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Recycle Your Art

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Introduction to Recycling Your Art

Andrea Chebeleu

Recycle Your Art

Andrea Chebeleu

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1. Introduction to Recycling Your Art

Lesson Info

Introduction to Recycling Your Art

Welcome to creative live. We are here with andrea, chef blue, and we are going to be getting into recycle your art in this session. We are so excited to do this now, if you don't know, andrea has a studio called a work of heart that's hard women eight you can learn more about her at a work of heart dot com she specializes in making fun art that we've been seeing here lots of great things to check out on her website, but here we're talking about recycling your art, and all of our students have some art that they've been working on that's going to be recycled and repurposed into this session. So, andrew, I know we have a lot to do, so I'm gonna let you take it away. All right, thanks so much, chris. I am so excited. I'm really passionate about this, uh, exercise they're going to do today, and that is taking the artwork that you've already created and reusing it in other ways. We spend time making art, some of it's super fantastic, some of it not so much, but there's always some redeeming...

factor in every piece of art that we do. And so what I'm going to show you today is how to take the parts of the art that you've already created and make something else with them.

Class Description

Do you struggle with what to do with old art projects that you don't have the heart to toss, but no longer want to display? Andrea Chebeleu will show you how to get more mileage out of your earlier endeavors in Recycle Your Art.

Andrea started out as a professional scrapbooker, but her interest in all-things-art called her to establish a studio that teaches a whole range of creative techniques. In this class, she’ll help you see the potential in pages from your art journal and show you how to make digital versions of your real life work. 

You’ll learn:

  • Photographing and copying tips (no special software needed!)
  • The best method for the smooth application of collage paper to canvas
  • A foolproof masking technique and how to add shadows for depth and dimension
  • Which paint and glue options are best for paper art projects
Not all art journaling experiments are 100% successful. But, most pages have several redeeming factors – recycling that work is a simple way to take the parts you love and make more art with them.

If you are looking for a fun, playful way to have more fun with your existing work, don’t miss Recycle Your Art with Andrea Chebeleu.

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