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Take Charge with 30 Minutes A Week

Lesson 30 from: Personal Finance for Artists & Freelancers

Galia Gichon

Take Charge with 30 Minutes A Week

Lesson 30 from: Personal Finance for Artists & Freelancers

Galia Gichon

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Lesson Info

30. Take Charge with 30 Minutes A Week

Lesson Info

Take Charge with 30 Minutes A Week

So what I want you to think about is how do I find the time? And this is so funny my daughter was watching this show is so sweet on monday, my nine year old daughter sofia don't think she's watching now yes, she might be watching it's dinnertime actually so she was watching the show and I shared the story that when she was born she's almost ten, ten years ago and I I am really organized my money is I wasn't she came home, I could not figure out which way was up. I was like the cost of career woman who just had a baby and did not know how to deal with bills. I paid bills late, I would forget to pay bills I mean, I was just completely the having lack of sleep so right away on the phone she's like, was that me mom like yes, it was you, sophie here there isn't but what? I realized that I needed to create a system because even though up until then I had been a great saver, I had paid off all my dad, I had students from grad school that I'd paid off, but I did have a system and that was okay...

, but it wasn't okay because now I have this new baby, so what I did is I created a money day I will tell you this saved my life saved my life and changed my life and just a quick aside there's a wonderful women christine shin who was head of the financial fluency area barnard the athena center and so she's the woman who first hired me eight years ago when I started teaching there and we became very friendly and this was part of my curriculum and I'd say scheduled the money day and christine was the same when she worked full time that barnyard was a barnard grad she's still there she has a family and and I say christine, have you done your money day? No given get to that I know it's important value finally a year or two after I started teaching the course she stood up and she would always come and check on me before I started she said galya did the money day why don't you do it sooner like exactly so what do you do with the money day? The hardest part of being a freelancers? You don't have a schedule like every week I work differently I have different clients every week I have seminars I travel every week but on the whole I'm usually home one day a week I tried teo I mean it's actually had a really great business coach that help me in the beginning he was like listen, if you don't send your schedule no one's going to do it for you, so I try not to work on mondays because that's my sort of administrative day, it's just a great day for me to, like get my week going right? My articles playing my conferences plan my curriculum plan my weeks for the client and then I can kind of hit the ground running, but maybe you don't work that way, but that was a good day for me. I'm also a morning person for still I've been out here a muppet for in the morning, practically every day, but even in the east coast, I'm up at six or seven pretty much every day. I'm a runner, I like toe workout morning it's kind of my time, so I find it's what? I'm freshest. So I sit down on my desk, usually six am or seven a m monday morning for half a hour and that and I put it on my calendar. So put out your iphone, your android of friends who still use paper calendars. Find your money day. What is your one day? And put it for half an hour, so start by there. Maybe it's a sunday night I will say sunday nights kind of the worst night to do it because it's usually you're dreading the week you're tired you've had a long weekend I mean sunday nights are terrible for me, but start with one is your day I have a client who picked wednesday at noon and it might be hard because every week is different, but again, this is this is respecting yourself because this is when you're going to do a lot of the work that we talked about, so scheduling this money day every week, same time every week just thirty minutes, but every week there purposely twice because I just I cannot stress that enough that maybe you can't do it on monday morning or maybe you can't do it every week the same time, but think about once a week I've got to do a money day. So what do you do? You pay any bills that came in on the good news about doing it every week? Is that there's probably one or two bills? So if you're not doing online banking, which I have to assume that most of you listening are but there's always a few people who aren't pay any bills I came in and the benefit of doing online banking is you can do them from anywhere in the country or if you're doing them from home or your office it should take you about ten, fifteen minutes to do it. And by the way, if you're really paying your bills every week, you might have one or two bills a week by paying your bills every week, you are going to pay less in late fees. That is thirty nine dollars a month on average, talk about a place to plug his money to save and you're going to know your cash flow at this point, you're going to give yourself your weekly cash allowance if that's what you need or just your weekly allow it it's like a reset its like that big button and says, ok, let me start over, let me give myself that, okay, this is a new week I just paid my credit card bill, I'm gonna pay my rent. I'm going to pay my mortgage, my electric bill, going to do my business expenses for me. What I also do is I look at all the income that came in from the week before, so all the cheques that came in and every check that comes in, I right away I deposited and then I just transferred the money to the tax account and the different savings accounts, and because everything is set up in linked, it takes me five, ten minutes to transfer it. And I'm really clear five two thousand dollars that came in twenty six percent goes to taxes I need to keep five hundred my business account the rest I'm transferring to my personal account now I've got money to pay off the credit card like it's just after a while and you know, maybe the first time it doesn't take you half an hour maybe it takes you an hour two hours but really after a while it really should take you half an hour it's like yu pay yur bill you put taxes in the account you transfer money from your business to your tracking you give yourself your weekly allowance boom you have just covered so many of the goals that we talked about, you put money into savings, you've created a budget, you've got more organized, you've paid taxes, you've taken care of yourself and the rest of the week you don't need to deal with those things you don't need to think about oh god, I need to pay bills oh, can I afford that? I don't know oh my goodness, do I have enough in savings? Did I put money aside for taxes like all those things we stress about and I know I paid my bills late, I get it like I stressed about that too, and what I also sees my clients that come in they'll say, oh gosh, I haven't done my money day in six months. Collier I got out of the habit, I missed it, I got bills late, I didn't know how much casually was on my stress level went up, I need to reset my money day it's like any habit, but it can really help you. So then guess what? For the rest of the week, you can figure out how to make more money. As a freelancer is an artist, you don't have to focus on your personal bills or your money. So literally a bill comes in in the mail or online, and I still have, like, an old fashioned routine that if a bill I I don't like online bills, I just feel like I get so much email and so much spam that I still like a paper bill. I get a bill, I have a purple folder on my desk, that is just for bills for that week, and I emptied out on monday, so bill comes in, I might look at it first sack, I don't worry about it, I put it in the purple folder monday morning, I pay it so during the week, I don't really think about my money, because I've got the cash on my couch in my wallet, or I have a little tab on my credit card or we got the tracking app so I have a rough ideas to how much I'm spending for the weak the bull comes and I don't pay it I don't I mean beyond that I'm not late because the bill just came in because I've paid every week and then I've got money transferred into my tax accountant savings account so yes, if my accountant calls and says or sends an email says okay, you really need to pay this bill tomorrow I might go online but on the whole I really do not pay my bills more than once a week and I know our deal with my money and then here's the part that I'm pushing you to do more is every week do one thing that's a long term goal and what is that? That could be something as simple as you need a will call legal zoom and so I'm gonna call legal zoom and get the will or maybe you're just going to call fidelity and open the roth ira or maybe you're going to call your old four oh one k and say I need to roll it over just do one thing them for your future maybe you're just going to look up the funds on morningstar so when you think about your money day first of all I'd like you all just take a second and think about what is my money day and that's going to change and maybe it's not the same day but try and think about the money date if you can have it be the same day encourage people who have their business finances and their personal finances those days be the same day if you can all right I mean your goal is to live the life you want to live so you could make us much money and love your balance life so try not to think about money if you don't have to like really focus on it when you need to focus on it and then close the chapter put it to bed and the rest of the week have you know, focus on your business and your passion or yoga whatever's important to you were dancing yeah I mean I actually do my personal in business the same time my business is pretty straightforward yeah I pay all my business bills I have a few people that work for me so I always do my invoices I send them their checks it's all online so it's so easy and then I actually like tried it and put it into quicken that day which again there's probably three or four things that I did so it just takes a second it doesn't take that long but if you have a bookkeeper I mean I've I've convinced a lot of my freelancer clients to get a bookkeeper like save the receipt spend one hundred two hundred dollars a month if that's not your forte or that's, not your best use of it. I mean, I'm good at that, so it doesn't take me that long. But if that's not the best use of your time and your spending hours on quick in or quickbooks or fresh books or something like that, then yes, but one hundred dollars a month in a bookkeeper, and that way you can focus on making that money people on that same day like today. So save your remorse is for that monday or you want to get paid? Absolutely I that's another it's so interesting you bring that up here, I I've done it once if I work, I said that in voice out on monday, I do not wait. Yeah, just just send him I send them right away, but maybe just having, like, one day my e I mean, if you want to send it out sooner than later, you want to get paid, but yeah, I think it can I mean, that's a personal decision, I guess more importantly, I wouldn't wait more than once a week, and what I see is a lot of times we're like, oh, I'm behind on my invoicing, I'm like you are leaving money on the table again I see it over and over, so I'm surprised at it also I think another thing that's important this incident setting up systems just when you talked about him once and I actually thought about this last night was really keeping track of that and also keeping track of who hasn't paid you because I think that could get really confusing for a lot of our freelancers what's the undead invoices it it's you do want to claim it as a deduction you want to get the money you know that's where quickbooks is really good because you can have in accounts receivable and so you can really see who hasn't paid you or accounts payable twos who you owe money to but accounts receivable oh yeah like I have a climb from six months ago who has not paid me it's not a lot it's probably hundred seventy five dollars but no I mean, I'm definitely it's something I'm focused on my spokes if you if you never looked at it what's cool about it is you can actually see if the client has fenian voice right? How much does it cost fresh books do you know I think it's around nineteen for for, you know, a limited amount of clients no first books is great, I just can't really is the cost yeah, yeah um the other thing, so make an appointment. I mean, that's, where if you need to work with an independent financial adviser and impending financial planner, you've got someone I mean, there's, no question that if we want to work out, a personal trainer could help us with that or a coach can help us with that. So if you really are excited about this, but you need the guidance, hire someone absolutely do that. Make the appointment, though on your money day call your accountant. Funny accountant. So trying to one thing, the other thing is I'm going to talk about in a few minutes is try and bookmark as many of these sites that we've talked about on your web site on your computer. Excuse me. So then when you are doing your money day, you're spending the time to say, ok, let me quickly look at so one of the things that I like to do, which I'll talk about right now, is to bookmark your personal finance sites, such as so say you find the five websites that you like from morning star, and it could be five separate mutual funds could be an s r I a vanguard ah, finality, a janice and dodging cocks. Bookmarked the morningstar pages like I have a little folder of bookmarks of my seven mutual funds I don't look at them every week I definitely don't but if I want to look at them it's already bookmarked so I could just quickly look at them and you could also on the compare funds that one site that I showed the two mutual funds you can look at if up to four funds together I think maybe five funds to could even put all four or five of your funds if that's what you have in one page have it bookmarked bookmarked the bucks blawg from the new york times I think I put that here the other thing that I would suggest is trying to read something and I'm going to talk a lot about reading and re sources but try and read something I mean we're here because we haven't taken personal finances and interest and so another way to keep it up I mean even like self magazine and glamour magazine and men's geek they now all have personal finance articles like I'm in real simple this month it's personal finance so there is a personal finance and so many other areas besides like really the straightforward money magazine or I don't get it anymore but I used to joke that money magazine it's written by the people who write people magazine on it actually is it this time warner publication doesn't the question would you recommend one of things that I find challenging with bills sometimes is that I have like this bill is due on the fifteenth this one's too on the twenty ninth this one's due on the first this oneness would you recommend maybe trying to consolidate that making that simpler like making them all on you know, the fifth well you called but then if you have some cash flow issues it might be tough but I would say if the bill comes and pay it so I'm less concerned about my paint the first my paying the fifteenth like the bill comes in and I've got the cash I'm gonna pay it yeah, I'm not putting it off this is where maybe in a short term I'm not saving as much because it could the money could stay in my savings account and under high interest I want to create the habits that I've actually can take the money that I don't need and put into the market, you know? And you know, maybe there's some things that I'm doing that I'm losing a little bit of money because I'm spending the money faster, but overall I think I'm doing pretty good I'm saving what I want to save and I'm investing a lot I own my home, so I feel like, you know, I'm not maybe saving every penny is much as I should so these air I mean the first were sort of like the short term for your daily life that lets you go out to dinner I let you buy the clothing you want to buy that lets you live your daily habits these last things is doing one thing a week so it's making a phone call it's looking oppa website it's looking at your morning star sights it's logging into your retirement accounts it's consolidating it's from that laundry list that I sort of went through it's picking one and saying maybe I'm just running my credit report this week so this is where it's helpful having this course and just really saying okay, I'm going to look at the segment and do the one thing that she talked about so bookmarked the sights I'm such a fan of that I love having all these sites bookmarked little steps so really let's finish with little steps and I we kept I mean we talked about such big picture things is owning homes and retirements and going on vacation why investment properties and financing our business and those air all possible? But we also really boiled it down to the little steps one goal at a time so again, when I just went through that really, really long laundry less just really say here's the one goal I'm going to focus on just I can't stress talking about him money with your friends, your family making a positive conversation so if you've done nothing else, hopefully you've started to have that money conversation read something money we'll talk more about books but really you know, just like I said money magazine kept linger smartmoney um swap money duties with your partner keep a money journal like I have some clients if you're really feeling the emotional ties um if you if you are spending a certain way keeping a journalist so why you spent like I had a client who came in from a multi week course that I was teaching and she's like I had she was british you remind me a little bit of you sally in the sense that she just had kind of sort of that I'm you know just more anyway she she just she was very like outward but she was you know, very poised to so it sounded great coming from her with the accent but she was just like I had blank blank day you know? My client dropped me above of lye and my boyfriend I got into a fight so I went shopping my mom used to call that realtor retail therapy eso just thinking about you know, why did you spend the money? Yeah, you had a blank blank day you signed up for this class we're watching it for free you've bought it hopefully keep watching it take another class continuing ed universities like I guarantee you you're going to watch this again or you're going to go to another class you're going to hear the same information you're going to hear cause something completely new because you didn't pick it up or you weren't listening to it money affirmations we'll talk about that that's and then my money matters kid I am not afraid to take charge of my own finances it's so true start a book club so actually I have this wonderful group called simply money and there were all these so was a twelve week course and I did over a year I had about three hundred women who did it and they all started not all twenty five of them and we were actually on the good morning america were featured they started a book club and these were I'd say probably three quarters creative women and they started this book club really reading like motivational money books and getting together once a month so one of my favorite books that they read was where is she? She here did I not put her here? Oh barbara standings anybody know barbara stanny oh she's awesome she has a really great story she was the daughter of like very very like h and r block or some you know, very very, very wealthy person she inherited a lot of money and just kept marrying the wrong guy and lost it so she's out here she's out on the west coast she's in her probably, you know, she's, maybe in her fifties or sixties and she's just an amazing, amazing motivational speaker about money, so she doesn't talk about more of the practical stuff that I've talked about. She really focus on the emotional stuff and she's amazing. So this is a wonderful book called overcoming under earning and it's definitely geared towards women, but anybody can read it. I mean, talk about a power book to read. She also has books called prince charming isn't coming for a lot of women. They look at men is their financial plan which is not. And on and im now and then standing up here saying it's not on dh, then secrets of six figure women where she interviewed all these like really successful women so just really amazing books she gives great seminars. So my book club started reading this book. It was really great here's some other books. Jean chatzky I mean she's so many as she and suzie orman. I kind of put in the same vein. They have so many books, but these air kind of their first books I love that first book of suzie orman the nine steps to financial freedom, great book this is probably my favorite if I had to just recommend one book it's called get a financial life by beth kobliner and it's um it's his personal finance in your twenties and thirties but it's for everybody it's for anybody who wants to learn mean it has a whole chapter in life insurance a chapter in home finance chapter on budgeting so it's a lot of what we talked about today I just think she's really, really done a fantastic job of writing it it's an old book it's probably ten years old. This is a book that just came out she's a colleague of mine and it's specifically for artists are two numbers great book. So, um, this book the intelligent investor and john bogle or really street investing book. So benjamin graham, I mean, this book is that this book is from the sixties. This is probably from the seventies. I mean, I studied them in business school and they're fantastic books really, really like I think if you want to just really learn more about the fundamentals of investing, I keep this book and I keep buying it because I just like I read it over and over, I refer to it I mean, some of the principles are complex but it's a fanta and it's it's all about value investing, so talk about value um this is the wall street just the wall street journal investing handbook but I had also mentioned virginia robinson has written a lot of investing books my kit which you can check out um and then david box smart women finish rich so I love that a man wrote smart women finished rich but it's a good book it's definitely good book I almost didn't put around there but then I said I will you know I was just flipping through my moneyman is which because it's fantastic and you know when we went through the my many some of some of you may not have seen us on I think die to it wass we just had galya do a little quick with three the my money might as kids because when you buy this course you can have the my money's kids normally twenty four ninety five you come by any time you want three galleons website but as part of the purchase bonus materials you can just get it for shipping and handling which is seven dollars and I was wondering it's just that you mentioned it and I was reading an affirmation and I thought perhaps I could just share a part of my money kid is that you have these cool little cards and sit on a little a's ow hazel and on one side they have an affirmation which you know you were sighing after my face is so important this one is I think about my finances like an adult big toe and then on the flip side after you've gone yes, I do. On the flip side it says this is nine of a million of them the fiscal fix I will mend the rips and ripoffs of my financial fabric and then it has these neat little tips on you know you go through your things check your phase if you made a late payment, ask the linda to remove it so it's, so cool because it starts to the affirmation lovett you're any good yet and as little subheading u go yeah, I'm on it on then there's a little checklist on each one of what today I just since you mentioned yeah, now that in your thirty minutes on your own you're absolutely in fact, one of my clients was one of the women who came to the seminar. She was so stuck she came to my courses, she loved it, but she came home she's like I can't do anything I'm freaking out, which I I get it, I totally get it there's a lot of fear and I've had fear around a lot of things, so I can definitely relate to that so I had said to her because she had the affirmations I said just taken information put it in your bathroom here get up in the morning, say the affirmation go to bed at night, say the information that's it don't do anything else for a month, just focus on the affirmation say that every morning because we're like that really does I could literally makes it a little right size chunks of yeah, they're pretty, they're illustrated, right? Go, guy, I shouldn't say they're pretty. I'm adjustment there more visual? I mean, that's literally and I actually talk about the affirmations, but that can change to say that affirmation for thirty days and I'm such a practical person, you know, it was raised by mom, who is just like you've got to find a job, you've got to take care of yourself. I was an accounting major, I went to work for the large bank, so I've become definitely more emotional and spiritual about the money, but I'm a really pragmatic person. My background is pragmatic and very practical, so what I realised it was like a big thing for me is when I had this one client, this wonderful woman who worked with me for eight years and she kept paying me and she was great, but she really wasn't making the changes, and so I realized it wasn't about the money, she just her mindset. Because she knew what to do she knew the budget she knew the investments she was a divorced woman so I'd help her after her divorce she knew what to do so it's not like I could teach her anything new but her mind set her money mindset so that's where affirmations could be huge because if you really feel like you can't then you can't and you're not going to even though I know you can so use those affirmations use it with the books create the community find a friend so here's some of my favorite sites have talked a lot about them over the last three days and again you'll get this if you buy the course. So bankrate cardweb but banker is just an amazing consumer finance side has great articles kip lingers the articles my fbi see insurance is if there's a bank that you're not sure about this hotel's you fitz hefty sc insured morningstar course annual credit report to get your free credit report there's also creditkarma with okay fidelity vanguard t rowe price and big companies freelancers union there's the bucks blogged meant capital one three sixty my fi co investor pdf you want to learn more investment terms ac you quote for term life insurance spelled correctly I think cnn money and then social funds for socially responsible investing book morgue all the sites there's not that many did you see how much we used him over the last three days? So, it's funny you talk about affirmations because look what I put here, surround yourself with positive money people we talked about that so harv year you are now that positive money people for your friends right friday where you guys meeting, uh think we're gonna have lunch on gonna help to my friends out with their final of it wass lovett be that person, and if you're not, then surround yourself with that person find that person in your life that's actually, what I'm quoted about saying real simple this month is if you find shopping really hard but you got to spend the money, bring a friend like, why try and do it alone? I am an active participant in my finances no one's going to do this for you, nobody you can have all the money, you could no one's going to do it for you, so you've got to take that active role. I am ready to change my money habits and take responsibility for my financial actions. If you're not ready to say that every day for the next thirty days and then this last one is by respecting my finances I and rich, all my relationships, I mean that's really what it's about you're respecting yourself, so what if you're stuck it's not always about the money, so this could be a time that you really sit out. In fact, um, I think one of the handouts might be emotional questions of money or something like that. It is because that's something that maybe if you feel like you're really stuck, you know, work through some emotional money. Exercise is actually a wonderful colleague of mine, barry eisler, linden, she does a whole year course called the art of money and it's really just dealing with your emotional side of money, and I'm a teacher in her class. She has hundreds of people who sign up for this cost from all over the world and it's a year program on getting over your obstacles of money. It's, affordable, it's, online's over the phone, she's based in colorado. But I and I know because I've been part of this class, she it's people from all over the world, she's people from australia, maybe that's, what you need, take that sign up for that course if you're stuck, if this resonates with you, but you don't know, you're going to do it, take this course, think about why are you overspending? So, really another great person is april benson who's, a phd in new york I think our website is like stopping overspending and so she's really only dealing with like if you're really an overspend or why why are you over spending again it's not about the money but maybe that's something you need to work on work on it what is your money story like is your money story like owen? Poor starving artists I'm never gonna have any money well you're probably not going if you keep saying that's your story versus like no I am a successful I'm goingto pay myself what I deserve I'm going to take care of myself I'm gonna take care of my family I'm gonna enjoy my life I'm going to be conscious of my spending that's a different story I believe that and I know that all of you can do it so I like this one because I've done this for other things in my life that weren't money but list three things you need to do but can't seem to make happen like maybe you know a lot of what I've talked about like you know you should open the roth I r a I mean I will say a lot of the people I talked to in the last few days I didn't realize they needed to do this so that's been great like I spoke to a young woman this morning and I said oh have you how old are you? I'm thirty for have you open to roth I r a no should I be doing that like she didn't know I was like yes rod ron you know I'm telling you this but she really didn't know and can there she didn't take the freelance class but maybe they're maybe you need you know, maybe you've heard this new like a she's not telling me anything I don't know I know I need to do this so just write that down you know what? I don't want to blame my parents I have such wonderful parents but you know they did really teach us a lot or they didn't teach us and so what I have heard from a lot of my clients like I worked with this wonderful interior designer she's helps me a little bit um she's so talented she's beautiful she shows up in these outfits and like susan where did you get those out that she's gorgeous she's very successful she's I cannot afford her anymore she ii help me when I first started when she first started out and friday way she says oh my mother did not do this my mother didn't that she never talked to me about it my dad said don't worry about it I'll take care of you I mean I hear this over and over I had a fifty year old woman in my office once crying about how her parents talked about money so really think about those messages that our parents gave us and especially I think like I'm not I wasn't raised I'm not from america I was raised here but I wasn't born here my parents are in american, so I was definitely raised with a different set of values I'd say more of like an immigrant value, what does that mean about, like especially if you're not american? Sometimes you don't trust the american stock market or, you know, think about those messages that we got in terms of really saving investing, creating a budget? Can we handle it? Oh, well, you're an artist, so you're not gonna learn about money, so just think about if you're stuck, acknowledge that your stock and say okay, I got it taken actions have tto get unstuck, so maybe I'm not going to do there really practical things I've learned about because I'm not ready to, but let me taken action step to get unstuck. So we talked a lot about what we learned the last three days the goals, the confidence, the budget, the roth iras, the credit report, the mutual funds, the habits, the insurance and then again really just doing this in thirty minutes a week do you feel manageable? Yeah, yeah, yeah okay, I thought I'd hear myself say that his time before actually great to that, you know, I didn't and a quiet confidence one. So we're going to wrap up in a minute, but I don't know if we want to take any questions or comments showed a way, cindy, I cohen on that and there's going to be sort of we're just gonna pull from a lot because, you know, people is still asking questions from the first day and asking for clarification. Cindy, I call in a home with a relative. I'm self employed. She is not. And it's worked out better in terms of money, back for her to claim the home on her taxes versus for us to split it up. Is this forcing me in any way? Well, she is she building equity. So does she have the home? Is the home in her name? Yes. So it's not in her waiting. It protects so the she co owned but it's funny, because I'm actually working with the client in new york that they're buying a home together department together, and they're just friends. But it's just a really business opportunity. So, I mean, if she's not building equity, I mean, I would and I, uh I advise this client actually put it in writing to goto legalzoom or you get a lawyer to write it up because you just never know I mean, they have no legal contract to protect them in terms of marriage, so I would just say, you know, it's great that they call in the home, but is it really helping her future? I get that she wants the deduction, but more importantly, is it really helping her in terms of really getting building the equity? And if it's not in her name, is she building the credit report and you know what happens if they want to sell? So I mean, it seems like there's a lot of gray area, and I probably want to get some clarification on that. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that, but andy from n y say I taught at university for a year I have about twelve hundred dollars in the university pension fund, a diet plan on going back to tate should I leave the money in that pinch of fine? Oh no if you can roll it over to your new fun I mean looking we heard the story of the person who couldn't find the four oh one k yeah, hopefully this university is not going out of business, but with that being said you might move, you might change your your life, you're situation so absolutely I mean I'm just also a fan of like getting your money in one place and you control it sometimes they won't let you special gets with craft something which is the big investment company for universities and teachers and so they don't always let you use it this is a quick one from ninety nine per center who's asking who says paying bill paying bills late impacts credit is this true for all bills or mostly credit card bills is getting prepaid credit cards from the drugstore impact you credit or is that what's considered a secured credit card so getting a prepaid credit card from the drugstore I don't think affects your credit report good or bad like I think it's like using a gift card a visa gift card like they don't know that it's you it just is the car that has cash out and so if you're gonna build your credit it's not gonna help you at all um so it's not even a secured credit card it's really just like an independent way um I think there is paying a bill late if you're consistently paying your electric bill a lie I don't think that's good on your credit report you know, I think paying your credit card bill late is the worst, but paying other palace late isn't very good either doing the thirty minutes away your bills every week well hopefully stuff that about the studio audience. You know, our minds air going like crazy, right? Do you have you've taken so many nights? Have been so involved. Have you got this is your final opportunity. Wait can always hire her after this. You can't have future conversations, actually had that conversation in the lunchroom. So, you know, and that probably is just is easy is reaching out. I'm pretty busy right now. I'm kidding. Yeah, but since we got you here trapped in this room, yes, if you have any last minute questions, no, I don't think you've actually covered almost everything that I covered everything that I was curious about, and more awesome. So it's well, you know, cindy says, I think it's great that galya has laughed a lot through this whole cause. It's helped make the topic so much less threatening. Now, don't be so serious. Eleven lady here still unite all the financials. Yeah, yeah. You know, I was sharing earlier that I did something new for the first time few months ago, and I was scared to death of it. And it was a really simple thing. And I have traveled all over the world. My parents have taken me out of the world as little kids, and I was scared to death and I remember this this person who's teaching me he's like don't think so hard it's not that hard and I was like, oh you're right like I think if you think money it's so hard yeah it's gonna be really hard you're not going to get there I'm gonna have to admit doing a documentary film productions he was pretty hard to tio we're dancing ballet I cannot touch my toes so yes, that seems pretty hard to teo I'm wait did bring up something actually I just remembered which was about insurance and one of the things for example I'm a renter and one of things we talked about was for interesting yeah, how to prioritize I have it and it's actually not that expensive I was just going to say it's something it's in my line items but I was wondering, well, she doesn't have to be that expensive but how would you feel if your apartment was burglarized and your computer especially if your photographer and you know I keep hearing about all this equipment like imagine if all that equipment stolen so you want to make sure the renders policy covers it, but I knew in new york city I used to play like three hundred dollars a year the renter's insurance was so inexpensive if I thought about what what could be stolen or a fire department yeah and I think to like if I loved you know I've mostly lived in old departments for nineteen years and if there was a leak on top I remember that that happened there was a leak that the top apartment and went to my apartment I was responsible like, you know, they did not protect you at all so again that's probably me being a little more conservative, more moderate yeah, I get it you know, maybe you don't get as much as you need, but here this quote from the story of films who says I've been multitasking today and unable to participate as much as I would have liked very active in the last two days I wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to galya and the c l crew and the other chatters were in a maze is in a few days of vital information and looking forward to making progress. Crane and you actually ran figures for the story of films on day one and it was super super active in the chat room but you know, like, oh free lance is an artist and and the way you have a guy in the background I think that's the dots yeah, no I I listen, I I wouldn't change my life for a second, but I've been a self employed for eleven years almost eleven years and it's it's really it's pretty powerful in the sense that, you know, you don't always finish projects or, you know, at least everything you need to and that's why? If you can really focus on your money every week and make it a priority really won't take you that long, I promise. Then you can focus on really doing the things you life love, so I'm just gonna end with keep up the moment and you showed up three days don't don't don't change the beautiful person that you are, so I cannot stress enough just take one action step immediately, keep up the moment I'm a lot of you've already done it. I've heard about it, it's been amazing. Awesome! Let me knows that put on the chat room, but on facebook sent me an e mail tweet me simply mad simply money keep it up though, keep up the momentum, create your community, create the money day, but just do one goal. So you talked about a lot of things, which is amazing, but so you know, I'm going to really like I'm going open myself, ira, I'm going to invest it, I'm going to feel good about that, I'm not going to multi task that boom I'm done like you're asking a lot of questions because you're here, you're in the studio audience, you're you're going through the checklist, but really do one. Do it right, and then you could move on to your next goal and have fun with it. Thank you very much.

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