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Selling Your Creative Ideas

Stacey Williams-Ng

Selling Your Creative Ideas

Stacey Williams-Ng

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1 Class Introduction Duration:06:09
2 What is your idea? Duration:05:02
3 Why Is This Idea A Good One? Duration:09:23
6 Who Would Support Your Idea? Duration:12:13
7 Profile Your Audience Duration:11:44
9 Authenticity Is Everything Duration:14:15
10 Branding 101 Duration:13:16
11 From Idea To Plan Duration:10:24
12 Action Planning Duration:07:13
13 Points of Leverage Duration:12:38
14 Documenting Your Work Duration:07:09
15 Ownership Duration:13:41

Class Description

Ideas are the natural realm of creative people, but sometimes the toughest part is selling a new concept to the world at large. How do you convince potential supporters to get behind your idea? Learn to recognize the importance of community and audience–Your idea has an audience, it has potential. In Selling Your Creative Ideas, with Stacey Williams-Ng, you’ll learn to find and connect to the right audience that can help make your dream project a reality, and get paid for it.

In this class, you’ll learn.

  • Networking Strategies
  • Matching your Ideas to the Right People
  • Researching Potential Supporters
  • Going from Idea to Project to Profit
  • How to Define Success

Stacey Williams-Ng, the mastermind behind Black Cat Alley, an outdoor art gallery, will take you through the entire process of getting paid to create your art project.

In Selling Your Creative Ideas, Stacey will help all creatives get organized, and package their ideas to make them appealing to potential supporters. 



I really liked Stacey's way of speaking, her voice and energy! Thank you and congratulations making your projects real and good luck with your future ones!

Emmanuelle Halliday

Real useful tips and all around class, be it reminders or new to you. Example: Focus on authenticity, ways of thanking your patrons and different levels of sponsorship (basic but I had totally overlooked it!). I guess I related even more to Stacey as I stem from the perspective of a French graphic artist who doesn't even dare to dream of convincing the underpriviledged town council where I teach that street art murals are the way to rise above those conditions. Thanks Stacey. B.A.D. and Proud, Paris Area, France.