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Write with purpose

Lesson 24 from: SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website Copy

Sarah Gordon

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24. Write with purpose

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Write with purpose

I'm going back to those old journalism rules for a moment here. Remember that the queen is dead part. Well, this links into it. You want every word that you write for your website to work hard for you. So don't worry about trying to write a huge essay. It's much better to write fewer words that have an impact. Think again, about how you want the consumer to react when they land on your website. You want them to know who you are to understand how you can help them discover why you're different and unique. Take action to buy your product or service. So make sure that everything you write has those four purposes in mind. The great thing is you have already done your research into the target audience. So now it's just a case of making sure you speak to them directly through your research. You know what they're struggling with and what they need from a company like yours, you also know what your competition is saying. So you can stand out and show what you do differently. Finally, you know,...

the sorts of phrases and keywords they're researching. So, you know, the questions about your industry that you need to be answering as you sit down to write each piece of content? Keep these points in mind when you read everything over at the end. Ask yourself, does the customer now understand how I can help them? Have I solved their problem? Will they take action? One thing many people forget when writing website, content is the call to action. We're so busy writing clever headlines and bullet pointing our content that we forget to think what a customer will want to do once they reach the end of the page. If you've just done a great job persuading them that you're great, then you'll need a button or a nice hyperlinked phrase at the end of the text so that your customer can book now or set up a call or request a quote quote Now you have the writing done. There is one final step in the process.

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