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Easy Exercises to Improve Your Vision


Easy Exercises to Improve Your Vision


Class Description

If you find yourself squinting at your computer monitor, frequently updating your glasses prescription, or suffering from headaches, this course will help you improve your vision by retraining your brain to better communicate with your eyes.

Dr. Eric Cobb, creator of the Vision Gym, will explain how many vision issues are caused by miscommunication between your eyes and your brain. You’ll learn customizable strategies and exercises that target and improve your specific vision issues. From self-massage to isometric exercises to simple eye chart assessments, you’ll gain an eyesight improvement toolbox that you can implement anywhere and at any time.



fantastic course. very fascinating connection between vision, body, mind and brain that really applies to everything in our lives. with accurate and comprehensive explanations and practical advice. thank you for such a broad perspective on what our body and mind is capable of doing. i 100% recommend this course to anyone who is seeking not only performance and improvement, but also general (and specific) awareness of what we as human beings actually able to do and achieve . THANK YOU. :-)


I'm on week 5 of the program and the results are nothing short of amazing and life changing. Few courses deliver above the 80/20 Paretto paradigm but this in fact exceeds it. Out of the fog into clarity once again. Great alone for those exploring the fascinating world of neural plasticity. Thanks again to Dr. Cobb.

Mahna Mahna

Dr. Cobb ROCKS!! I highly recommend this course (that I watched over a year ago!) Just had to come back and say what a difference in my eyesight. Way better than the Bates Method if you've studied that eye-improvement method before. I've been able to reverse the decline in my eyesight due to heavy computer/screen use by implementing the short eye exercises daily. They're quick & easy to fit into day-to-day activities, and if you make the commitment you will see results. I'd love to see Dr. Cobb come back and talk about optimal learning methods. He spends a section of this course talking about practice & learning, and he could easily do another course on the topic (with applications well-beyond eye training & sports, to daily work & life)