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So, hopefully, in these scenarios, you learned something and got some ideas of things that you might possibly do. You're not gonna do it in three minutes, I'm not gonna do it in three minutes, but we all learned something. And I think that that shadow thing was the coolest thing. That's my favorite thing I took away, is this shadow, like pulling this shadow and moving it around myself. Anybody give it up for that one? Yeah, that one's great. Yeah? All right. Any other favorites, real quick? Where you learned something amazing that just blew your mind, anybody? Got a note, anybody? Yeah, what was it? Selecting the subject. Selecting the subject, yes. And that's every body's pain point, right? So those Selecting the Subject lessons. Yeah. The good part about it is that it's there now, like you'd be shocked to know how many people don't know about it and they go through it and they're like, It's one of the reasons I think that CreativeLive does a really good job at this in that ...

you're constantly getting trained on these kinds of things. You could spend a lot of time going out and trying to work with a whole bunch of different things kinda hitting your head against the wall but the guy, the Photoshop guys are doing their best to be able to eliminate all of that stuff and that message doesn't get out, and I think that this platform helps with that kind of stuff. You take one thing away, go back and just Select Subject, you'd be shocked as to how much closer you can get to what it is, you know, is it gonna be perfect? No, but it saves you an hour. It's a start. So you know, something like that, it's all about time. And it is, it's all about that time. It's all about doing things as quickly as possible to get close enough and then start working it from there. And I wanna second something Instead of beating your head against the wall-- I'm sorry to interrupt, second something, that high-end professionals don't know about this. And it's what the importance of Creative Live is staying current. So even folks who think oh, I've been doing Photoshop for 20 I've been doing Photoshop for well over 25 years and these two guys teach me stuff all the time. All the time. So it's important to stay current. Well, not only is it important to stay current on your education, but it's also important to stay current I mean, think about how many people are out there using Photoshop four, five, or six, or whatever and hey those are good tools, but think what people are missing when they don't have Lightroom CC and I'm getting tools every like three months. There's like something cool coming out and I'm like woo! It's Christmas every single, you know. It's constantly like a gift in my little inbox that says hey, guess what, we gave you a new tool. I love it. And the stuff that focuses on it now is largely time, like if you think about it. I mean, this is what I do for a living, you know. Sometimes, I don't need bells, I don't whistles, I don't need plug-ins, or PACS, what I need are seconds. Right, so if you can give me 10 seconds back and I can multiply that 60 times a day that's, you know, an hour, two hours, three hours. That's stuff that I can go back in getting. I want the tool to get simpler so I can go back and go shoot. That's the most important part of everything that you're doing. That's right. You know, the tools are supposed to be easy. It's not supposed to be hard. So anything that you can do that's done fast, to get you back out there doing what you need to do, that's good. And that's even more important for people who this isn't their primary job. I mean for those of us who that's all we do you know, a second here and a second there is really helpful in our bottom line. But for someone who's an accountant by day and is doing this at night, whether for love or for money, they need their time for kids and family and friends and stuff like that, so the faster we can get at these things, the better. So kudos to Adobe always for making these amazing products. Everybody give it up for Adobe. (audience cheers) And everybody give it up for CreativeLive and all the education that they put forward that's fantastic too. (audience cheering) And finally, give it up to our winner of the Rubber Chicken. (audience laughing) Now, the Rubber Chicken Award has just come as our fifth anniversary prize for Photoshop This because before that your only prize was get outta here. (laughing) So, I would like to say that I am going to give the Rubber Chicken Award to the person who taught me one amazing thing and I've already given it up. That's to RC for the shadow! (audience cheers) Thank you RC. Congratulations. (crowd applauding) And we'd like to thank you guys for showing up here and we'd like to thank everyone out there on the internet for showing up and watching Photoshop This. This is our fifth year and we'll be back next year. Just the same way, giving you crazy experiences for photographers to try and put together in Photoshop in crazy ways that we can't possibly comprehend how to do. So we'll see you next year, and thanks everyone. (crowd cheers)

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Photoshop This puts Photoshop Week instructors head-to-head in a race against the clock. You’ll watch as expert instructors take their own unique approach to retouching the same image while the seconds tick away.