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Sony A7 Mark II Series Fast Start

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Class Introduction

John Greengo

Sony A7 Mark II Series Fast Start

John Greengo

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hello and welcome to creative live I'm russ andy's and I'm your host for the sony a seven mark to siri's fast start with john gringo john gringo is a landscape nature and travel photographer who also is a tour leader takes people around the world and shows them how to use their cameras to take great pictures of it he's also in a photo instructor who every year teaches the fundamentals of digital photography class here on creative live which is one of our biggest and most exciting and educational classes every single year now this class thief the fast start for the sony a seven siri's mark two is all about how to use your camera when you buy a new camera it's exciting it's fun but it's also pretty intimidating this class is going to take you through the menus through the features through the buttons on your camera and show you how to use your camera to the greatest extent we're going to be covering all three cameras in the sony a seven mark to siri's and I'm very excited for it mr gring...

o take it away. All right well, welcome everybody to the fast start class for the sony a seven mark to the seven arm are to be a seven s mark two we're going to be talking about all three of these cameras because they all came out kind of in the same time and physically on the outside they're pretty much identical there is differences in the menu systems and in the capabilities of the cameras and we will be talking about that throughout the class and so what we're going to be doing in this class is really going through the entire camera will go around the outside talk about all the buttons all the dials give you recommendations on settings I would use for this type of activity or that type of activity and they were going to go into the menu system and really take a look at what's going on in there because this camera this camera I gotta be honest with you folks this this class has been more of a challenge to make than I think any class I've ever made it creative live and since I have about fifty of them on the books here I think it says something about this camera partly it's it's an intense camera there is a lot of technology in this camera and that's both good and bad because one it has lots of capabilities but two if you have this camera and you are struggling with some of the operations of it it's not you okay there's a lot of things about this camera that are just very sophisticated and so it's my hope that this class is going to go through and really clear up some of those things in this camera it's got a lot of new technology it's just different than a lot of traditional cameras they've really gone into some new territory which has given them some need advantages and then there is the menu system oh sweet little menu system of the sony's this is what I would call a tech mess it's as if the engineers just put in all these awesome features and then theyjust shook it up like a snow globe and they landed wherever they happen to land and there's not a lot of logic to it but there are a couple of ways of refining the working process with a camera and organizing things so it's a little bit simpler to work through and I'm going to be showing you how to do that in this class now part of this class is I like to make class hand out notes because I know a lot of people watched the class and they like to take notes and I do a lot of visuals in the class and so along with the class there is three different outlines and this is not everything I'm going to say it's just kind of go along with the class and rust could you quickly show the three up there just so that we can have a catching on the ground so I have different ones for the a seven mark to the arm are too and the s mark too now the only difference in the outlines really comes down several pages into it where I have the menu system and this I've even gone through reworked and it's it's now a work of art so you can take a look at the entire menu system on one page and I as a photographer and a very visual person, and I'm going to guess that you are probably a visual person as well if you're into photography. And so a lot of times when I'm looking for a feature I like to scan, you know, if I'm looking, if I want to delete, I am going to scan over this page and I'm going to look for that word delete and I don't have to page through page after page, and so this is just a great way to help familiarize yourself with what's in the menu. Now what I've done on all the cameras is I've given you recommendations on on where I think things should be set for kind of a general purpose use as well as a more advanced user, and then I know you are going to have your own system set up, so I also include a blank page. It's got the entire menu, but no recommendations so that you can kind of right in things that are important to you. About that particular setting as to where you want to set it. So I think these are gonna be helpful little items. I'll also mention real quickly that at the back of this are a couple of pages on how I would set the camera up for different types of situations, like portrait or landscape photography or action photography. So if you're kind of wondering what are the most important changes, that is something that's in there and we'll be covering that at the very end of the class, so this is going to be a long and fairly intense class. I know there's other probably short, short two toral's on this camera, we're going to spend close to six hours in this class, we're really going to go through every button and dial and feature on this camera, so if this camera is something you've spent a lot of money on and it's important to you, I really can't think of any other way of getting a better tutorial on this than going through this class. It may take some time, but it's going to be worth it because we're going to cover everything.

Class Description

Learn how to get the most out of your Sony® A7 Mark II series camera. Whether you've chosen the Sony A7R Mark II, the Sony A7S Mark II, or the Sony A7 Mark II, this class will give you in-depth instruction on your camera’s critical functions. 

John will guide you through the features, menus, and buttons on your camera, giving you the confidence you need to take pictures like a pro. You’ll learn about: 

  • The features, menus, and buttons on all 3 Sony models 
  • How to use the cameras in different shooting situations 
  • Maximizing the use of the cameras 

This in-depth class will help everyone from amateurs to professionals, get the most out of the incredible Sony® A7 Mark II series cameras. 

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a Creativelive Student

INCREDIBLE Class! I couldn't find anything on the internet that truly explained this camera, explained what it can and can't do and what accessories would work with it. I have had my Sony A7II for awhile now, but was so overwhelmed by it, I rarely even took it out of its case. It was just easier to use my Canon 5D III. After this class, I am so excited to finally practice with and use my Sony. John is an incredible teacher. He is thorough, professional, fun and knowledgeable! Buying this class was the best investment!!! I feel like I just got the gift of a new camera because I can finally use my Sony!!! Thanks John and Thanks Creative Live!!!

Enrique Vega es

I stored my Sony A7II for more than a year since I've been Canon's user for 7 years and I felt unsure of taking this new camera which implied a different menu system, different functions, a little bit intimidating. Finally, I took a bit of valor, put my camera next to the computer monitor for then start watching this guide and I spent a great time actually. I'm amazed at how helpful and clear is the sequence of the chapters. It was enough to get to chapter ten to know all the basic controls and start taking pictures with an equivalent confidence of my good old Canon, or even better since in the chapter 8th I learned how accurate and easy to use is the focusing system, either, manual or auto (For stills I've always used manual focusing). Very informative, enjoyable and now I became a new fan of the mirrorless cameras, at the point that I'm considering to buy another two :D


John is an excellent teacher! In fact his Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2014 was the first ever class I watched on CreativeLive, and since then I'm in love with his teaching style as well as with CreativeLive! I bought my Sony A7II in March 2015 and when I found out that John is giving a class on it I was very excited! As I expected I learnt many secrets about my camera which I had been using for 9 months already. For example about the option of focusing on the eyes, setting the buttons, making panoramas etc. The camera is still smarter than me I must admit. I am enjoying my Sony even more now since after the class I feel much more confident. Thank you John and CreativeLive for such an opportunity! I would recommend to everyone who has a Sony a7II camera and the other cameras in this line to watch this class. It's a concentrate of useful information, very detailed and to the point. I spent two days just watching the class and practicing new knowledge with my camera straight away. I had to postpone all the other life chores. And I would be ready to watch the class again after some time as it's a professional camera which needs a lot of practice!