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Lesson 1 from: The Summer Photography Workshop

Alex Strohl

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1. Intro

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(camera shutter clicking) (uplifting atmospheric music) Hey, everybody. It's Alex Frill, and we're back. This is it. The new workshop, the last one was in the fall, in Montana. And this one is in the spring, for the summer, in Mexico. Tulum, so, I am still trying to figure out a name for this workshop. Right now, it's gonna be either "summer special" or "summer workshop", or "Mexico field trip". Whatever the name is, the goal is that you step up your photo game this summer and I'll show you how. (water sounds) This work- (laughing) (indistinct) This workshop is about having fun and getting creative. By the end, you'll be able to show a sense of place in your photos, because I'm going to share with you, my whole approach to making iconic photos of a place. So why did I pick Mexico? I like a good challenge. I'm more in the mountains, as you may have seen. This is the ocean, it's flat, it's hot. It's not my usual environment, it's gonna challenge me a lot. All the locations we're gonna ...

shoot in this workshop, I've never shot before, it's gonna be cool. (triumphant music)

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