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Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes

Lesson 3 of 4

Addressing a Colored Envelope

Fullosophie, Bianca Mascorro

Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes

Fullosophie, Bianca Mascorro

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Lesson Info

3. Addressing a Colored Envelope

Lesson Info

Addressing a Colored Envelope

Now we're gonna dio navy with white on dh for these you can do it you can do a couple things obviously the the white board isn't gonna help me on the situation. This paper is just simply is not opaque so what I do is I draw the lines on and then I go back and I race um um you can do a few different things or a different ways like to achieve that same thing you can do what's called a ghost writer well that's what it's called and reflects the lines onto your paper to me it's just not my preferred tool I would honestly rather draw the lines on and go back into racism you can also use like a slighter but a slider writer that's ah said what it is ok, so it's like basically has like a laser that's on the side and it adjusts and it just kind of you know, you can see the lines from there yeah, but I have actually not try that one I would definitely be interested in that one is just not something I've really gotten around to. So for me my well method is working out just fine um one thing you kh...

un dio you know, obviously a soft pencil is going to be okay for some projects not on dark paper obviously you can use this a soapstone pencil which I've never actually found when I've intended to buy one but they seem kind of nice but frail I actually use this is not my goatee for quite a while it's just a chalk mechanical pencil and this is actually used for selling and I did buy it for that purpose and I don't so so I mean to like I just haven't so but aside cash this pencil is so great for this purpose so at least I didn't waste my money um but so again with these envelopes you know you're going to be drawing your own lines you can sort of use this is a guy like ok, well that worked out all right on this size paper but this is a bigot a little bit bigger of an envelope um again you're gonna want to experiment and see where the lines fit the best and they actually already they have those rulers to you that have like uh you know they're like the triangle rulers with like milk sorry centimeters on one side and then inches on the other and then you can use that like if you're doing like a bun sheikhoun and you want to be consistent you can use those centimeters on the side to kind of guide where to place your next line I'm just gonna free hand this one and her for the best so my first line we went down a little bit my second hoops expat and then I'm gonna go ahead and make a fourth line from a zip code and I think I'm gonna go ahead and use white for this one um I believe that's what this is and as I mentioned earlier you're going to need to mix up any colored ng si mix every time you use them and I'm gonna typically we use a paint brush just so this is just like a dollar cheaper little paintbrush good to have one for light colors one for dark colors um I'm not going to use that right now because I have no where to stick it afterwards so just to avoid mess I'm going to use the bottom of my plastic um and holder obviously wouldn't do this to my wooden ones but you can see that I've actually done this a lot with this one and not completely cleaned it but that's why that gold is on there so I'm just gonna stick it in and mix it up a bit here and these air pretty freshly mixed ink so they don't need to add any water anything to them I've already added up the gum arabic and the water in there so I'm not going to go through a whole process with you but that's already done and that should be good to go cut so obviously he's a different name? No I have actually found that um colored inks and my nico's don't love each other so and I'm not sure what it is about it that I am whenever I'm using colored inks I go to my other favorite name my heart one a one or basically need is sort of like the bronze you looking ones I feel like they tend to hold my thanks a lot better um I don't know if anybody else had that sort of experience but that's just what I found that works for me so I'm switching nibs I also really love the hair lines at the hot one alone produces especially with white so I actually know what you know unlike this one I didn't quite know exactly you know, maybe this one needed started the black and white what needed to be a little more experimented with but I've actually done this before so I think it's gonna work um we're gonna use the same address and I'm just gonna go ahead and use this up here just for special guidance but I mean do different script so now that my lines are drawn, I know exactly where to, you know, stop my letters the only thing I didn't do here and um it's maybe not the best habit, but you know, if you really wanted to do like, make sure that your guides were completely excuse me your letters were very consistent and I didn't really worry about it this for this one because there my letters we're actually gonna be intentionally inconsistent um you can do like two months like that so basically, you know it's just so it's more following this sort of situation we're like okay, this is where the top of my letter is going to hit and the bottom my letter is going to hit it so that's just kind of where that extra line is going to come into play it is obviously a lot more work especially you're doing one hundred and that's probably where you know those other tools would come in handy I really don't need it for the numbers um anyway, so that's just a little extra commentary on how you can just, you know, add a little bit more consistency to these sort of envelopes but I'm just going to dive into it I'm into a little bit more casual of a script um again it's going to be not completely consistent here so I'm not that worried about those extra lines, but they're there some kind of pay attention a little bit to them um and I'm gonna do actually staggered format versus centered so just to switch things up a little bit more and in this envelope also is quite textured so the sharpness I don't know if you guys can actually hear that at all if it's coming through my mike it all that you can definitely for me it's um getting a much louder scratching sound with my sharper nube and also my text paper it's kind of weird actually grown to really love that sound just a little bit more different ease does the name feel difference because it sounds really different so does it feel really different while you're actually right? It definitely does and this one also is away more flexible nib and you know, I've spent about two and a half hours or so using like a really stiff nip and I'm going to say flexible nibs sound like oh my god my you know, down strokes or so wide right now but um it was partly intentional it's you know, switching from neptune it does take some adjusting and especially if you're bringing in like different papers dynamics so he's going to try to not spend too much time on this one it's very mesmerizing to watch you do this thing that cool um this I actually ran to a little bit of a problem here. So this is one thing that you want to keep in mind while you're doing envelopes is like that my ascender here is about to run into my f in my in francisco and so you know, instead of doing more of this style in f or it reaches forward here think I'm going to reconsider that and I'm gonna do just a slightly different one so I'm to d'oh and it doesn't mean you can't run into it but if it's like can actually effect you know if you can tell it's an f because your g is just completely running into it then you might want to redo it like ideally I would redo that before the sake of time I won't it um I will abbreviate california and is that when you have an ascender run into a d sender is that when you start to run into problems with the post office as well for is it or again is it really just they would prefer the week that we're not sending calligraphy through the mail or we're just we're just going to do it anyway way yeah it does if it's just like ok what on earth is that say like if you can't read it the post office really can't read it and it's not even somebody sitting there reading it's a machine so it's just like do you like okay look any human can tell that that is on f I mean I think michael dell's enough but you know but it's again it's not like a person of post office going like yeah that's enough so it's an actual it's a machine and so you know that's part of the problem so it's not unfortunately you know it's just you could taking the humans out of the equation and yes it's just I might actually I believe that for a personal piece but for like I was actually making sure that like my client's envelopes are going to get to where they go I might want to do that. So, um anyway, so this was a staggered format. I just indented each line a bit and put the zip code on a different location slower, right? Um rebated california so just switch things up just a little bit just to see, you know, just to show you guys just a different formats that's not completely repetitive, but eso there's your white ink on navy envelope and I think it's actually kind of balanced up and down. So all right, first trying that one. Any any questions for me, ladies? Yes. Um so goulash is a little thicker than inc, right? So is our, um, paint needs that you wouldn't use quash? Can you see that? Like my saying? Well, yeah. So it's like that is coming out the top there and it will stop that from happening anymore but it's completely sick it's, just opaque watercolor. It is what it really is. And like I said, you know, for me it's a it's, a personal preference to use my one oh one in this situation, not that's, even washing that's that's, actually this but I find that my hunt wanna one does handle it a lot better than my nico um and maybe you know, I'm just not sure make maybe that's because I put gum arabic in it and maybe I don't you know, just but I'm always going to do that with my stuff because I don't want to smudge uh I think you know, it's again you're just goingto want to experiment with different inks um levels of gum arabic how much water to put in and yes, the different names will handle it differently so, you know, like this one it released a lot more ink because it's a more flexible nib and I was playing, you know, probably same amount of pressure um, so if you're using, like, a really viscous ink, like actually some of the ones from, um, dr martens, that you're destined lines like the gold, that it be a little bit differently than, say, leg the jade does for some reason to me that one is a little bit more like it's just feel it feels like a thicker inc, and so I may not want to use this flexible in that with that because I want to get like, a nicer, thinner hairline I might use actually like my principal with it, which is sort of the same it's just ah I think maybe even sharper than the one on one or like my hunt twenty two so there's just all sorts of jobs out there to play with and the hunt twenty two for example like that not is flexible is the one on one but almost just assured and that might be better for like that sort of ink with you know where it's just a little bit thicker just so it's not like dumping it out everywhere all my, um my up strokes in the airlines so it's yeah it's definitely something to kind of experiment with um any other questions on the influence of colored ink? Shin how many envelopes do you get out of one before? Because that's when I'm going through it I can't quite tell when it starts tio yeah weird if you or if I should yes and definitely make sure that it's clean first eso like this one I'm having a hard time getting all the white off of it so you know it it's going to dry like I clean off my nib after every single envelope just to sort of make extra sure that it's the ink isn't just drawing upon their and ruining my flow so um but yes, the first and foremost when you think that maybe your neighbor is going to put just like try to clean it off isn't much as you can first toothpaste toothbrush a little scrubbing brush it the ink does dry in between those two times and then the times eventually just start to grow apart and completely you know, unforeseen to the naked eye so you really get up close so it's just those things absolutely happen and those will kill the functionality of your nibs so make sure again that there that it's clean you can you'll notice that your new day is going to not release inc quite as well as it starts to get more used you can actually dump it, not dump it, dip it in the gum arabic and dried off after that as well in this again you know it helps sort of helps the flow of the ink um if that doesn't work, you know, maybe it's not for new nib but as faras the amount of envelopes to get out it really depends like I'm going to use more nibs if I'm doing a hundred of these probably only get like twenty out from a nib and that's from that hunt one o one so which is, you know it's just going to get less it's going to get dole faster than like the you know, ever sturdy nico so that one I can probably if I choose to use that with this which again personal preference I don't um I could probably get forty out of there this one you know the soft cotton paper on this our trio that one I think the last project I did on our true I think I used one because the whole time right yeah so you know those things just keep going going going so it's really it's pens et on your ink be on your paper and see like how much pressure you apply so if you have your hand and then the next person you're gonna go through more names and unless it actually breaks do you keep ones you discard maybe just for practice or once you stop using it do you just let it go? I just stopped yeah I mean I did and now it's a good question to you but I do I have like a little bowl on my desk of sort of like half dead nibs where it's like you know I don't really want to use this for like actual client work or like reproduction work or anything that I'm actually it's going to be seen but like for practice those who might still be good so I kind of like a sort of broken him up until like new still in the box new on my pen until they're like sort of dying and the going to bowl to die sort of thing tio can land tossem yeah but you know and then when they actually are like forster dead actually have like a jar on my shelf and it's, like, full of, like, thousands of names. So it's just like it's. Just like like now, I can't threw that out. I mean, it's, like it's, totally for, like, there's, my little graveyard on, and I like the way it looks it's, kind of a happy reminder of, like, how long I've been doing it. All that stuff. I'm not going to get, like, sentimental on you guys, but I like to have it around.

Class Description

Calligraphy is a beautiful technique for addressing wedding invitations, sending notes to your loved ones, and creating functional artwork. In Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes you’ll explore practical ways to put your calligraphy skills to work.

Bianca Mascorro will share inspiring techniques for addressing envelopes, creating signs, and personalizing artwork. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique calligraphed artwork and signage
  • Use a variety of colored inks, both off-the-shelf and custom mixes
  • Address an envelope the post office can deliver

Learn how to apply calligraphy techniques to a whole range of lettered projects in Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes with Bianca Mascorro. This class was produced in partnership with Fullosophie, an experiential and workshop-based business for creatives.


Emily Caven

The instructor provides some good examples of different ways you can address envelopes, with tips and tools to enhance your project. It would be useful if we could set the playback to a faster speed, since she can be a bit wordy :)


I'm trying to be patient as she gets through the list of class materials, but she seems very nervous and says, "Um," about 100 times! Fortunately, there is a PDF of the class supplies, so I will not have to listen to this part!