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The Anatomy of a Scene


The Anatomy of a Scene


Class Description

Your novel, memoir, or screenplay is made up of individual scenes, but the truth is, all those scenes are part of an escalating cause-and-effect trajectory. Each scene performs multiple tasks, including moving subplots forward, developing your characters, ratcheting up what’s at stake, and triggering events that ripple throughout the story.

So how do you keep track of it all? And how do you get those many layers to merge into a seamless whole? Author, speaker, and instructor Lisa Cron is here to give you a clear, concise, and concrete method of making sure that every scene you write not only serves the story you’re telling, but rivets the reader.

Lisa will help you get over that frustrating struggle of making your scenes relevant and weaving them into your overarching story. You’ll learn how to construct each layer in every scene, bringing your story to life and creating the irresistible sense of reality that hijacks the reader’s brain.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make a scene work so that it’s both relevant and riveting.
  • Avoid common mistakes writers make when writing scenes.
  • Keep track of every layer in your story—scene by scene—from beginning to end.
  • Stop writing scenes out of order and understand cause and effect.
  • Plant seeds in your scenes to foreshadow the future.


Jerusha Billington Gray

Great storytellers are not born - they are made. The story wizard Lisa Cron helped to peel back some of the mystery behind what makes a scene work and pinpoints pitfalls that make it fall flat on its face. The magic formula of epic badassery is ours for the taking. Lisa helps us get there. 10 out of 10 - will listen again.

Joni Templeton

Another master class from Lisa Cron!

Jennifer Baylor

I've read Lisa's books and used her Story Genius techniques for three novels. Still, sometimes I find myself struggling with some aspect of the scene card when it comes to implementation. This class on the Anatomy of a Scene really helps to clarify the scene card ideas with more explanation and detailed examples.