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The Unboxing Experience

Lesson 17 from: A Crafter's Guide to Starting a Subscription Business

Mei Pak

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17. The Unboxing Experience

Lesson Info

The Unboxing Experience

So imagine you shipped off your products to your customer and imagine them going on to their mailbox. What is the first thing they see be a packing envelope or the box that you have it in, right? So how can you make that more special? Something that I like to do, actually, at one point was I ship all my products and great bubble mailers on the really dreary, and I found a really great place that sold really hot pink ones on dso that's really cute, you know, all the mail you're getting is all, like, probably bills and all these dreary, boring stuff that you get and all these promotional stuff that you don't want. And then when you say this hot pink bubble mailer, you're going to like, wow, what's, that that looks really cool. So for any way that you can make your packaging outside, I mean it's just as important as the product that's inside, right? The entire experience that you take your customers through that's all part of this whole package. So potentially what you could do if you can...

't, you know, if you don't want to spend or you don't have the budget to, for example, get like custom custom printing or packaging done for your shipping packaging, I mean, that's an option but what you could do is print custom stickers and you know put a bunch of stickers on the outside of your packaging that would at least make it stand out that would make it look cute and while she tape I don't know I mean I think a lot of you guys air into why she taped right so maybe decorate the packaging with cute tape think of some ways that you can make the outside packaging looked great also consider if you need to use a box or a pet it envelops I mentioned I use a bubble mailer it just works out better it's lighter it's cheaper boxes or create because I think they give much more like this is really exclusive like this is the really high quality shipment but some other problems with boxes is that sometimes they don't fit in mailboxes and sometimes they get returned to the post office and then sometimes they also add to the weight and then you have to end up paying more for shipping so it's you know given take it's really up to you if you want to do boxes or not and then you know as the person opens the package now they're opening the box or the the envelope what's inside it what else are they seeing you could have packaging peanuts or you can have you know really go through from when the person goes out to their mailbox and really envision them going through that process of sitting down opening like cutting open the box and opening opening it up in any way step off in any step of that process how can you surprise them in a positive wait how can you make them smile how can you make them feel good through that process and then now we're down to the packaging itself for your product what I really like to do for tiny hands jewelry is I like to give box every single piece on and this is just in built into my pricing and built into the shipping cost but it's people love it people of it they don't ask for it so instead of shipping things and little ziploc bags or in little plastic sleeves think of how you can make it look really fancy so that it feels especially if you are creating a gift product how can you make it feel like gift to the person who bought it without having them to go through the trouble of going out to target by the bubble wrap and two by wrapping paper and paper bag to put everything in if you figure that all out for them they're going to be that much happier and then think about the overall branding for everything a company that I really love with their bet branding and their packaging is mod cloth if you guys have ever been to it and o d c l o th they they're an excellent fashion brand, and I love all the dresses they have, but in every step of the way they're packaging is all custom branded there, packing slips inside if they're cute little dog that's their pug is a mascot for their brand, so they have been sitting there looking really cute so in in every way that you can try to include your branding in your packaging in the shipping packaging as well. And what I like to do is include a call to action, so maybe it's a card, maybe it's a packing slip, but what I like to do is ask people, are you happy with your purchase? If you all right love to see a photo of you in it or you can post and let me know on social media and here's where to find b or send me an email or if you're unhappy with your purchase also, please let me know I want you to be happy with with your experience, email me here so normally just even saying those two things in in a note or in a packing slip in the in the in the order that you sent them a lot of people, I mean, if you don't say that no one is going toe or maybe a couple of people, but just in saying that so much more people are going to start giving you feedback and they're going to start emailing you so it's a good idea to try to include something like that here are a few examples of some of the packaging I usedto have my boxes all custom printed and they would all ship flat and what was really annoying about that was it looked really cute, but I had tio, like spend a whole day and I have tio I'd have to commission my husband to come in to help me, and we all be sitting there on the couch and we have glue gun in hand and while just glowing gun, everything in it, we'd get ge lugar glue gun burns and it was just a whole mess and it looks cute, but it was just too much work. So then I moved on to just having regular gift boxes with kind of jewelry package ings card inside so that the necklace can sit nicely and then with the paper door lead to kind of cover and concealment up. So if it's a surprise or a mystery to some one, then you can't really see what's inside it, and then this you can see I like tying it off with some nice ribbon and every order is shipped off this way and a lot so many people are so happy with the packaging

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