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Photographing Kids

Shannon Sewell

Photographing Kids

Shannon Sewell

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Class Description

Childhood is unlike any other chapter of life and the best photographers know how to capture images that are just as unique as the smiles, emotions and personalities of the kids they’re working with. Join Shannon Sewell to learn what it takes to capture all the imagination and creativity of kids on camera.

During this course, you’ll explore the things that inspire you as a photographer and turn that inspiration into the day-to-day motivation you’ll need to create work that lets your unique perspective shine. You’ll learn about posing kids so that intimacy, fun, and connection come naturally throughout a shoot. You’ll also learn how to bring a themed approach to your shoots, even when you’re on a budget. With Shannon’s help, you will build strategies for standing out amongst your competitors and succeeding as a children’s photographer.

Whether you’re looking to introduce a fresh look to your photography business or just a parent looking to learn how to take fantastic photos of your own kids, this course will cover exactly what you need to start creating unique, modern children's photography images.

Class Materials

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Shannon Sewell - Family Questionaire.pdf
Shannon Sewell - KidsQuestionaire.pdf
Shannon Dream.atn
Shannon Sewell - Dreamer Journal Summer 2014.pdf

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I loved this course. If you already know what you are doing as a photographer and are looking for fun and inspiration, this is a great class. Shannon didn't focus on the technical aspects, but rather HER way of working. She offered many, many fun and inspiring ideas to build a photo business that feeds your soul, rather than a business that just earns money from clients. She has taken an art form and made it her own. Her work is the result of her focus on her own personal style, which is fun, stylish, trendy and happy. I found this video to be inspiring and leading me towards making images that are my personal style. I can see how this course may have been challenging for people who are more about the technical aspects of photography, but hey, anyone can learn technique. The ART comes in when you can make it your own, when you can use photography as a way to express and reflect what you go going on on the inside. In Shannon's case, it's joy. Thanks CL for a fun, inspiring class and thanks, Shannon, for sharing your heart and your art. I had fun.

a Creativelive Student

I really enjoyed this class. I love Shannon's style both of photography and connecting with the children and families she photographs. She doesn't tell you what to do step-by-step, but rather offers you a bag of tricks which to draw from. Rather than telling you what to do, she shows you what works for her. I found the course very inspiring and the posing techniques helpful. She successfully demonstrates that you can create beautiful photographs with no more than a wall or a chair but she also shows you how to go all out with a detailed styled shoot. She shows that there is not one formula for success.

Marilou Jaen

I love it! Fantastic info. I love her easy way with the kids, and I found it really informative.

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