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Photographer's Guide to Marketing

Lesson 6 of 7

Making Money with Social Media


Photographer's Guide to Marketing

Lesson 6 of 7

Making Money with Social Media


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Making Money with Social Media

How do you leverage? So you build this big broad spectrum of people that are following you, but then how do you leverage it and make money with it, right? That's different than actually growing it. Some people are great at growing, but they have no idea how to monetize it other than getting you know, YouTube money for views or whatever, right? And so this is what I do. I use my social media to really grow it. How to leverage your social media followers. And so I kind of use the pyramid method, right, where I try to get as many people as possible and I offer something for free or at very low cost, right. So I'm immediately adding value and you're reaching a whole bunch of people. Okay. And then from those people, you kind of funnel them up and offer a little bit more higher cost service but with more value, okay. And then from those people, you pyramid 'em up into the very serious clients, who really have bought your Kool-Aid. (giggling) (mummbling) Right? And just, they're into you, ri...

ght? And you sell them premium services with premium value in it. And you move yourself up to that. And then, that's how you monetize. Let me give you an example of, actually, how I do my revenue stream for my education process. I like to do some things that are free that reach thousands. So Creative Live is a great venue for me because my name gets out there, right. It's basically turned me into a known photographer overnight when I first did it way back when or whatever, right. So this is one platform. And unlike social media, Facebook, I'm always teaching how I arrived at an image. And so I'm giving free value constantly and just getting people to follow me, okay. And through that, maybe I'll do like a one-day workshop or something like that. Okay. $59, $49, $100, all-day workshop. Hey, you can come to this, right. And some of those people will come to that. And then through that, maybe I do 'em a two-day workshop. And then from those people, this is where I want, where they're going to, you know, a $2,000 workshop. But that's my goal right there, is to get 'em up to that level. And so when I think about my marketing, it's really simple. My thing is, and all this time, you're spending time with them. Okay, this is important: time. 'Cause the more time that you spend with your client, the more trust you can build with them, the more that they know who you are, the more that they'll spend with you. It's hard for me to do a small, little workshop, right, and then have them book a $2,000 service. But if they go along, and they're spending more time about with me, and they see my teaching skill, "Oh Scott, you're amazing," blah, blah, blah, right, whatever, and then they'll spend alotta money. And at the end, really, all I'm lookin' for are 50 to 75 clients that'll spend 2,000 with me. That seems doable, right? And so that's the pyramid effect, starting large and bringing 'em up into something. And that's how you, especially social media is great at this, okay. And that's how you leverage it. And then, when it comes down to it, it's like okay, that will reach my goal for that revenue stream.

Class Description

If you're serious about running your own photography business, marketing is a 24/7 part of it. Scott Robert Lim will explain how to use marketing to help plan and achieve your financial goals. He'll discuss steps to take with your photography so that you grow and evolve with the market, how to raise your rates, and ways to leverage social media.



Scott Robert Lim is one of my all-time favorite instructors. He is humble, honest, engaging, funny, and down-to-earth. Most importantly, he truly cares about his students' success. You can tell he truly wants to help less experienced photographers to grow their business and their skill sets. He is brutally honest in a good/helpful way. In this short class, he provides numerous "nuggets" of information - specific things to think about when analyzing where you stand/where you want to go....things you may be doing that are holding you back...and specific and actionable suggestions for getting out there and drumming up new clients/work. His beliefs/values/ideas all resonate with me. Glad he is still teaching at Creative Live. Hope to see more classes from him in the years to come.

Margaret Lovell

Scott is one of my favorite instructors. Very engaging, and you know how much he loves what he does. He's enthusiastic. My biggest issue is in marketing myself better, which is why I signed up for this course. I'm glad that I did. The material was on point, concise, and Scott provides many actionable tips that can be used right away. I highly recommend this course.

Kaela Comontofski

Great class! First time hearing Scott Robert Lim speak and I really enjoyed his personality and presentation. He was concise but covered a wide range of topics and gave helpful examples. He was knowledgable and although some things I already knew it was said in a way that sparked ideas and excited me to try new approaches.

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