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Photo Week Image Critique Hosted by Sue Bryce


Photo Week Image Critique Hosted by Sue Bryce


Class Description

Join Sue Bryce, Brooke Shaden, Lindsay Adler and other beloved Photo Week instructors for an Image Critique session. 

Our judges will be critiquing images submitted by the CreativeLive community in four different categories: Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, and Landscape. 

These world renowned photographers will be providing invaluable insight and feedback into what makes an unforgettable image.


Peggy Nugent

I learned a lot as always from the portrait critiques- I've watched them multiple times because I can see the impact to my images when I follow the guidance provided in the critiques. Sue Bryce is great, as always. I really appreciated Brooke Shaden's and Michele Celentano's viewpoints as well. I found the wedding and commercial segments interesting and informative as well, though they are not my particular interests. The landscape segment -- come on, guys, all the images submitted to Creativelive, and you could not find one that prompted you to say "Wow! Great shot!" Seriously? The closest to an enthusiastic response was for one beautiful Grand Canyon shot, where significantly more time was spent discussing what was wrong rather than what was done well. And it was a great shot! It's helpful to the audience to have you point out what was done well, and whoever took that shot deserved to hear it. (FYI, none of the images were mine, so I'm not fishing for compliments.) Maybe it was a long week and you were tired, but have another coffee next time and bring a little enthusiasm. The other segments were much more encouraging, inspiring, and helpful.