Screenwriting: The Art of the First Draft


Screenwriting: The Art of the First Draft


Class Description

The most overwhelming, yet critical step for the screenwriter is the first draft. Staring at a blank sheet of paper can induce "writers block" faster than any other challenge facing a screenwriter. Screenwriting: The Art of the First Draft will equip you with a roadmap for tackling your initial draft and guide you to the next steps on the scriptwriting journey. 

In this class, Hal Ackerman will teach you how to jumpstart the writing process and complete a written first draft of your screenplay. You’ll learn how to:
  • Organize your ideas into scenes and acts
  • Approach character development and dialogue
  • Take next steps after the first draft is complete
Hal has been teaching screenwriting to students at UCLA since 1985. He has sold material to all the broadcast networks and authored well-known books on the art of screenplay writing and selling In this class, he’ll offer actionable insights on developing your concepts and turning your ideas into a compelling and complete script.

Screenwriting: The Art of the First Draft is your opportunity to learn how to conquer one of screenwriting’s greatest challenges and get your ideas developed and down on paper. 

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Karla KL Brady

This was an excellent class! I'm a novelist with an eye toward screenwriting. One thing I notice is that there are foundational elements to storytelling that apply no matter what you write. For me, this class served as a great refresher and it really helped energize me as I begin my next project. The lessons on conflict and the three act structure were phenomenal and I LOVE Mr. Ackerman's teaching style. Excellent class. Well worth the fee. I'll watch this again and again.