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Restore & Rejuvenate

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Preview: Active Reset

Carling Harps

Restore & Rejuvenate

Carling Harps

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Lesson Info

1. Preview: Active Reset

Lesson Info

Preview: Active Reset

I'm Carly harps and welcome to restore and rejuvenate. It is a plan designed to help you balance out stress and intensity of most of our everyday lives. Or athletic endeavors without the restorative tend to lose mobility. And we're more prone to injury and recovery times there a lot longer. This planet six yoga based classes. They're all restorative or yin style. So they're much more calming. An easel on the really designed to make you feel better in your body. Want to relieve tension, increased mobility, increased range of emotions and to make all that happen, we're gonna hit all the major muscle groups. So hips and hamstrings, shoulders, head neck We're gonna work on relieving risk, pain and tension. You might have around deep breathing. And along with that, we're gonna provide some mental clarity and help you sleep a little sounder with practices that will help you fall asleep quickly, sleep well and be rested, rejuvenated for the next day. What I want to give you is the tools so th...

at you can implement your own routine of self care so that you want to show on your maps and stretch and breathe and take care of yourself. I'm really excited to share with you

Class Description

Skill level: Beginner
Classes: 6
Time: 30 min
Cycle: 6 days

Before you can truly tap into your creativity, you need to clear your mind of all the noise and chatter of the surrounding world. A restorative yoga sequence helps you reach a level of calm, quiet and introspection so you can free yourself from the daily grind and explore the deepest parts of your psyche. In this restorative yoga for beginners series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Implement your own self-care routine
  • Counterbalance the hard, intense physical work you do every day
  • Release tension, increase mobility and relieve pain from overused muscle groups in your hips, legs, arms and shoulders
  • Reset and unwind to reduce stress, improve mood and help you sleep

Based in Los Angeles, Carling Harps is known for her lighthearted attention to detail and commitment to the growth of her students. She connects individuals to the practice through intelligent and informed sequencing, compassionate and intentional adjustments, and relevant alignment instruction. She has been featured in and contributed writing to publications such as Yoga International, Mantra Magazine and Yoga Digest. Carling will teach you a restorative yoga sequence that will help you:

  • Access your body’s unique needs
  • Create new connections and continue to find your center
  • Perform hatha postures and long yin holds

Workout Descriptions:

Active Reset
This low-impact, gentle flow yoga sequence is designed to build minimal heat and create space in your body through repetitive movement and opening.

Full-Body Yin
This yin yoga routine uses long relaxed holds to target fascia and tightened connective tissue in overused muscle groups across your body.

Nighttime Restorative
This evening yoga sequence is designed to cultivate a restful body and mind by blending calming postures, supportive props and deep breathing.

Restore: Hips and Legs
This calming yin yoga for hips and legs class combines hatha postures and long yin-style holds to help unravel the hips, glutes, feet and calves.

Restore: Shoulders and Arms
This yin yoga for shoulders and arms class combines restorative hatha postures and yin holds to target the upper back and shoulder girdle to relieve wrist pain and to soften overused muscles in the neck.

Restore: Side Body and Back
This yin yoga for back class combines hatha postures and long yin holds to help unlock the lower back and tired obliques, and create more space in the torso for fuller, clearer breath.