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Recycle Your Art

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Paint Effects

Andrea Chebeleu

Recycle Your Art

Andrea Chebeleu

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6. Paint Effects

Lesson Info

Paint Effects

Okay, so now it's time for me to pick a color guess remember the colors that you have in your background now it's time to think about maybe, huh? Now it's time to think about a color that's going to look nice with this. I picked orange on this first piece because the orange in the blue really complement each other. We're gonna go turquoise this time it would be more monochromatic because it does have a lot of blue in the background but I'm going to go with a lighter shade this time so you pick a color you really love because almost all of its gonna be that color. Yeah, almost all of it's going to be that color so if you don't want a big old orange find in your house then pick a color that you do want in your house then go for orange ok, so really fancy technique here I'm gonna drizzle some of this down I'm gonna take my cleaned off paintbrush and it's okay there's still a little water and a little just so on they're just gonna add variation and I'm going to brush this out again. Kind o...

f careful over my letters that I'm not shoving the paint underneath, but if I do once I peel them off it's uh flexible like quick brush strokes alternating the direction of my brush it's not all going to be this one color so I'm starting with one and then I'm gonna add some other in the same family for me this was two colors of orange I'm gonna add this is a little bit darker this one is that cobalt teel you a little bit darker so I start light and go dark or do you like the way that's looking now with these fluid acrylics if I dipped my brush and water they would spread a lot farther but I kind of want to keep this to dry again I don't want to get a whole lot of wet stuff underneath that the uh post it note letters here some kind of keeping my paint dry and quickly moving over the letter so that I'm not shoving a whole lot of wet paint underneath so I've added two colors I think I'm even going to come in with a third oh who's ansari was anybody asking what do I do with as acrylic inks besides what you were doing okay this there's a reason why yes I love these I just do this acrylic inc right on top of my letter and I have a feeling it's going to seep behind that it's ok we'll deal with that when we get to it I am really dry brushing this on toe to accentuate the texture of the canvas and this stuff that we put on over top the crackle pace thie texture praised and I don't if you guys got any of the doily on there as well but my little doily bits umm are on their asses well, that's all right, you guys got crack open and you know what? If the crackle did not crack by heating it like that, it may overnight give you a little surprise you might wake up tomorrow and find that it's actually correct so I think it's it has to do with the fact that we rushed it, but it's not crackling as much, perhaps okay, so I have it kind of worked out I want to come and get a wet white from stash over here sometimes what I do, once I get it going like this, I'll come back with a wet wipe and all hit the tops of things again. It accentuates the texture, but it adds a little bit of that white back in gives me more variation in the colors they're going on. It also helps me blend in areas that maybe didn't get as much. Because now I've got this. This is kind of a staining affect on the areas that didn't get as much I can come back and make sure that they do get coverage wipes are one of my staple studio tools you buy them by the case, we haven't had babies and years my youngest is fourteen I still buy these by the case a technique that we did in the o r journaling classes well with the kind of drifting thank that works here too okay so flicking some water at it letting it dry being patient I forced myself to dry everything around it what that water is doing is it's softening up that surface of paint that we just put on and by taking a paper towel a dry paper tell over top of this and blotting it not rubbing it but blotting it off ice it goes back down tio whatever paint color was underneath so getting some white speckles coming through just blotting that off so talking about speckles I also love tio ad speckles a paint on here and an easy way to do that I gave you guys all toothbrushes this morning I'm gonna count but I only brought four because I could only find four under my sink at home I use this you know for are mostly my kids are like oh croce mom like really they're going to get all dunked up with paint it's not gross anymore um I'm going to take I could add an accent color in here if I wanted teo I really think I'm going to keep going with the monochromatic these thiel's are doing it for me so I think I'm going to come back with this dark color this is marine blue acrylic inc and I just take the take the toothbrush dab it on there and then technique to this believe it or not holding at bristle side down I'm taking it taking my finger and rubbing running it across the bristles of it so bristles down this is going to control it from going everywhere hopefully not on my white shirt today but I can get directionality with that by holding the toothbrush bristles down and just flicking it on the surface you may be watered down literally great point karen watered down acrylic paint I just happen to love this color so which is why I reached for it you are absolutely right watered down acrylic paint works great for this is a matter of fact it gives it a heavier droplet so I might even try that with some of my original color which was this indian turquoise actually drive it before you did the acrylic ing flipping looking you know okay that original colors not really showing up over top of it might it's very subtle if it's showing up it's very subtle there's no limit to what you could do to decorate this that the background of this you could use stencils and come back over top of it and layers samore stencils again same color schemes very pleasing if you use the same colors like white at a little bit of white to your color so that it's a little bit lighter um dr hugh of the color that you're working with.

Class Description

Do you struggle with what to do with old art projects that you don't have the heart to toss, but no longer want to display? Andrea Chebeleu will show you how to get more mileage out of your earlier endeavors in Recycle Your Art.

Andrea started out as a professional scrapbooker, but her interest in all-things-art called her to establish a studio that teaches a whole range of creative techniques. In this class, she’ll help you see the potential in pages from your art journal and show you how to make digital versions of your real life work. 

You’ll learn:

  • Photographing and copying tips (no special software needed!)
  • The best method for the smooth application of collage paper to canvas
  • A foolproof masking technique and how to add shadows for depth and dimension
  • Which paint and glue options are best for paper art projects
Not all art journaling experiments are 100% successful. But, most pages have several redeeming factors – recycling that work is a simple way to take the parts you love and make more art with them.

If you are looking for a fun, playful way to have more fun with your existing work, don’t miss Recycle Your Art with Andrea Chebeleu.

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