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A Crafter's Guide to Starting a Subscription Business

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Copywriting for Your Subscription Product

Mei Pak

A Crafter's Guide to Starting a Subscription Business

Mei Pak

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Lesson Info

12. Copywriting for Your Subscription Product

Lesson Info

Copywriting for Your Subscription Product

So one of the aspects of marketing marketing is this huge umbrella and under marketing there's copyrighting which is basically the text description that goes along with your product he's got photography you've got social media and on blogging and all of those good things so let's talk first about copyrighting in terms of having a subscription business it's really important that you be very clear about when your sign up deadlines are and when you're when you're products are going to be shipping especially if you're on the cyclical subscription method. So for me what I do is I normally have just the schedule laid out for people to read if you sign up by august thirty first your necklace is shipped on september twenty first so on so forth and as I mentioned before in a previous segment this is really important information you pretty much want to put this in all of your communication that you have with your subscribers so previously we were talking about how to include papal buttons on you...

r website and on during when we created that there was a place for you to enter in these success page for what happens after someone checks out with your paypal button with your subscription they will land on a page where you're saying thank you and you definitely want to include kind of a schedule or a table that looks like this just so they know when to expect their shipment because I'm telling you they're probably not going to read it in your description for your product listing, so you really want to plaster this in this many places as possible, so if they missed it the first time, at least you have the second or third time to get this point across for them. A subscription is not really an easy thing to sell in the sense that it's a little bit more complicated. You don't just buy one thing and get one thing and that's the end of the story with a subscription, it really becomes a lot more complicated than that, so it's important that you really spell out everything you can on your product listing so what's a great idea because there's so much information on this product listing is some, if possible, like I think on etc, you can't change the css, so you can't make fun a different color, but you could potentially add, like asterisks or lines or dashes or whatever to kind of draw attention into different subheadings. So what I have here an example from my own website is there's a subheading for what will you get? And then you're actually spelling it out. This is what you'll get in the mail every month or every other month, and then it's a sweet surprise where I tell people the mystery element of offthe e subscription and you also want to cover all potential objections that might arise in your subscription products so one of the big things is because it's a mystery product what if they receive something they don't like? So I have it very clearly here what if I don't like my necklace? What I like to do is if they don't like it they opened they opened their package and they don't like it within seven days email me and they can swap it out with any other item from my shop on dh that really helps with lowering unsubscribed rates to which we will talk about in the next segment and after this it's not pictured in the screen shot here but tell them how to sign up and this is where I put all the final buttons from paypal as as we mentioned earlier so I would kind of spread things out for those of you guys for ordering from the u s a used this button here and a little bit on the bottom for those of you guys signing out from canada mexico sign up here and then another one for for everywhere else in the world so expanding from that in addition to all of the good stuff we just covered before that really kind of talks about the technical aspects to your subscription product you also want to talk about why your subscription product is better than your other standalone product the other products that can just get from your normal shop basically so some of the things you can say is like it's a better value you know as we talked about earlier maybe it's a better price so if you typically sell a necklace that I do for example twenty three to twenty eight dollars this is a better value because you're only paying twenty five dollars for what you would normally get where you would normally get that necklace for twenty eight or more and you really want to answer this question why should someone sign up for your subscription and it's you know you might be tempted to say well cause I want to make money right but you're not you're not going to tell your customer that so really that question is masqueraded as how will it make them feel so a few ways that you can you know it could be fun subscriptions a really fun for people subscriptions are exciting there their hands off where if you remember where I showed you my friends etc shop tiny galaxies it was stressful for me trying to figure out which color I wanted for hearings and for a long time I didn't buy anything from her because I just could not decide which pair of earrings I wanted so if she had a subscription product I would have just signed up for that and just let her choose it for me so whenever you're writing product descriptions and this is more of the general, you know, copyrighting techniques for any sort of product that you were trying to sell really appealed to their emotions and their feelings some ways you can do that in relation specifically to selling a subscription product you can talk about how it's less stress and making decisions picking out a gift like in my situation I was stressed out trying to figure out a color it's always the worst things like colors to me like a little tiny variations that really tripped me up in like, oh, just just just choose it for me but even from my own tiny hands online dot com website for my own jewelry because I have fifty different food types that you can order from I always get people saying like I can choose because of your if you're accustomed you're my ideal customer you probably have a sweet tooth you probably love food you love candy you come to my shop everything is going to appeal to you the lollipops, the cupcakes, the doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies they're all going to be good so it's a great way for someone for if they can't decide, they can just sign up for the subscription and I can choose it for them another way to appeal to their emotions and feelings is you can tell him you don't have to keep up with reordering so if it's something for like, if you if you sell a consumable products at bath and body product, if you actually sell food it's a you can tell him when you run out, I'll just send you and you want because you are already on the subscription and I'll send you knew new products that you might like that would be good for your skin, etcetera, and you can just say it's fun you know something as simple as that? You really don't have to get too complicated when I talk about emotions and feelings fun in itself, it's a great feeling and it's a great way for you to tell someone that it's going to be fun for you few joined the subscription it's going to make you smile, it's going to be exciting on dh. That in itself is a great way, it's a great benefit for why people should join your subscription and if you haven't yet, you know this is another thing with marketing and copyrighting features versus benefits, so features when we're talking about copyrighting really it's more about the physical description, how would you describe the actual product? So it would be the size it would be the materials what's made off, it would be the the process, how did you make it? So I know a lot of people we tend to just look at a product and that's how we tend to type are type out our product description is we would go based off of just describing the product but I really want to take that I want you to take that step further and talk about the benefits so how will it benefit the customer what's in it for them if they bought it because they're not going to buy it just because it's one inch tall they're not going to buy it because it's made out of polymer clay so really again going back to the emotions to the feelings how will it make them feel right really really really think about that andan that goes back to where I talked about with marketing the non sleazy way really get to the bottom of how your products make people feel and that you know going back to that once you've sold a few pieces and if you've been in business for a while really pay attention to the feedback that you're getting from your customers what like specific words have they been saying back to you after they purchased from you after you ship out the product and they perceived it you've probably received a few of those yourself and you can just how what are they saying? You know in their own words what are they saying to you how it helps with their lives so let's look an example just to give you an idea for what? What could be better? Okay, so this is a before example of a pair of candy corn hearings that I sell on my web site. I chose the candy corn hearings because at at the time of the filming for this workshop it's halloween and around the corner so here's an example the's candy corn hearings are great for halloween. They are made from palm a clay and measures and inch long they have surgical steel hearing hoax for sensitive years. So all of for the most part, all of this is you describe for me describing the product physically this is what I can see right surgical steel hearings it's made from palmer clay it's an inch tall and the only real benefit here is that this these candy corn hearings are great for halloween. I've seen so many shop listings that kind of look like this where the benefit, if you have if you even have a benefit it's like a really tiny, tiny little sentence and the rest of it is just describing the product physically. So I think this condemnatory be expanded. If your product description looks like thiss and let's see what it looks like after enjoy your end of your festivities with these super cute and uber realistic candy corn hearings, now you have really good reason to pass on the leftover halloween and thanksgiving candy. These hearings sure last a lot longer and the best part yet they come with zero calories, so you see how kind of fun and cute that is, and it talks about how, like, if you love food, you can buy food hearings and you don't have to worry about the calories and it's just kind of a really quirky way to really get to people kind of where they are in their emotions and here's the thing I didn't write this, I am not good with copyrighting I am not like I'm so bad with words it's not even funny, so if you're kind of like me and you're not good with words and you don't think you can create a really cool product description that talks about the benefits and the features benefits in the feelings and the emotions, you can hire that out something like this and actually for the candy corn hearings, I believe there was actually a little bit more of a description. This was just the first part of it for something like this, it was like three to five hundred words, I got it for six dollars and it's amazing and here's the thing, so a great place for you to get. Copyrighting help some websites that come to mind is like up work u p w o rk dot com elance dot com fiverr dot com that's f v rr dot com this specific lady that I worked with was amazing she was she's actually based in the uk and her hourly rate that she offered me was twelve dollars an hour and she could crank out thes amazing words that just like they're like they're like I don't know she's he's amazing but she could write like three product descriptions for me in an hour and that would be about four to six dollars andi it's you know you don't have to do it yourself if you're not good at this stuff because I know this is definitely not one of my strong suits I let someone else do it for me and I just wanted to ask you how often you have felt people asking for in exchange for your necklace not very often, not very often andi, I actually we'll talk about this a little bit more later but sometimes I create a necklace that not many people like, which is unfortunate because sometimes I feel like, wow, this looks really cool and then they send it off and it turns out my subscribers don't like it and in those scenarios than I would know that they don't like it because they want to ask the either try to unsubscribe or they will ask for an exchange eso like a recent one that I did really didn't go so well and I think I had maybe three or four people asked for exchanges and that out of the seventy that's a lot um and so these people are really nice about it too you know they're very respectful they're apologizing that I'm so sorry and I don't mean any disrespect but I don't really like this design can I change it out for something else? Yeah so I'm not very often yeah so thank you pages and emails so this thank you page again as I mentioned before this is really a confirmation page that you can create on your own website if you have shopify you can create a new page if you have war press just create a new page for the most part of you have a website builder there's the option for you to create a new page and you can name that page like subscript subscription success or thank you you name it something like that and then in that email in that page you really want to be communicative and really spell out what they can expect you know all this technical stuff tell them when their jewellery shipping when their product is shipping when they're going to be nick spilled how they can get in touch with you how they can cancel all of that good stuff put it on there and in terms of emails because thiss workshop early is designed around how to do this all d I y and doing it manually it would be a good idea tio I have a whole a list of their email addresses of people who have subscribe subscribed to your subscription or if you have a weber or male chamber meant meanie put these guys in a list and email list and it is a great idea for you to send out periodic emails to them like you know two weeks after they sign up just reiterate to them thank you for being a part of this subscription this is when you can expect your product to ship and just really communicate it's like with any relationship or relationship with your customer or relationship with your spouse just communicating is really key so even with your customers really communicate with them so they know what to expect is really important on drily enhances that hole customer experience you know it makes them happy so remind them every cycle when their package will ship if you have an email list it's a great idea for you too just send a broadcast out telling everyone hey sign ups are open make sure you sign up and a few days before your sign ups clothes send an email to them again find ups are closing soon you if you were planning on making your purchase you better sign up now before you forget this is something that's really easy to do that's not necessarily marketing, but can really maybe potentially driving an extra one or two subscriptions. Tio your business, so use highly visible, visible placements on your website to draw attention to your club. And so I mentioned a few examples earlier, but hello bar is a really great way to add a sticky bar to the top of your website, so no matter where you are on your web site, no matter what page you're on, no matter if you're scrolling up or down, that bar is always going to be visible to your customers. So it's a great way to draw attention to something in particular. What I like to use hello bart to is just to encourage people to sign up to my mailing list, but what's nice is you can swap the text out and then you can tell people sign ups are closing soon joined the necklace off the month club. Now click this button and I did mention also there is a slide in box that you could get at sumo me and I believe that only works on wordpress websites for those of you guys who are on wordpress, but what I really like about the slide in box it's, a very non invasive way to draw attention to something because it only really pops up after you scroll down page a little bit and this little cute little box slides up from the bottom corner off the website and you can put really pertinent information on their tell people your subscription is closing soon you can sign up here yet a yeti eta another way you could do this, and you might have seen this on some other people's web sites is to have a little sticky tabs that appear on the sides of your website, and if you're using wordpress, there are some plug ins that you can use for that, and some of the the better shopping carts like shopify do have add ons that you can have little tabs that stick to the side of your website. So the sides of your website are not normally things that aren't is not normally a place where you have things on so it's a really great place to put a little sticky tab on their count, like a post it note everyone's going to see it because it's kind of just standing there all by itself and then lastly, pop ups, pop ups are really, really effective, and I know that a lot of us feel like pop ups or kind of like they're very invasive and there. A lot of people are uncomfortable with using them because they're afraid of turning away their customers. I used a pop up from my website to collect email list subscribers and it's very, very effective, and I think a few ways for you to make sure your pop ups are not as not as invasive as as they normally are is to make sure that you have a timer set up for your pop up, so don't show your pop up right away and which I know a lot. I think I've seen a lot of sites who, when they have utilized pop ups, it always just comes up right away before the whole page, even loads and that's when you don't want the pop up to show up because you're like, I didn't even get a chance to see your product and you're trying to shove something in my face. So if you're able to use a plug in or an app to create a pop up where you can set the timer for it so only after they've been on your website for ten seconds, twenty seconds, because that really ensures that all these persons here to stay this person's interested in your product so when you actually show a pop up, they're going to be much more receptive of what you have to say.

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Not sure where your next sale will come from? A subscription product or business eliminates the guess work and is a great way to secure a steady paycheck. Find out how it is done in A Crafter's Guide to Starting a Subscription Business with Mei Pak.

Mei is a veteran jewelry-maker who earns her living by selling online. In this class, she’ll teach you everything you need to launch and run a successful subscription business. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create the ideal product for your subscribers
  • Package your product to move
  • Add more subscribers every month
  • Establish and maintain organizational systems
  • Engineer an amazing customer experience and keep customers happy

You’ll learn all of the logistics for running a subscription product business. Mei will show you how to manage your tasks including how to; collect payments, get existing customers to buy a subscription, print bulk shipping labels, and much more.

If you have a product your customers love and want to earn a consistent income by selling more of it every month, A Crafter's Guide to Starting a Subscription Business with Mei Pak is the perfect class for you.

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