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What I want to do is what we're this fits in nicely with everything we've been talking about effects many control all of these things and I have now the ability which is a really cool app that's arado developed that works with the ipad I'm there's also a version for the phone as well um and I can connect up my ipad wirelessly to then be able to control what is happening inside of surat o d j so um what I want to do is this I want to show you how to do this um so I've connected this up and let me see if I'm going to go in and ah, let me start from the very beginning because this is well it's up let me just show you okay, so are you are you guys able to get in tight on my on this ipad see there we go okay, so you can see that I've got my loops um I've got this section for auto loop, which I can switch between it's basically like another control essentially um and you'll see as I'm plain got lou, I've got the role go to the sampler basically anything that I can do anything I can do it in ...

um in toronto d j I have here even hit stop or play and the craziest part about this is that this is why this so I can completely walk away from the rig not be tied to it at all and I don't I haven't even tested how far this will act we go but I would imagine that I could go pretty far because the way that this is connecting is through direct wifi so actually setting up a direct wifi network with between your ipad and your computer so there are several steps to do that and I actually want to kind of work backwards so I showed you this and then I want to work backwards that you can see howto set this up uh the app does a really good job of of walking you through it and walking through the steps but if you want um take a look at my laptop really fast um what I can do here is, um one of the first things that you need do is create a network so you need to create a network um you can call it whatever you want um it needs tio if you want I would put security on especially if you're doing this like at a gig where like it everything is open probably not a good idea so close the network in that way you will have a direct connection between these but let me log out of surat a remote just so that I can restart it um and the wifi off turn it back on cool so when I pulled this up it says no laptop found um so I could be the connect is through usb um and now it actually recognized my um mac book pro but set up wireless here is the steps that you have to go through to do this so let's say laptops not here so it will say that you either have to connect this with the usb or set this up wirelessly so if I want to set this up wirelessly I'll click on this right here and now it have walked me through how to actually do this so he's set up ad hoc network here we go so this is this is the steps and you I'll read it for you because it's probably pretty small in your side um yeah there we go so you wantto like I did on my computer I went down to where the wife I um the airport is and I dropped down and this right here create network and I need to call the network something right and then I want to create security for so I want to create a pastor for this so let's ah just five characters don't steal my password but it's one two three four five easy enough one two three four five that we go um and I can create this network and then on this side I need to make sure that that pulls up so if I go back it's going to search is on for this so you'll see this on my can you see on my ipad let's see all right so I went back into settings on the ipad and it will say choose a network and then under that it says devices so that's the same my mac book pro that's what it's it found it so if I click on that join anyway so now it'll pop up and asking for the password so I just need to make sure that I remember that password which is one, two, three, four, five join and now they're connected so now if I go back if you can find me make sure this his own core yep there it is so not popped up just take a second all right, click on that and now we're good. So now we're connected so really cool way of being able tio then control your, um cerrado deejay with just an ipad that you might already have on dh then you know everything is already laid out for you. This is another form of a controller and it will allow you to sort of, you know have have wireless control which is even in some ways even one step you know not necessarily better but just a different approach like you could do all sorts of really cool things with this and be able to even select track so even in the center of this I'm able to put this back in even in the center of this I'm able to like you go through my my browser which you can see on my screen then we go back to court so you can see that I may believe in tow select a track drag this is one of matt's tracks select the track drag drop it on the deck may be ableto load up all my songs this way so on and then even play from here and I can go back in and even at effect so that combo effect that we're talking about pretty cool um this's actually one of my favorite of little ad on teacher's eyes surround a remote and I think it's like a really cool thing to be able to do that you also notice like for those of you might be wondering like what kind of stand this is that's here I think I ended up just getting this that guitar center and it's I forget what the companies that makes it but it's great you can actually set your ipad in and now it's actually a part of your rig can change the sort of positioning of it um changed the height of it and allow you to sort of have full control right here and it's like locked in as because you might if you have an ipad we don't have a stand for it might be kind of awkward like you wouldn't know where to put it so and that's the same with any midi controller, you know, so I would definitely recommend that if you're going to use a middie controller and attitudes set makes you figure out also the stand piece of it of where this is actually going to go and how this is going toe fit into rig and how to get comfortable matt are you ah anything that you'd like tio chime in on when in regards to surround a remote I guess the one thing I might add was that there is a little arrow on the main screen which you can pop up so you can have samples at the top and ah well you q points the bottom and that's a really great way to kind of have access to a lot of the features right away a lot of people like myself I used the samples a bunch you know when I'm playing live and I also want to be a have quick access to my cues without having toe scroll between you know the two two views so that's a nice little feature that's kind of slept on a little bit let me show them that really quick so if you guys come back to my my ipad here yes oh, here we go so right now, this was the mode that we're talking about where that you'll ever see the decks and the browser peace and now if I click on this little arrow right here that matt just brought up now we've got our sample player and now I've got my loop section that's right here and I can switch between these, so if I go to sampler now have almost all of my really advanced functions inside of the sample player like how I wanted to behave the volume of it I've got all of that right here and I can even shift between my different banks of samples I also have the slicer um and I was have affects uh um so yeah, it can ah there's a lot of really cool stuff and it's a pretty powerful app now the app itself is not free it's on the on the apple store, but it's, I believe with twenty dollars, I think it's nineteen ninety nine u s on the app store, which in my mind, I mean it then becomes a mini controller that using obviously there's the cost of the ipad, but you know, I mean, I think there's a lot of quite a few people out there that maybe having I've had already and that could be a good option for a controller for your for your gear cool, matt. Anything else that you'd like to chime in about any of these four topics that we that we just covered? I think I'm pretty good about what you've done. A really great job. Well, thank you, sir. You saved me on that on that effect, being on, but and without you, I would probably this would be cut short a bit, so thanks. Where I could help out did thanks for thanks for joining us and and through all of you guys out there, we've covered a lot. We've covered a lot in this session, and if there's, any thing else that you guys have questions on in regards to this, as matt said, there's, great resource is on cerrado, dot com. We are definitely here to help between both cerrado, um, scratch dj academy and creative live there's there's a ton of outlets, you guys tow dive even deeper into this.

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You need more than great music to make your DJ set stand out. In Serato: Advanced Techniques, DJ Hapa will share some tricks of the trade that’ll impress audiences and make your set more memorable.

Hapa has been lighting up the dance floor for more than two decades and in Serato: Advanced Techniques, he’ll show you how you can use some advanced tools to enhance your set. You’ll learn how to:

  • Record tracks with Flip
  • Save time with MIDI mapping
  • Add VJ elements to your set
  • Pick expansion packs that improve your performance

If your set is stagnated or you are ready to take your setup to the next level –  Serato: Advanced Techniques is the class for you.