they're gonna want to share that with their readers because it's a really great success story. So, um, again, I think I had to write this ad says this is a guest, Both. So I had to do a little bit of work, but this was very similar to this post that I wrote. It was just at a later time, so the structure for the Post was already there, and I didn't have to do that much extra work to actually create it. Um, so this is how you couldn't really use infographics to really go a long way with taking something that maybe took you a couple of hours to write and really repurpose it in so many ways that couldn't continue to bring you traffic over and over again. And I know with this infographic, it's been shared on so many different websites, and, um, I keep I still keep getting traffic from it. I get at least about 1000 people a month that come to my site just from this infographic that I created over a year ago so you can see how quickly this can spread and what a huge impact. It can have one on your business. So take a look at what you can offer people, and are there any tips or how to is right? This was just 30 ways that you can promote your block post. It could be 10 workouts you can do in two minutes or less, or five things you need to look out for when you're buying your first Mac computer or something like that. And you can put that in graphic form so that people can look at it, know exactly what it's about, and you can get a lot of traction with it. So that was my success with the infographic. I highly recommend everyone try. Do it at least once. See what happens. There is a ton of free resource is out there where you don't have to pay anything and all. We have to investors a couple of hours of your time to get all of this success. So you do have to do a little bit of work other than just publisher Infographic a couple of other things outside of that. But once you try it, it's it really is a lot of fun. So I wanted to end with the last thing that I want you guys to keep in mind. I know we've talked a lot over three days and all of you have so many ideas spinning in your head of things you want to do and things you want to take away and start implementing. But none of this is gonna be possible if you're not having fun doing it. So when you're researching those magazines, have fun looking at them when you're pitching, make it fun for you and make it fun for them. And if you keep this in mind and I think that's why my business was named launch grow joy because I'm a huge believer and putting joy in your business and in whatever it is that you do. So as your pitching don't think about it as this huge, scary thing, and it can be huge when you're first starting out by, the more you do it, the easier is going to get and the more fun it's gonna become. So keep that in mind as you guys take all of this back home and start implementing it in your business. And I'm so excited to hear about all of your success is, once you start getting out there doing this, I want to come to our students and ask them exactly how they're going to go out and implemented into the world. So let's give him a chance to think about that. But we have actually a lot of questions that come in specifically about some of those lost tips that Andre was sharing. Yeah, a lot of people are curious about getting into infographics, so we have two questions here that are somewhat related first from Mary, she says. How would an infographic be used for products? I understand how it would be effective for a list of tips on how to do something, but not sure how I could use it for my product. And then the Guava project asked, Where do you get the data for your infographic? Yeah, so in terms of products, it's a little bit trickier to use. But, for example, I thought about how can I create an infographic for my soap business? And I can't necessarily put my soaps up there because right that wouldn't be providing value or tips. But what I can do is I can think about what would my audience want and what can I give them? And because I'm trying to appeal to people that are trying to live unequal for any lifestyle, they're probably gonna know maybe the top 10 foods they need to buy organic, which is things that are already they're already out there. So you don't really have to do much research. You could just put that into an infographic format or anything you might be writing about on your blog's. If there's a how to aspect to it, or some tips and strategies that your audience might be interested in, that maybe you can put that into an infographic. So for me, it could be top 10 foods to buy organic or five ingredients to avoid in beauty products may be for you, Anna. At Halloween time, you might want to create an infographic about top 10 fun things you could do with your Halloween costume or how you can recycle it. And it's not necessarily related to your product. But if you get it out there, the people that are buying your product is probably the same people that are interested in that infographic. And as long as you have your you Earl similar or your company name at the bottom or somewhere in that infographic, all of that traffic is gonna come back to you. So you're gonna have to be a little creative, cause this is not the sort of thing where you create an infographic about your product. Fantastic. Now, got some other questions just sort of read, capping what we've covered in the last session that would love to get through as many of those we possibly can, although we do have quite some time, all really tweet. I guess his French is saying, Can Andrea tell us? How long does she spend on working on her brands as regard to the time she spends on making publicity's to make her brands known our leaders and the entrepreneur providing services. She's a graphic designer. Most of the days are made providing this service. I wonder how many hours I should spend on doing publicity. What would you recommend? What's a good balance? You know, I think it really, really depends on how much time you have. And I know when I first started doing publicity, I sort of went overboard and I was doing it on a weekly basis, like every Tuesday. I think maybe Wednesday I would spend my entire day sending out emails following up, keeping track of all of this. But then I sort of realized that that wasn't gonna be sustainable. So I switched to doing it once a month. And that worked as well now with my soap business, because I have to businesses and I have to figure out where to spend my time. I'm only really gonna be doing it a few times a year. I'm only going to do it for holiday gift guides. Valentine's Day mothers they unearthed a so four times a year, Um and I do have an assistant who sends out the whole of my emails. I did do it all myself at one point, or I invested in the marketing software or the database softer to do it for me. But now I do have someone who works for me or works with me, and she sends out those emails for me. But if you're doing it on your own, you couldn't do it once a week. If you like it, you can do it once a month. If you feel like maybe you want to cut it down a little bit or you could do it a few times a year, so it really just depends on whatever it is that you want to do. And I know with Launch grow joy. A lot of times, if I'm about to launch something, I'll focus a lot more on publicity right before the launch. Then I would if I'm now launching anything and it's just my everyday routine that, um, that I'm working on. So it just really depends at what point are adding your business, and I think when you're launching, you're probably gonna be want to be doing a little more publicity than when you don't have anything you're launching. But I think the opposite can be made as a good point, too, because if you don't have much going on, then that would be a good time for you to be spending on publicity so you can get things going. So it just really depends on what do you love to do and how often you want to do it. But I think you don't have to do it every week. I think once a month, once every two months. If you have a plan and you know what you're working on, I think that could be just that successful as doing get every week from Cesar from Mexico, related to help a reporter out, and he wanted to know, Is it polite, or is it feasible? Toe? Ask the magazine. If you can review the peace before a press, would it be considered rude if you ask to see the final article before they publish it in the event it is used? Could you make fine tuning the article featuring your product? The answer is absolutely not. You should not ask them to see it, you should add, asked them to make change is the only time you might want to ask a change for a change. Sometimes they will, right? They will send it back to you and say, How does this look? Is? Does everything look right? But the only thing you should be looking for is if there's any factual information that they have wrong, like your company name or were you located or your website, or how much you're product costs But anything else? That's their article. Um, and you really have no right to tell them how to write it. And most of them will probably not even shared with you until it's it's already printed on their pages. So, yeah, that's definitely not something you should be doing. It's a quick way to get blacklisted. And with any of these reporters or bloggers. Yes, sir. Tisha, No. Um, in regards to TV, I'm interested in getting my products because they can be used a storage organization on HD TV, which I think is a little harder to find the right producer. Um, that may work with, um you know, whatever the show is, I think it's a little harder. I tried to kind of look for, but a lot of times they'll just say, You know, HD HD TV producer, but I don't know which one because they have so many shows. So do you have any tips for bet? Yeah. Sometimes I think they have, like, a style department or a props department, and you can call the number for the show if they have it available and ask where the Props Department is and then try to get a hold of someone there and the person who has the props, they're the ones who distribute everything that that the show should need. So I think that's a good way of going about it. I know there is a directory for all of the TV shows and who's working on them. I don't know the name of it. Um, I wish I knew, but I think if you try to search online for, like, TV shows, directory or contact information, if if anyone knows what it's called, you can help me out. But I know there is when I've seen it, Um, and that's one way to do it. You can try to get in with the stylists and see if they might be able to put you on. But ah, lot of that you write. It is really tricky because there's so many departments, so many different people that are working on it. It's hard to know who to send it to, but sometimes if you call them a number and you say I have a great product that I think would be a good fit for the segment or for the show can you direct me to who I need to get in touch with? Think a lot of times they'll tell the ordeal, say, please send the two and they'll give you the address where you consented to. So try that and see what happens. I haven't done that personally, so I don't have too much experience. But I know plenty of people have gotten on by sending stuff to stylists or the props department random. They were able to get on, thank you know and as Chris. But we have a follow up question about TV actually from awesomeness on your talking about local TV and local programs. Have you found that getting into local newspaper can lead to getting on local TV? Well, perhaps so even local radio I think I have. Yes. And I was featured in a local newspaper and got a ton of other things outside of that. Never TV A radio, Actually, you know, I did get a radio segment from that, but I think it can. And I think if you approached your local TV and you said I was just featured on the show, Um, and I could talk about this topic. And I know you're working on a story about this or when you happen to be working on a story about this. I think you could definitely leverage that because they want people that are local. So it can hurt to mention that you were also already featured on the local news. No question. It was kind of along the same lines. It's hers. But it was more about, like, I love the show modern family. And I think that the kind of character of my of my line would match with, you know, outfitting some of the kids on the show are similar shows. So would not be the same approach like to kind of go through the stylist and then also I was curious about, like, you know, how on some talk shows like on the Oprah's Favorite things give away and not kind of thing, if that's also the same approach. If I would go through the producers or the stylists that way, if I wanted to be included in, of course, gift my products to be ableto yeah, I think you can definitely approach the producers if it's like a show like Will Not Open Anymore but like the Today show or something like that. But I think for your purposes with modern family, I think the stylist on the show would probably be your best bet. And they always have the credits rolling after the show's done. So maybe just tape tape it and pause when they show who the stylists are and see if you can find those stylists websites. A lot of them have personal websites, and they work on a couple of shows on and try to get in that way. Yeah, yeah, something to is that, um, some of the stylist don't have a way to get in touch with, um if you go to their website. I know the bigger stylist that when I was at Dogger, but we worked with friends and, um, a couple of other big shows. And if you went directly to the stylus website, she didn't have a way to get in touch with her. But if you get to the set and ask for wardrobe because the wardrobe department is where all the stylists will kind of work, and then you can go from there if you get the phone number to the wardrobe department of that show, anything comment I want to make you was when you were talking about local TV. Um, the couple of spots that I've done and my local morning show was because I connected with actual host. So not necessarily the producer, but the host tonight, like one was from Instagram and one was over Facebook. So connecting with them directly, Sometimes, you know, they're able to pitch stories that they're interested in. Yeah, and they're bringing content of the table, too. So that's another Perchik intake. Yeah. Great. Thank you for sharing That Definitely true. Yeah, there. We have a question here, and this is something I don't think we touched on this today. But see, now TV wants to know if some of these techniques could be applied to affiliate marketing. They know sometimes they're asking if they can attract affiliate marketers, maybe bloggers who could kind of sell your product for you and get an affiliate cut. Is that something that could be applied here? Yeah, I think a lot of bloggers have rules against having affiliate links in your guest posts, so it's probably not a good way. If you are gonna be guest blogging and promoting another product, you probably can't use an affiliate link there. So there's a lot of other ways that if you have affiliate products, you can get out there but gets blogging is probably not one that would happen, I would say more. That's like social media and other things in your own blawg and things that you could do as opposed to promoting data and other people's blog's. I know, even in things like forums. Ah, lot of times they have rules against affiliate length, and they say no, filial that Ophelia affiliate links whatsoever. So it's a little trickier with affiliate stuff. Great. Now we do have just wants one last question would like to finish it before we go to our students for some final thoughts and then to hear from Andre on her final thoughts for the entire course. But do we have any other questions for my students before we propose the last question from the Internet? Great stuff that means you really go through. This actually comes from our guest in Germany. I think, Yeah, this is from Curio. So and I think this is a great question to sort of wrap up the day on a positive note. So what happens if you do these things and you overachieve and you are very successful? So curio So says How can we prepare for the PR response? Are there ways to pre calculate resulting demand so we can stop stock up on a product or employees or partners and be prepared? If you do get an influx of orders or publicity, I guess, is there any sort of rule of thumb you know, where you can plan how much of a response you're gonna get from using these tactics? Yeah, and that's such another word question. We were actually talking about this during the lunch break that How do you know when it's time to hire someone you on? Do you do it as it's happening, but my advice is to start preparing before you actually need it. So with my holiday gift guides, for example, and over magazines writing to me and saying Yes, I love to test these Can you send me samples? I knew that I was gonna have a huge influx in sales in November and December. So what I did is that I ended up switching all of my fulfillment to a fulfillment house before any of that happened because they take a little bit of time to get ready. And it's just like training someone, you to work with you. It's gonna take a little bit of time at least a few weeks. So if you are pitching and you get a lot of greed responses and a lot of people saying yes, then that's probably a good time to start preparing for what's gonna happen. And sometimes you might get a lot of order. Sometimes you might not. But if you're gonna be featured and a lot of different things probably should start preparing right away for when things do really take off, so that way you're really prepared when you needed the most as opposed to starting to prepare, as you really need to have the help there. So if you the more ready you can be before the storm starts, so to speak, the easier is gonna be to have more of a seamless business and to get through that transition. So I think that really is genuinely the next course, because I think, you know, this has been the introduction to how to really build your PR. But I think many of our viewers, I'm sure maybe some of our students would love to know that. OK, now you're up and running. How do you keep that momentum going on? Discourses The minefield of negative PR. How do you How do you negotiate that and get your story back on track? So I'll look for to seeing Andrea back create a future with the up with the answers to all of that

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Marci Marie

I think you'll enjoy and be inspired by Andreea and all of the wonderful information in this course and find it useful for publicity and for other areas of your business like sales and marketing. I think its valuable even if you intend to hire a publicist, because you'll really be able to understand and enhance the work they do for you and/or be better able to choose the right publicist, Having worked with several, I know I feel much more comfortable with my next choice or with what publicity I need to do now on my own. you have to do your own, then you'll find wonderful ideas and implementation strategies. What I appreciate most of all is Andreea's thoughtful, respectful, and compassionate approach to not just publicity but to communication and business in general. Thank you, Andreea Ayers and Creative Live.

a Creativelive Student

I have only half way completed the course but felt it was worth reviewing already. It really is a no-nonsense course. Andreea has a gift of sharing everything with her clients in a very simple and direct way. Much of my experience with publicity has been similar to hers and I have reached similar conclusions all which have helped me move forward. I highly recommend that anyone interested in getting their products on the shelf or in a magazine to buy this course. Note...this is not a short 20 minute course but a series of 40 courses broken down in a time frame that is easy to digest. Thank you Andreea are the Guru of marketing for the small business owner that has a product and or service. Larry Chipkin TickleMe Plant Company Inc.

Rich Klein

I have not watched the course in full just yet...but, in this description, it's wrong to tell entrepreneurs to do it themselves especially if it's not their strength. Great PR pros exist because that is what they are trained to do. Before retaining an experienced PR pro, do the research, get testimonials, make sure they fully understand your business and industry and hire the best you can. Entrepreneurs should not be spending time on getting media coverage..they should be focused on their products and services and leave that to those who have spent years doing it.