Win two awesome cymbal stacks from Meinl Cymbals and Periphery!

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Matt and Nolly from Periphery will be here August 26-27 for “Studio Pass,” an exclusive look behind the scenes at how they work their magic in the studio with a special focus on recording drums– you can sign up here to watch the class FREE. And if that’s not enough free stuff for you, our friends at Meinl Cymbals are giving away not one but TWO cymbal stacks:

Stack #1 – Generation X 10″ Filter China with jingles with Byzance 8″ Dark Splash

“The small Filter China/Splash Stack is perfect for quick accents that cut through the mix in any musical setting. It can be used within the context of a fill or a groove, and is a great alternative to a smaller set of closed hi-hats depending on the tension of the stack.” – Matt Halpern

Stack #2 – Byzance 18″ Dark China with Byzance 17″ Jazz Medium Thin Crash

“The larger Dark China/Jazz Medium Thin Crash Stack is one of the best stack combos you can make. You can position the two cymbals a multitude of ways resulting in a big variance in sound. Whether you want something trashy and open, or something tight and aggressive, this stack combination is the way to go.” – Matt Halpern

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