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What makes a great story? According to This American Life‘s Alex Blumberg, you have to know your audience, and be sure of your facts. But more than that, you have to be able to satisfy the curiosity of your listener — and often, that takes exploring your own curiosity.

“Curiosity leads to questions. Good stories answer questions,” Alex explains. If you’re interested in something, or find yourself wondering  about the details or implications of something, ask. Other people probably have the same questions, and would enjoy a story that answers them.

Before you can even reach that point, though, you have to know what constitutes a good story.

“It took me a long time to figure it out, and over the years, I’ve developed rules of thumbs, habits, lessons, that I now want to share,” Alex explains. Which is why, on October 16, he’s coming to Creative Live to teach Power Your Podcast with Storytelling  — and he wants you to be there.

Now, you can enter to win a trip to join CreativeLive, Alex Blumberg, John Lee Dumas and other podcasting masters in San Francisco for 3 days immersive, exciting podcasting and storytelling classes.

One grand prize winner will win a trip to San Francisco to attend our upcoming podcasting courses, which includes 3 nights in a San Francisco area hotel (10/14-10/17), a $500 stipend for airfare to/from San Francisco (US-only), and a seat in our studio for Alex Blumberg’s “Power Your Podcast with Storytelling” and John Lee Dumas’ “Podcasting 101” courses.

Hope to see you there — it’ll make a great story.

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