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Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes

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Materials Overview

Fullosophie, Bianca Mascorro

Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes

Fullosophie, Bianca Mascorro

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Lesson Info

1. Materials Overview

Lesson Info

Materials Overview

My name is bianca score oh I I've been doing calligraphy for nine years now and again just very excited to be here and teaching um another segment of calligraphy and actually how to be using how to use calligraphy and projects um very glad to be a creative live and thankful that philosophy introduced us it's been a lot of fun so anyhow, now that we know how to do the basics of calligraphy went over that and thieves interesting introduction in the introduction to calligraphy class and then also the flourishing and alternate letter forms class so there's a foundation there of drawing making the letter forms and using them but we actually we're going to want to use this for some practical purposes or decorative purposes really, you know, make their calligraphy beautiful in different ways. So um there's a lot of what its ways to do that you can use it in so many things, you know, if you have the right tools you can run a glass but we're gonna stick to paper today and I only chose to projec...

ts just to be able to squeeze in just enough to kind of get you guys started so I chose to do envelopes and then also just to do kind of like a more decorative sign is a sign of peace which we will do after the envelopes um we're also going to talk about color which obviously, is something that everybody loves to see with this lettering process, so, um, just goingto go over very quickly the materials that I have here, um, this obviously is not going to directly written on it is not paper, but it is a light box and this's really helpful for different projects that you're using or that you're doing. So if you need to see some guides through a sheet, this is where this comes in handy. This one is really fantastic. It just got it. It's actually just leads last for, like, fifty thousand hours straight, so I am thrilled about that's never going to go out. Um, and I chose to do bring in basically a white envelope just to get a started and then also a navy blue envelope, which, obviously we're not be able to use the dark colored ink on we want to use a light colored ink, and we will get to that, um, going to just run over the colored inks that I have here. So basically, these are all premix and not going to go over how to do that, but I will just sort of fill you in on how to do this yourself, so for the most part, I use squash it spelled g o u c h e I typically mispronounce it as go wash I don't know why but he catch me doing that please just ignore it it's goulash wash and it comes in a tube like this for the most part so this is a windsor and newton just a green um I really love to use it for colors like that green even next my own graze out of wash gold's um but for whites actually choose to use uh dr martens bleed proof white is my absolute favorite this does need to be mixed with water so does this and then if you're going to be handling it a lot or putting it through the mail, all of these banks need to be mixed with a little bit of what's called gum arabic and this not only does it help the flow of the ink, you know through your nib that also or importantly prevents it from smudging excessively, so you're going to get some smudging, but this will definitely sort of mitigate that and make sure that you know it's going to still be legible when it at the end of its trip through the mail so you know, can you want to use a lot of this and you're not gonna want to buy a big huge thing of it because it actually gets a little bit moldy, so by the time I get probably around like here it's going to be like a little bit cloudy might even show some old and then I'm gonna have to throw it out so you're just not going to want to get like a big bad of it stick with this size um and in this size bottle I probably have about six drops of it just depending on the ink I find that like the blues and purples and colors like that are very smudgy so much more so than like this gray for example um but it's, just one of those things you have to experiment with depending on the brand and the color you're gonna want toe use more or less of this you're not going to want him pointing to this the gum arabic you're not gonna want tio use too much of it at the risk of basically, you know, sacrificing just the quality of ink. Um if you put too much and it's going to become too translucent and it's just not going to have, you know, the nice quality of using the wash is just going to completely go away. So just be careful of how much you add in when you do it and as far as adding the water just started a little but a little bit I typically do a fifty fifty mix and then I build on from there if necessary um but it's obviously just easier to add a drop or two of water at a time than it is to add like mark wash so that is what I'm using here I prefer these two standard off the shelf thinks because I think that they produce better quality work the colors are more vivid, they're opaque washes completely opaque until you had too much of the gum arabic and it's um it's not light fast necessarily so if you're gonna be using a project producing a project where you going, frame it and keep it for years and years, you might want to think about some other, um some other inks basically, um and you'll actually do save the white faster on it that these condemn finitely fade, but for, you know, producing works like this, they're completely fine and they're really lovely he is. So what? I actually haven't here side plight and have gold, which separates very easily I don't know if you can see that, but it's a kind of greenish on the top and all that gold on the bottom so all these old navy mixed up and the metallics they need to be mixed up more so than the solid colors for seasoning the non metallic colors um so that is my overview very quick of colored inks and white used to use them um any question women's do you at the gum, arabic to the white, a swell, or this water is a white? Yeah, it is smudgy. Um, there is for the goals. Dr martens actually makes an iridescent copper plate gold and there's, actually, a whole year doesn't line, and those you don't have to add anything water. If it starts to become, you know, a little bit dried up, but there there's much proof. They're fantastic. They love the gold, actually, so that sort of use it interchangeably between that particular gold inc and then the squash. Um, it just depends on the paper color. Amusing, so, but I like them both the same.

Class Description

Calligraphy is a beautiful technique for addressing wedding invitations, sending notes to your loved ones, and creating functional artwork. In Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes you’ll explore practical ways to put your calligraphy skills to work.

Bianca Mascorro will share inspiring techniques for addressing envelopes, creating signs, and personalizing artwork. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique calligraphed artwork and signage
  • Use a variety of colored inks, both off-the-shelf and custom mixes
  • Address an envelope the post office can deliver

Learn how to apply calligraphy techniques to a whole range of lettered projects in Using Calligraphy for Addressing Envelopes with Bianca Mascorro. This class was produced in partnership with Fullosophie, an experiential and workshop-based business for creatives.

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Emily Caven

The instructor provides some good examples of different ways you can address envelopes, with tips and tools to enhance your project. It would be useful if we could set the playback to a faster speed, since she can be a bit wordy :)


I'm trying to be patient as she gets through the list of class materials, but she seems very nervous and says, "Um," about 100 times! Fortunately, there is a PDF of the class supplies, so I will not have to listen to this part!