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When you change the top thread, do you need to change the bobbin thread to the same kind of threat as well? Or can you just always use an all purpose thread in the baba? And that is a really good question win use so construction you should have the thread in the bob in and the top be the same. You'll get the most balanced tension that way for seems like seems and top stitching and so on, the only time I really switched to make them different is something like here where I had ah, bob, and fill in the bob in because I wanted the backside to be lighter and wait. And then the top side is the pretty thread, like, I don't have to put ray on in the bob and to do this construction for the maybe the all purpose is where you want them to be the same but decorative work. Usually it is something lighter in the bob and you don't put metallic thread in the bombing in the taliban top two. So with metallic yeah. Okay, that's. Great. Thank you very much. And we had a question from traveling stamps abo...

ut tension. How often do you need to adjust tension on at a sewing machine shop? Or today's machines ready to go out of the box or do they need tension adjustment right away? Well, they need to go there so there's sone off at the factory in fact, they have machines that test them for many hours they're precept that factory ready to go what really effects tension is what you're sewing thickness threads fabric those all are part of what? How the tension should be set but you you don't have to do anything to it it's really according to what you're doing if you need to make any adjustment I hope that answered the question I hope I understood the question no, that that's fantastic another question from busy woman one three nine any tips for stitching on non ferrous materials? We already saw a number of them but for example I want to stitch on paper can you do that with this machine? Sure. Yeah. A lot of folks who do scrapbooking yeah, love to embellish the paper with like a zigzag stitch and so a photo on with his execs did show yeah, you can totally do that. I would just use an all purpose thread yeah, in a regular medium needle and be fine okay, yeah, alright, fantastic and maybe one final question for this machine from web two four five oh, does this machine do a surge stitch I know what you mean, it's well, there's no such thing as a sewing machine that is a surgery like in the true sense of the word, a surge er is to needle threads to loop er's and admits a fourth red stitch on to the edge of fabric or this is a needle thread in a bobbin thread, but what it does have is an over edge type of stitch that will put a seam and seem finish to give you kind of the effect of ah seem and seemed finish like an over lock does, but it won't be an over lock stitch, and I can show you that if we have time, but it's definitely has the stitch great, right? I think we've run out of time, okay, just a general question about about that, so we're wrapping up this a segment on this particular machine? Do you have any final words about where people can learn more about this particular she things to do with? Well, the machine is available at wal mart and walmart dot com if they're interested, and if you'd like to learn a little more about singer, visit us at singer ceo that's like singer company singer ceo dot com we have a customer service department there the ladies are wonderful in this spend as much time as you need with you on the phone when you reach when you get through to their department there, you can eat. Send them an email that talked to us at singer co dot com. We've got projects, videos. Just feel free to browse the site. Lots going on there. And I just really I hope that if you were having issues with your sewing machine and you've been struggling, that I've answered some questions that resolve some of those for you. So you can just get on with the fun and be done with the frustration.

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Get acquainted with the features and functions of your SINGER® SIMPLE™ sewing machine.

Every sewing machine has its own distinct and helpful features. Learn how to get the most out of your model from Singer expert Becky Hanson.

In this Fast Start you’ll learn how to take full advantage of the SINGER SIMPLE’s range of features. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily select your settings and master the range of your machine’s functionality.

Don’t be intimidated by your machine! Learn how to get the most out of your machine's features and tackle those sewing projects the easy way.


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