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Personal Branding for Creative Professionals

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Your Social Media Presence

Dorie Clark

Personal Branding for Creative Professionals

Dorie Clark

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11. Your Social Media Presence

Lesson Info

Your Social Media Presence

Put in one more plug I know it sounds like a lot of work for people but I really do believe that there's a huge amount of value if you are willing to take up the mantle to take up the challenge um in blogging I'm a big fan of it this is supposed they wrote for the harvard business review if you're serious about ideas get serious about blogging because it really is a way for people to understand what your approach is I mean, if there's a lot of equine photographers out there how do I know that you're any good? Well, I can look at your photographs that's important but you know if but so we know that google likes photographs but if you really want to kind of amp up your expert credentials wow, wouldn't it be amazing if you decided just like once a week you would write a blawg about techniques in horse photography like you know what our five you know, five ways to take a great horse portrait oh, that's interesting. Okay, you know that's that's pretty useful. What are eight myths about ah, ...

about you know, capturing ah horse in motion are, you know, like like every week you could probably come up with some nuance and over time, you know by the time you get like twenty articles written it's like oh my gosh you know that's like stuff that's going to be going to the top of your google rankings and when people see that you've taken the time to really drill down on it they're going to say we whoa she knows way more about equine photography then like I ever wanted to know so you know it'll be pretty impressive the other thing that I just wanted to address really quickly and you know, folks, folks at home you might have challenges with this as well perhaps some of you guys I hear a lot about scheduling issues like, oh my gosh, I don't have time for social media is such a big challenge and I just want to make sure that everybody here knows about my homie who'd sweet tweet deck is another one tweet deck is actually owned by twitter now who'd suite which is like an owl ate h o o t s u I t e hoot suite is they're very similar analogous products and what they are is there mechanisms that allow you to pre schedule your social media presence. So it's it's kind of, you know, made for twitter but you can also simultaneously pre schedule your facebook and you're linked in on it so it's pretty cool you can, you know, handle this like all all in one fell swoop and the interface is actually much better and much easier then twitter's interface because as as you know, we we now know when twitter was originally created, you know, they created this like, totally like it's like so scrappy, it was like, pathetic kind of thing, and so it didn't have a lot of functionality and so a lot of things that should be easy, like, oh, is somebody messaging me directly like it's, like really hard on twitter toe like even find that? And so when you go to hoot suite it's very easy, it makes it makes life good, but the best thing is that for people who say, oh my gosh, I don't have enough time to do this. What I like to say I mean, this will not make you a social media maven, you will not be like the, you know, top one hundred or whatever on twitter, but if you wanna have a reasonable social presence, you know if you want to just be out there a bit enough, give yourself an hour a week, it is not that much you could do in an hour a week, take thirty minutes once a week and schedule a tweet or two every day or, you know a facebook post or whatever it is and just schedule it in advance for the week and you do that and then literally like five minutes every day or every other day you take your smartphone, you get the mobile app you just check, you see? Oh, has anyone message me? I should write back has anyone like re tweeted my thing oh, I should thank them you do it standing in line at the grocery store you can one hundred percent do social media in one hour a week if that's all you want to contribute I mean, you could do you know, fifty hours a week of social media but we don't have the time for that if you want to do it in one, you can do it in one and you know that'll at least get you started so I think that's pretty powerful a couple suggestions. Yeah, buffer and tougher. Yes, yes, those air couple more yeah, absolutely. Thankyou. Thankyou. Studio audience at home audience chatters our global participants so yes, yeah, thank you. Those were fantastic. So okay, we were going to do the hot seat where we looked up a person's online presence. But guess what? I got excited because odette was talking earlier about her social media thing and I'm like, come on up. So anyway, that's that's we do that earlier, so we're now going to move on to other things I wanted to spend just a little time on linked in because you know we are there may be a bias or maybe an emphasis because you know, we are creative professionals in talking about, you know, some of these different channels where we kind of put our creative stuff out there but we also of course are business people too because we have to make her make her living doing our professional thing. And so I wanted to just spend a little extra time on lincoln because when clients are looking to find us linked in is often a place that they would go and so it's useful to have a professional looking linked in profile because you know that that's something that can actually turn into dollars s o you know really briefly as we're talking about creating your linked in profile what what are the basics number one you have just, you know, it seems like so basic you shouldn't even have to mention it, but I will because sometimes you see people like literally would like their shades and beach pictures and whatever lincoln's a professional site, so we need to have a professional photo, so that means you looking I mean, you know, like, look look awesome look totally awesome, you know? You don't have to look asli kind of stuffy his idea, but but you do want to look professional, so fill everything out um again like super basic but sixty to ninety minutes people that's all it takes if you just sit down and be like I'm going to do with the soft for noon do all the categories so it doesn't look like this kind of half abandoned thing just you know fill it out to make it look good have at least a few hundred connections I mean you know, I don't I don't want to like sort of dictate this but if you have a linked in sight and there's like twenty five connections it basically looks like you either don't care and are doing it or you don't have any friends and you know, neither is good I would say that if you could have like, a least one hundred hopefully a couple hundred or more than that shows like oh, they're taking it seriously this is a person with a network and it's helpful to you because the more people who are in your network then you know, the more connections show up and so for instance if someone it doesn't have to be about you coming to someone someone comes to you and they're saying I heard about a debt and I think I'd like to do business with her but I just don't know and so we type it into the link in if you're connected with more people it increases the likelihood that someone that I know is your contact I wouldn't know what otherwise but I see that on here I see oh my friend sally she's she's connected to a debt oh wow I'm going to call her so you know we have all this lead back channel thing that's made possible so say sally is you know did you know dad to a party for you? You see? Yeah yeah she's awesome and then we've made the sale without you even having to talk to me so that's what it's useful for and then you know, so this goes with the next point about friending wisely so people have different questions about this they get stressed out about it a lot about you know, whats your lengthen think his lincoln they actually say like, you know, don't don't friends people that you aren't you know, actually really connected tio and you know, they sort of encouraged you to try to keep it a tight network some people rebel against this they have they actually call themselves lion people linked in open network you'll see that sometimes like joe smith lion and basically what that means is they're linked in hose and they like friends ever really thirty thousand people so you could do that that's their gay but generally you know what I would say and linked in is yes it's better to friend people that you know if but if somebody if somebody gives you a good reason like for me you know I teach in a number of business schools and so if the person is like an alumni of the business school or they send me a note and they're like oh, you know dori, I you know, I'm friends with so and so and I read this article and I wanted to connect and it seems like they're giving me a thoughtful reason for why they wantto know me I'll accept that but everybody has their own sort of thing that they feel comfortable with and so it's a whatever is ok just, you know, kind of find your own path forward with that s so what are the ingredients and again, you know, just just like to be clear I'm not a total megalomaniac it's the creative live didn't want to be sued because I was violating someone else's privacy so I'm gonna violate mine so snappy summary right, this is your opportunity earlier we had the exercise where people were writing your narratives right? So hopefully you're starting to think about this and how you tell your story so you want teo come up with a way of explaining who you are you know your past into your president, you want to explain your you know your war stories, your things that like you really make you tick how do you tell your story s so this is the place where you can put that in what else we're mentioning earlier that linked in now has this awesome magic ability to allow you to blawg on linked it and why this is good is it it's not like you having your own blogged where there is this total expectation it like jeez, you know, if you don't update your blogged um you know, your followers are gonna get mad and no one's gonna ever come back to it it's going to look dead and whatever on lengthen the good news is that people are visiting your profile but it's not like visiting a block where they're like where's my new content on linked in it's like the content is a bonus no one's gonna be mad or it's not gonna look stupid if you are going awhile between posts. So it's it's kind of more freeing because you could post whenever you have the time and then you could stop posting when you don't have time. So be sharing content is really useful whether you write it or simply, you know, in that little box which you know again there's like lots of cross pollination because they stole this idea from facebook of of the news feed, right? So even if you just read an article in your field that you think is really interesting and you're like, hey you know I read this really fascinating article from x y z you know thought it was worth sharing you post that you shared on lengthen it means that you are coming up in other people's feeds and they say oh that's right you know akash I'm having a party a christmas party and I really need something cool I had forgotten about her I should hire her so just kind of staying on people's radar so what else it's really handy you know speaking of like social proof and credibility and whatever having a recommendation is pretty handy because we you know this is people who have taken the time to actually write about you and you know it put their credibility on the line to vouch for you having someone do that means a lot so if you can you know have you know good friends or colleagues or whatever clients that you really have a good relationship with do that for you very helpful and valuable how is it different than an endorsement I get a lot of questions about this basically a recommendation is where someone takes the time to write something specific about you I would say that's pretty good and important it matters a lot and endorsement is something where basically the top of your length in profile people say two story know about social media click and it's like it's this idiot thing right where people just like yeah sure, sure yeah and so anyway, I mean like in the aggregate it's I guess useful because you know if you get ninety nine people saying you know about project communications like okay, I guess she knows something about it but it doesn't really involve a lot of effort therefore it's not super meaningful some people get really stressed out about him for some reason you know, they're like wait a minute I mean, some of the things you know that they say about me aren't really right like you know, okay, so like nonprofits like, you know, I do some nonprofit work it's not like my whole thing by new businesses I do nonprofit I mean, is it like off message I mean I don't care sure, yeah, I do non profit stuff, but some people get really worried about is it the right thing? I would basically just say like it kind of ignore it unless it's unless it's like so completely random and weird like if like if modeling came up or something and be like, oh no, no, I'm not a model s o but you know this this is all this is all ok, but I'd see mostly just don't stress about it and so what I would love to do with you guys now these women spending a while talking about content creation you know we've been talking talking around it is to flip to your book and pages six and seven for, uh for all of you at home looking at your workbook and so I so basically what we're going to dio is I'd like to start your brain's turning on the question of cash, you know, if I'm going to create content, what what should it be? What should I write about? And so it's just sort of starting to think, where do I go with this? Because some people say, well, I'd like to create content, but I don't really know what, so here are the questions that you guys can get started on and you're in the studio audience and for those of you at home all kind of read him out here, so here we go, here's here's how to come up with some ideas what are the questions the p people most commonly ask you about your field or profession? What do they what do they want to know when they talk to you? Are there things that you always get asked it, you know, the proverbial cocktail party, what misconceptions two people have, is there things that they don't know or that they get wrong? What trends do you see emerging? Is there anything that it seems pretty interesting or developing you'd like to explore further, um, what do you think is really over or underrated? In your field now that's kind of a fruitful thing maybe you know, some idea is getting all the yank everybody's talking about it and it's like you know what? That's actually you know your your eyes off the ball here because it shouldn't be that it should be this over here that could be really an interesting idea for content creation and you know, so okay, so you start germinating all these ideas and so now what I'd ask you to dio is to say now right out topic ideas for try for five posts based on some of these things, so if some of what you're coming up with is, you know, what's really overblown nano technology is really overblown like let's say you know that's your thing and you get kind of hot under the collar about it will you know what that's interesting I would like to read about why nanotechnology is totally overblown because you know to me I hear about and I think, oh it's it's pretty cool, right? But if you if you say you know what nanotechnology is overblown because it won't be here for another twenty years it's like ok, so maybe that's a blogger post right? You can say, you know why? Why nanotechnology is all hype and, well it's kind of sexy I would read that or maybe you know myths are always a big one you know, suggesting this tomorrow earlier maybe you could say you know been numbers people love numbers so four things that most people get wrong about horse photography oh okay, what do you know what is that or you could say like oh, you know, maybe ten things you should ask before you hire your next course photographer it's okay good it's like she's giving me a checklist. Okay, now I now I know and you know so you could you know so maybe people are always asking a debt at parties like whoa you know what's what's the secret to to you know, great eight great party entertainment like what is that? What is it likely how do how do I actually haven't engaging party? Jeez, I don't even know and so if you can weigh in and opine about that that would be a pretty cool topic these could be block post these could be photo montages on pinterest to get pin a bunch of things you know, maybe you send a syriza tweets about him or something like that um you know the basics you know, what are the basic questions? So barbara might have things when we come teo graphic design for instance, it could be something like, you know, something I'm curious about is how his good graphic design changed in the internet era like you know is it are the principle is still the same or do we really need to think about it in a different way now that people are like looking at things on screens and their expectations have changed that's kind of like a trend piece that I'd like to learn more about and you know, gosh, you know, with with samantha she's dealing with like models emerging models, you know, that's that's pretty cool I'd love to hear from you I mean, these were basically this is like questions that I'd like to ask people at cocktail parties it's like, wow, how do you make a model looked great and also above and beyond that? Like, what kind of poses should regular people strike? I was I don't even know like when people take pictures of me, I was kind of feel like I'm an idiot, I'm like, ok, where my hands go you would you like this? And I don't know. And so meanwhile there's this woman that I know in new york and she always liking every picture she has the same pose and it kind of looks like, but you don't start chin andan like, should I be doing that? Is that so? I don't know so like how do you look good in photos, which way like, is there a better side? Do you know where do I put my legs I do not even know and so if you had a post about like you know how to pose for photos how to look great for photos I would like to know that so these are some of the things people that are on my mind I don't know what's on your mind maybe you have log ideas you'd like to hear from from these folks to get to give them suggestions for their future content creation but also at home I would love to hear what you're thinking about like what air the misconceptions about your field what are the trends that are occupying your thoughts and concert and what are you going to do about it what what posts are you going to put in the queue for you you know so you don't you don't have to stress that you don't have to write him tomorrow you don't have to be like oh my gosh stories telling that I have to write my blawg immediately what I d'oh literally if I have an idea and sam walking somewhere a minute conversation with somebody I will I'll be like oh you know because maybe maybe I'm talking with barbara and she asked me some sort of question and I'll see all that's so interesting and I'll think like you know what? I should write a post about that because other people would like to know that answer too and so I will literally just take it and I'll type it into my smartphone and I'll be like your came okay for things that you need to know about personal branding when you're a graphic designer or whatever and also yeah that's good and then the next time I'm looking for an idea I will just scroll through it will be like yes, alright, that post today and and so that's that's something that you guys khun d'oh. So in studio friends have you got have you got ideas? What were the things that people want to know from you? Uh are there? Are there any things that sort of present themselves as being like, oh, yeah, you know this? You know, this is the kind of content that I should create tomorrow you're kind of looking at what? Uh, what do you've been coming up with? Well, like you said, you can do something like how to take good show photos. Yeah. It's really popular, huh? Uh, something that people always ask me is like how to pose your horse, but right, I would put it like how to make your horse smile only god that's brilliant, yeah, that's so good, really interesting horse, yeah, yeah, tips and tricks how to make them do what you're thinking and everything and I actually uh back in russia I wrote this post about how to prepare for a photo shoot with your horse I just think that I need thio recreated an english now yes total and other thing I was going to do anyway he's like posting not just like photo from this session and from this it'll but actual stories off people people love behind the cs things absolutely well I wasn't thinking but I'm not the police some behind the scenes but more of uh so I took pictures off this lady with this horse and their story is and that's behind the scenes that's what I mean by that okay, yeah no that's that's fantastic I think that's really cool and the people would be would be very engaged with that much my issue with blood and actually not uh like another ideas because they have lots of them I want it we'll have the whole world book but it's my language issues sure sure it's really been daunting teo get out there and try to no and I can totally appreciate that and I'm so glad because this is actually the note that I want teo I want to say one thing and then handed over teo to our hosts because I think this is really important this is this is not about you know me saying like you must have a blogger or whatever like I think dogs are great but what I'm saying is it's, not it's, not about the specific channel it's not like, oh, everybody has to have a blogger, everybody has to be on twitter, it is everybody has to share their vision somehow doesn't doesn't matter exactly how you find the right way for you, maybe it's through through images, maybe it's through instagram, pinterest maybe in your case, you know, if you have ideas for these great post, maybe you don't type um maybe what you do is you create a podcast, you could do a sort of aural narration, I think that would be pretty awesome actually, you could create like a like a slide show and then narrate the slide show or, you know, do do a podcast siri's where you're you know you're talking about different things you could do videos where you interviewed on on video and all these things they might sound daunting, but literally you khun do them for free with your smartphone. Now we have the technology it's completely easy, it cost zero dollars and, you know, I've written and talked extensively on my website dori clark dot com about how people can do that and use those tools, but you know, if you're daunted by writing or anything like that pictures video, audio, we have a million ways to share our ideas

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