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Scratch DJ Academy presents: Intermediate/Advanced DJ Strategy

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Cue Points and Loops Part 2

DJ Hapa

Scratch DJ Academy presents: Intermediate/Advanced DJ Strategy

DJ Hapa

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Lesson Info

3. Cue Points and Loops Part 2

Lesson Info

Cue Points and Loops Part 2

Let's, get back to the loop. All right, so I'm gonna set an in on the loop an easy way to do that would be there's ah button right here let's see, they bring my loop section here. Maybe I've been sitting on the controller here. All right, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set this loop by setting in by using the controller setting in so maybe I'll set my out there this's now my loop she was my obsession that's the end that's the out of here and I'll start over I'm sure her wishes that he had this said at the time that he was doing because this is now set and now he could get on the bike, which is why we're gonna talk about that later so this will keep going. It'll go infinite until I take the loop off so I can take the loot bar I know you've been it'll fall right in line just pinned against the wall most so if I wanted if I like that loop and I want to save it, I'll go ahead and hit save right here you see it right here also lock sign gotta lock the loop, not safe said then when I relo...

ad this song again, that loop will still be there if I don't lock it that loop won't be there again when I take the track off the deck and put the track back on the day so that little lock is really really important um one of things that I must show you now is how to take this loop even farther so you're able to then do things like looping on the fly if you wanted to so I'm gonna I'm gonna go and jump to this would be of course jack I said an auto now way tio e I just had a little blank no way I could make the smaller bigger way you've got to be pretty cool right? So I'm able to like and I'm sure you've kind of heard sounds that sound like that right where the loop length is getting shorter and all that's happening is this is that the loop is getting shorter and shorter and shorter so if you look at my screen again here you'll see this section right here that has the loop length ok, so that last one I hit was an eighth note quarter half whole this is all that's something we were talking about yesterday right like one beat this's a one beat loop this is a half beat loop a quarter beat loop and eighth beat liu to beats four beats eight beat sixteen beats okay and if I go this way I can also get up to thirty two beats there ok, so let's try this again and actually and you know volunteer anyone in the audience anybody come on up here I'm gonna have you just ah just hit this loop for me and just kind of mess around with the different loop links here even though it's getting auto wanna be callous shot straight out would you be forces get don't even know is getting even know it's getting harder and harder for a demonstration situation got you wishing for ventilation kind of paint a free kind of find without belief it's hard for a tree to grow with father biggest leave plus I got to see that my baby mama any smoke a little weed to keep my mind free plus I got to see that my baby my let me smoke a little weed to keep my free only got just sold him I leave fifty my fifth in my hands in the midst of a man that I said I said I should know what all that I supposed for good luck double locked up by stops protocol rains on nice man thinking for the cause the current course you can see yet is there a way to make it so like when you started looping it will catch up to where should our lupita it's very good to ask that that was actually the next thing I was going to t tell you about okay, so there is a way of sort of leading um it's slip that's actually what it's referred to is it's it's like slipping so the loop is happening but the track is still running under it so we then let the loop off it'll pick it up from here of where that keeps going at so hee so you so you so you have if I do this so you know what I'd be less well off of you so you don't start back at the beginning of that course because I don't have slip on ok so now let's let's do it with slip on so I'm gonna turn on slip okay which is actually right here on the controller on in the software it's right here you see this blinking its little uh note right here it's like two triangles facing down okay so I'm gonna hit did it did it while I was holding my hand would you be forced to go back to that even numbers skin you see how this is all right look at me take a look at this right here this like white triangle see that white triangle so that's actually still running even as I even when I hit stop that's still running so let me go back this is the play head it's time to go back to the very beginning here okay so it started from the beginning I'm going turns going to turn this on and then returned slip on and you'll see what happens hold my hand. I know you've got a feeling. Yeah, that is done there against the wall salt it keeps going, you went with his aunt, so you get you know, even if I were to jump the queue points do. So you want to be jack, bring to it just a journey. Every man was sick, so you want to be jacking for victims and they came back to where I was out doing so you want to be, take it, and I've fallen opponent and wipe your so you want to be and if you don't have a controller with buttons like you don't have a media control, or how do you trigger q points without, like using your mouse? Is there a way? Yes, there are keyboard commands to be able to do that so that me go back to the q point section, and if I click on that info mark again, you'll see that here are the commands the keyboard commands to trigger and set q points. So on the left tickets one through five on the right decade six through zero on your keyboard. Ok, so and they also sell keyboard overlays with all the functions on the keyboards, I actually personally don't recommend it just because it will give you it's too much. It's like too many things that are then on their you're kind of only need the things that you're most interested in, so my recommendation would be to buy a keyboard cover. Maybe if you if that was what was of interest to you by a keyboard, cover just a regular one and make one yourself and put stickers on like the cheese that you feel like are relevant and then lay that over your keyboard if that's what you you know, if that helps you, but yeah, I can I can go back to the to the one you just do it on the keyboard here you discover that is don't do so you want to don't do so you want tio. Ok, cool. So everybody cool with the slip function and, uh, q points? Yep. You know, if scratch life has slipped also, or is it just only sharad o d j lo que eso scratch life does not have slipped. And again, all of this is because now there is a grid without the grid, it would be very difficult to do some of these functions, which is why cerrado has moved to this new version of you row d j because it unlocks all these types of really great features and really cool like things you get same thing would track their tractor has a grid as well and so it has many of the same teachers like you have slipped functionality inside of tractor you can do the exact same things that I was doing up here. Um, question yet futures. Well, that's, right? Yeah, the cjs have ah have asleep feature and I think it's I think it's only the nexus though the two thousand I don't think that the actual two thousand has slipped it does where's um right on the lead french is a little button right next to, you know, it's it's not on the actual two thousand it's all new two thousand nexus but is not on the, um and that's the difference is that the two thousand nexus has some features and functions that the two thousand doesn't um so, um, yeah, just be careful with, like, when you're shopping around for things that slip is important to you then like, you know, make sure that you get something that has that sort of function on it. Um cool uh, let me see. I'm going to now talk a little bit about effects and actually let me finish one other thing that is kind of cool that people use it, this role function, I know you've got it all I was doing it and sort of like a loop but it's like a temporary loop it's it's almost doing the same sort of thing that like a slip is doing but it's doing it was just sort of one button and being able to press it really quick so go back to being I know you've got you've got to make sure that you're not overdoing it with the rule but does anybody want to get up here and just kind of having fun with this and first person of anybody come out of there besides the one half of astral one of you has been almost times you getem with no office su ji's these by moving you are the different lengths so you can see the different lengths so this is an eight no to make things simple chaos creates mistaken and I've fallen opponent and why I go now place it into what you do so you want to be so you could do this all day even that was getting what you want to do so you don't so you don't so you don't go straight out to get even though it's getting hard thank you so one of the things that the only difference here between this and slip is that if I stop the record than everything stops if I were to stop this in slip it would keep going so here I'll turn let me turn to slip on the laces so you just got to be careful with that slip, because if you have it on and you meant to stop it. And the slip is still on. Then, even like when changing records and stuff like that, if slip is still on, like it's, still active, it's still going. So just got to be mindful of that.

Class Description

Ramp up your skills in the booth and in business with training from DJ Hapa. Intermediate/Advanced DJ Strategy will teach you the business of DJing and give you some essential technical skills for backing it up, no matter which genre or style you prefer.

Intermediate/Advanced DJ Strategy is Business 101 for DJs who want to know more about creating a company, building a brand, and marketing their skills. In this class, you’ll learn accounting essentials and how to get more gigs using press kits, social media, and basic marketing principles.

Hapa will also give you tips on improving your live performance – with training on everything from using the microphone as a tool to tempo changes and effects. You’ll also learn a little more about Serato and Traktor and intermediate techniques and strategy to optimize the software.

If you’ve mastered the basics and you are ready to do something more with your DJing skills - don’t miss your chance to learn from Scratch DJ Academy veteran, DJ Hapa.


a Creativelive Student

This was a great class. I am an up and coming DJ. I have been teaching myself for the most part. This was the first actual class that I have taken and it was very good to know and hear that I have been teaching myself properly. It was good to hear that I am on the right path. I was also able to pick up some tips on what I can improve and change about how I proceed in my journey. Would like to have more classes like these. Thanks.


This was a great class with a great teacher. I just started working for a DJ company and wanted to learn about the craft. It was a great class to learn the basics to really get started. I highly recommend to anyone that wants to learn about DJing.