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Shoot: Mother with Children Poses

Lesson 27 from: Posing 101

Lindsay Adler

Shoot: Mother with Children Poses

Lesson 27 from: Posing 101

Lindsay Adler

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Lesson Info

27. Shoot: Mother with Children Poses

Lindsay gives you tips on mother and child poses, including how to make the mom look good and how to pose children of varying ages.

Lesson Info

Shoot: Mother with Children Poses

All right, so these are my tips for posing mom and children. If it's just mom, there's not that many differences, but there are some differences between how I pose mom and dad. So I'll give you tip number one, so like I said I pose mom first to flatter her. 'Cause people always forget. So pose mom so that she looks comfortable and it flatters her. Number two is a lot of times people for poses, they wrap arms around each other for like kind of a tight hug and what happens? Everything kinda slouches up a little bit. So, instead of what you wanna do is make sure it's arms around or leaning. No arms around shoulders, nothing that kind of compacts mom. So even if she wraps her arms, then tell her to relax. OK, paying attention to mom. Also, most physical contact like the holding part or cradling, would be for the youngest child. Which makes sense. So as they get older they can have a little more independence, they can stand up, they can lean, something like that. So that would be kinda my f...

irst three tips. Number four is definitely get-- (Lindsay laughs) (audience laughs) I totally missed that one. (children laughing) So, that's pretty good. So about the whole mom posture thing, that might be slightly difficult. (audience laughing) Yeah, you guys can do whatever. You can play around there, I don't mind. (chuckles) Make sure you take close up head shots, those actually a lot of times tend to be the ones people like more. They don't need to see huge full-body poses, but they wanna see their heads nice and tight, posed well. And then number five, avoid putting a lot of kids on her lap and on her knees. 'Cause this is what I was saying in the beginning, one kid on each knee gives you this. Or a kid in arms, kid on the knee, all of a sudden it's just a big bunch. So remember that mom's important. So since we don't have dad, we're going to actually just pose mom with these lovely ladies. OK, so let me like switch something over over here and grab something different. OK. So can I just have... Here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna do a close-up shot. Can I have that bench please, that little stool? Stop pinching me! Are you guys fighting? (audience laughs) Will you put that right there for me? OK, mom, I'm actually gonna have you sit on that for a second. I'm gonna bring it this way. OK, so, perfect, a little bit more. Alright, so I'm posing mom first to flatter her. Mom, will you take a seat and face your body towards your right? OK. Perfect, so the first thing that I would do, who wants to pose with mom first? OK, alright, so will you wait right there for one second? Alright, come stand right behind mom, OK? Just like that, alright. So I will even out heights, versus trying to have mom hold, I see a lot of people doing the holding. This is where like posing stools and stands and the little boxes actually make a difference so nobody's straining. And the last thing you wanna be worried about is trying to like even out heights. So that looks great, you're perfect. And then I can add you. Will you come sit right here? On that? Yeah. Perfect. Great. And so mom, I wanna make sure that you sit up really straight. Perfect. Everybody sit up straight and I'll grab that. And can you turn your body just a little bit to the right? Yep. Alright, now everybody squish together. Good. And you wanna look right here? Good. (shutter clicks) And relax. You're like doin' a, I think you wanna be in... Do they watch Hannah Montana nowadays? What do kids watch? Who's your favorite character? She's a big fan of the Powerpuff Girls. Ooh, OK, so yeah. (audience laughs) Alright, so Powerpuff Girl poses. OK, and would you bring your elbow down just a little? Good, right there. Here we go, ready? One, two, three. (shutter clicks) And can you relax your hand? Boogle your fingers, boogle your fingers. There you go. One, two, three. (shutter clicks) Good. And will both of you look at mom? (shutter clicks) And everybody kiss mom. Like huge kiss. (shutter clicks) (laughing) You didn't look like you liked that. (children and audience laugh) Give mom one more kiss, one more kiss. (shutter clicks) OK, good. She doesn't look like she liked that. It was pretty cute. (audience laughs) OK, so, first pose looks cute. I'm gonna do one more 'cause my flash didn't fire when I wanted it to. I'm not sure why. Last one, right here. Good, right there. And look right at me. Will you look at me, Zoey? And relax your shoulders. Shake your shoulders, shake, shake, shake, perfect. One, two. (audience laughs) Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. (shutter clicks) Right here, perfect. (audience laughs) (shutter clicks) She's lookin' at her photos. (audience laughs) (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) Perfect. And mom, can you lean forward just a little bit? I gotta move my light. OK, good. Perfect. Are you ready now? Are you ready now? OK. Perfect, perfect. (shutter clicks) Are you gonna do finger nose? She had her fingers all the way up. (audience laughs) See? See, I was pretty impressed by that. I had never seen them that far up your nose. (laughs) Yeah, yeah. (children chattering) (audience and Lindsay laugh) (laughing) I love it. I like those noises. Alright, ready? You can hold her hand if that helps. Perfect. OK, ready guys? One, oh, sit up a little straighter, good. Alright, and I know she's lookin' at that screen. Tess, will you come over here just to try to get her to not look at the screen? Good. (shutter clicks) Flash didn't go. (shutter clicks) You stay here. (shutter clicks) (audience laughs) Look! (shutter clicks) (audience laughs) (shutter clicks) (Lindsay laughs) (shutter clicks) (children chattering and laughing) (shutter clicks) Perfect. (children laughing) (shutter clicks) Great, that was perfect. (Lindsay and audience laugh) Good job! You guys look adorable. (children chattering) (audience laughing) OK, we'll try one more, and then I'll move on a different pose, OK? Last one. Do you mind switching with Calliope? Do you mind switching? Do you wanna stand? Do you wanna stand in front of me? Yeah. She's like, "Yeah, that's where I wanna be." Whoa, OK, that's pretty impressive posing. Alright, here we go. (audience laughs) Alright, ready, one... You wanna get her attention? Hey Calliope! Calliope! Can you smile? (shutter clicks) Smile big. (audience and Lindsay laugh) Oh my goodness! (shutter clicks) Put your hands down in your lap, put your hands down. Ooh. (audience laughs) That's a good face too. OK, let me see your guys' faces, and don't hold on to mom so tight, like move away just a little bit. Right there, right there, good! Good! (shutter clicks) (audience laughs) (shutter clicks) My hand is there! (children chattering and laughing) OK, one more. (children chattering and laughing) (laughing) OK, we'll try one more. And can you... Jumping jack legs? Jumping jack legs, right there. And now move back towards mom. (audience laughs) Jumping jack legs, good! Calliope! Calliope. Calliope. (shutter clicks) And don't squish so much. Stand up nice and tall. (Calliope laughs) Good. (shutter clicks) Good. (shutter clicks) Perfect. (audience laughs) Yeah, OK, cool. (audience laughs) Alright, that was cute. They look cute. Alright, so that, I have my triangles, so I'll just show you guys, the don't have to pose, but I have a triangle here, and then I had a triangle here. OK, so I'm workin' on my triangles. Alright, so let's do a little bit more dramatic, OK. Do I have those little... (audience laughs) I know, right? Do we have those little white ones? OK. That's OK. OK, I'm actually going to have somebody sit in front of you between your legs. So someone's actually gonna like literally wrap around you. So you're gonna sit right there. Good. Perfect, just like that. Great, and will you come sit with mom right here? Wanna sit right there? Or does she wanna sit there? It doesn't really matter, either person's fine. OK, cute, perfect. And will you stand right there, right here? Perfect, that's perfect. Great. Alright, so I'll do that while we get that. Perfect. OK, you ready? Alright Calliope, Calliope! (shutter clicks) Smile! (shutter clicks) That looks pretty smiley. Pretty! Ooh. (audience laughs) (Lindsay laughs) (shutter clicks) OK, good. Right here! Can you look right here? (shutter clicks) Good, good. (shutter clicks) Perfect, OK. (shutter clicks) So, dad, will you take Calliope for a second? Sure. I'm gonna do a pose with two of them. OK, and I'd like to bring that out for me. So I'll give her a little break. (children laughing) OK, so, alright, so I'm gonna bring those out, I'm gonna have you stand up real quick. Lindsay, I love like how this is going. It's great to be able to see like how you're dealing with this, especially since you've got the added distraction of the lights and the monitor and the cameras and all that. Ooh, the monitor, it's so funny. Yeah, it's beautiful, you're doin' great, I love this. And everyone is really excited to see a real-- Oh my gosh. The real event. (audience laughs) The real family session. Can I have you sit? Right here, OK? And this is what we're gonna do. I'm gonna have, will you sit right in front of mom, and you're gonna wrap your legs right around her. So you're gonna face her. OK? Just like that, perfect. And you're gonna tilt your head on her, like that. Good, actually, she's doin' a pose for me, so that's fine. (mom laughs) What I was going to do is originally have her back here so they kinda did line up, because it's kind of an age thing, but she's doin' fine. So will you do me a favor? Will you put your hand right here, and then tilt in right close to mommy? Good, and tilt your head so I can see you, and don't smoosh your face so much. Good. Can you lean her this way just a little bit? Alright, so a couple things that I'm doing, I know you guys can't really see. Couple things that I was looking for is, when I said, "Hold mom," she squished. So then the face is all squished. So I said, you know, get like, just real soft. For her, same thing, she was kind of standing back like this, so I'm having her bring her arm up, kinda hug mom. So let me grab a nice photo. Can you just put your hand right there? Yeah, good. OK, and tilt your head towards mommy. Yeah, good. (shutter clicks) Whoa. (laughs) (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) (laughing) OK, I don't know why the flash isn't working. Let's try it again. (shutter clicks) And have her not squish quite as much. Good, OK. (shutter clicks) And everybody close your eyes. OK. (shutter clicks) OK. (shutter clicks) Alright, ready, I'm gonna bring you over here. Can you sit right behind your sister? Just like she's sitting, spread your legs. Actually like put one leg around either side of her. (Lindsay and audience laugh) I was like, I think she's bendy. (children and audience laugh) I think she's bendy, but I don't know if she's that bendy. (Lindsay and children laugh) OK, good, OK, so now here's what I want everybody to do. Here, and this foot here, right? Yes, perfect, perfect. And put this leg over here. Perfect, now squish, squish, squish, squish. OK, so you're gonna tilt your head right onto her head, OK? Everybody pretend you're sleeping. OK? Sleepy time, perfect. Can you put your hand in here? Right under here? You OK? Yeah, OK, good. (audience laughs) I saw a big frown, and then she looked at me and she was like, "Oh, OK." Lindsay, Peter C.Y. says, "She makes it look so easy!" Oh, really? And Sean W. says, "She seems like she's in the zone now." They look super cute. (shutter clicks) Everybody close your eyes, sleepy, sleep, sleep, sleep. Oh, except for let me see your face. (audience laughs) Put your cheek right there. And can you put your cheek right here? And move your cheek this way? Like right there, right there, perfect! Perfect, ooh, good. And mom, will you tilt your head towards them? And let's see. OK, here we go. (shutter clicks) And mom, can you not bury your head quite as much, just a little less? Good, right there. Go back to sleep. Sleep time. (shutter clicks) Two more. (shutter clicks) (laughing) You guys look like you're having really, really good dreams. (audience laughs) Really good dreams. OK, so I'm gonna have you put your elbow right here. OK, we're gonna try one more. And don't squeeze so tight. Don't squeeze so tight, just like real soft, real soft, real soft. OK, and everybody sit up a little bit, sit up straight, sit up straight, sit up straight, sit up straight, sit up straight, like this, this, this, good. Good. And everybody look at me! Whoa. (audience laughs) Terrified? (shutter clicks) OK, and I'm gonna have everybody look up here, ready? Wanna look up here? Look up here at me. No, you're gonna look at the screen? Should I hide the screen? (audience laughs) Can we put that in front of it? OK. Yeah, is that OK? OK, cool. Good, ready, right here. (shutter clicks) Oh. (shutter clicks) And tilt your... OK, let's try it again. See if the flash works this time, OK, everybody, sleep again. Close your eyes. And tilt your head, put your head back on your sister's head. Right there. Good. (shutter clicks) And can you put your hand right, right, right there. Good, and can you put your cheek right here? Good, and can you put your cheek right here? Yeah, that's, (laughing) that's what I like. That's good. OK, and last one. And everybody sit up straight. (shutter clicks) Sit up straight, sit up straight. (shutter clicks) Good. (shutter clicks) OK, so. And now everybody look right at me, look straight at me. Everybody sit up straight, look right at me. Sit up really tall, really tall, really tall, really tall, really tall. Good. Right here, and put your arm back down. Good. Alright, ready one... Put your hand on your sister's arm, right there, yeah. One, two, three. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) And can you put your hand right here? Yeah, right there, right there, good. Right there, right there, perfect, don't move. Right there. Perfect. (mumbles) OK, ready? Ready? Everybody sit up, one, two, three. (shutter clicks) And really, really tall. (shutter clicks) Good. (shutter clicks) Mom, tilt your head towards them. (shutter clicks) Good, right there. (shutter clicks) Cute. Now you look grumpy. (children and audience laugh) (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) Good. OK, cute, so now we have kinda like youngest to oldest, I would just kinda stack up that way, so you guys look cute. OK, you can stay. You can stay right here. Do you wanna stand up? I'll help untangle you. Oh, OK, perfect. Ah, I'm falling. (audience laughs) I don't, no, you're pretty good. OK, perfect. Alright, and I'm gonna have you come stand right here. Can you put her on your knee? See, you're like a natural little poser there, you already know what to do, you're like a little model. Perfect, just like that. Perfect. OK, everybody look right here. Perfect, (shutter clicks) ooh, except for the seaweed arms. OK good, there you go. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) And Tess, you wanna see, where'd Tess go? Is Tess here? Let's see if you can make her giggle. Let's see. (shutter clicks) Alright guys, can you smile? Hey! Well... Well. (Lindsay and audience laugh) How 'bout like put your teeth together? Oh, snarl, (shutter clicks) oh that's a good one. That's very model-y. (shutter clicks) Alright, that's good, that's a great smile. (shutter clicks) Can you put your head closer to mom? Little less, right there. (shutter clicks) Good. (shutter clicks) OK, that's good. And can you do big wide legs? Good, and nice and close to mom. Right there, right there, perfect, perfect. Good, right there's good. One, two, three. (shutter clicks) Where's your Mickey ears? Oh, yeah. Hold on. Alright, you ready? (shutter clicks) (laughing) I love her Mickey ears. (child mumbles) Yeah, sing the gummy bear song. What is it? (shutter clicks) How's it go? (child sings) ♪ I wanna gummy bear ♪ (Lindsay laughs) (shutter clicks) (child hums) (shutter clicks) (audience laughs) (shutter clicks) Do you actually know this song? I don't, they taught it to me this morning. Oh, OK, I was like, I'm like, this one might be a new one for me. OK, perfect. Alright, so, let's try, do you wanna take a break? Yeah. You wanna go eat Goldfish or something? OK. Perfect. OK, so will you just stand right behind mom? And give her a big hug. Perfect. OK, cool, just like that. And mom already by instinct, she was perfect, she put her hand up, so multiple points of contact, she already did that. But actually, will you switch to the other side? Can I see your head over here? 'Cause her head's in shadow. I know that's more of a lighting thing. And can you flip your hair like a model? Good, good, good, good. OK. (shutter clicks) Good. (shutter clicks) Perfect. (shutter clicks) And can I see a giggle smile? Like I wanna hear you giggle, yeah, there you go. (shutter clicks) Good. (shutter clicks) Perfect. Perfect, OK. Let's do another pose here. OK. What I'm gonna have you do is I'm gonna have you sit right here and kiss mom's forehead. OK, you're gonna kiss her right there. You can sit on your knees. You can sit on your knees. OK. OK, ready? (shutter clicks) Close your eyes. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) Okay, now mom... I'm gonna have you tickle her. OK. Did you hear what I said? Yes. What, you did? (audience laughs) What'd I say? I want you tickle her. I didn't say that. Yeah you did! (audience laughs) I didn't say that. Yeah you did! I don't know... (child squealing) And will you put her on your knee there? But when I have her put her on her knee, I'm not gonna have her face straight towards camera. So I'm actually going to have you turn to your left. And I'm gonna have you put her on the other knee, so now she's not faced straight towards camera. I can try to find a way so that she's not always facing straight at camera. Perfect, can you put your arm around mom? Perfect, and heads together, tilt. Great. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) OK now you can do it. (shutter clicks) (child squeals) (audience laughs) (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) And now give mom a big kiss. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) And now look at me. Good. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) Alright, so how are we doin' on, is she doin' a little better? (muffled speaking) (Lindsay and audience laugh) I asked how the youngest was doing, and he said, "We can check," (chuckling) is what I got from him. Well I think, I mean when I was describing the personalities of the kids, I did say Calliope will be something. (audience laughs) You never really know. Yeah but she's young, it's OK, she's little. No problem. OK. She's two. Yeah, absolutely. OK, so let me, actually let's see what I have for two girls again, so that's perfect, OK. And just a reminder for everybody out there who are asking a lot of questions about kind of how to interact with kids, whether you do head swaps and all that kind of stuff, for this workshop we are focusing specifically on the posing, and how we are arranging the families and all that. So if you want to know more about, you know, how to put things on your camera to distract kids, and how to kind of wrangle them, we do have a lot of other workshops on children's photography that Lindsay would encourage you to check out. So this one, we wanna focus specifically on the posing, so that's where we're gonna keep our questions focused, just so you know. And my favorite tool or toy that I used to have was a little puppet that was a dog that would sing Old MacDonald. It was the best. Would you come take a seat right here? So I'm gonna pose mom first, and have her put her arm up on the chair. So it'll be really, really comfortable. And I'm gonna have you stand over here. So here's what I would see, OK, so where she could stand, based on her height, I would try to figure out what's natural, so I'd say OK, she could stand right here. Will you stand right next to mom? And put your left hand on mom. Right there. So, looks cute, you know, that's one pose. I could have her sit on mom's lap, but as I said, when you sit someone on mom's lap, it always kinda bunches everything up. So maybe have you come over here. And give mom a hug. And come this way just a little bit. Good, and can you put this hand right here? Good, so I'm trying to look for ways that she's not straining. Before, she had her arms up, everything's tense. So basically what I'm looking for is everybody to look nice and relaxed. So stand up as tall as you possibly can. Real tall, perfect. (audience laughs) Perfect, that's perfect, just like that. OK, so I'm gonna have you turn your head just a little bit. I'm gonna get a picture there. And then I'm gonna add somebody, 'cause I see that we have somebody there. Good. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) OK. She look ready? She's OK? Do you wanna come pose again? (muffled speaking) She doesn't wanna? You are like pro model. OK, so I'm looking for triangles, so she can go ahead and sit right there, but I would want her a little bit lower. So can you scoot back on that chair and sit her on the front of it? So if she sits up on her knee, she's a little bit too tall. But if she's right there, then she's not obscuring mom's face. So then I can move, let's do right here. Just like that's great. Ooh, what are you eating? Cheerios. Cheerios? (audience laughs) Looks good. And you can put your hand on her shoulder. Oh, sorry, I meant mom. (laughing) And sit up really, really, really straight, really straight. Good, just like that. Good, ooh, well, less like that. OK, good. And relax. Good, she's great. OK. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) OK now sit up tall again, you look really unhappy. (audience laughs) Do you wanna stand up? Do you wanna stand up? Yeah. OK. Will you scoot back forward towards the front of the chair, mom? Perfect. And I'm gonna have you make sure when she's in front of you that she's not in front of your face. So I'm just gonna move her just a little bit this way. Good. Can you take that arm and put it on mom's hand? Um, actually the other one. Can you put that on her shoulder? Yep, and I'm gonna take this hand, and can you put this right here on mommy? Just like that, just like that. Just like that. Hold hands with mom, good, perfect. That'll be perfect. OK. You're pro model, your sister's showing you up, your sister's doin' really good, you just (mumbles) do perfect, just like her. (shutter clicks) Ooh, that looks awesome. Awesome, awesome, OK, but now we have to be happy. (shutter clicks) OK, so here's the thing. I might have to make mom tickle you. Might have to. (shutter clicks) No. No? (audience laughs) Alright, will you put your hand back up there again? Other one. There you go, good, perfect. OK, right here. (shutter clicks) Oh, grumpy face. (Lindsay and audience laugh) (shutter clicks) There you go, good. (shutter clicks) (shutter clicks) Where's your giggle? I wanna see giggle teeth, good. (shutter clicks) And relax your shoulders, mom, (shutter clicks) good. And one more right here. (shutter clicks) And ready, I wanna hear you giggle, like I wanna actually hear a giggle. Ha ha ha ha. (Lindsay and audience laugh) Good. (shutter clicks) Ha ha ha ha ha. Good. (shutter clicks) Good. And, perfect. (shutter clicks) OK. Alright, so I'm going to grab dad for a minute, so I'm gonna kinda give mom a break.

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I would highly recommend this class! I have been shooting for some time now and I've been pretty satisfied with my pictures from each session. A few weeks ago, I happened upon this class and thought it would be nice to get some new ideas. I then took the ideas from this class and applied them to a maternity shoot. I must say it took my pictures from good to amazing!!!! My clients bought them all😊 Thank you Creative Live for offering such amazing classes to help any level of photographer learn and grow!

Ruth Ganev

Lindsay is such a great teacher. She doesn't overcomplicate things - so that you can really learn. She also reviews things again and again - only in different contexts - that make total sense. I have learned so much from watching this course of lessons. I went to a natural lighting portrait workshop a couple of weekends ago - and was able to put into action what I have learned. The models loved my photos, too. She keeps things moving, is clear and to the point. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to become better at posing. It is so rewarding to look back at my previous photos and understand what doesn't work and why, and also to see things improving. She is a natural teacher - the course is not boring - you will learn tons!

Maya Tleubergen

I really love it! Thank you, thank you, Lindsay! Beautiful girl with a huge talent to teach! I absolutely love it! Worth every penny!

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