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Finding Your Ideal Customer

Lesson 10 from: A Crafter's Guide to Starting a Subscription Business

Mei Pak

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10. Finding Your Ideal Customer

Lesson Info

Finding Your Ideal Customer

So we're talking about subscription products, right? And in this section I want tio to help you understand better how you can promote your subscription product for the most part it's pretty similar to promoting any regular product but just so that we're all on the same page and you know, people watching us and in the audience might be coming in from different positions or different phases in their businesses so let's just to start from the very beginning and talk about some of the basics and then some of the more advanced marketing techniques that I can share with you today so from the very get go if you've done any marketing course or if you've done any research on how to do marketing for the most part I think everyone's going to ask you to start with your ideal customer profile who is the customer you are trying to target so I want you to know her like, you know, your best friend okay get really, really specific. So I think for a lot of us we were familiar with doing ideal customer e...

xercises, you know? They're always asking what's her name, what does she look like? What does she wear? What music does she listened to? What are her values? Et cetera, but every time I I see someone's answers to those questions they're always getting to general on dh not specific enough and that doesn't really help you really hone in on who you're really ideal customer is so for example this is one I think I find to me implies that it's not specific enough is normally the first one of the first two questions in an in an ideal customer profile exercise it always ask you what's your name what's there what age are they? How old are they? And then people are always answering twenty five to fifty five for twenty five to thirty five and even twenty five to thirty five is not a small or specific enough answer. You wouldn't say your best friend is twenty five to fifty five you actually know how old she is? She's thirty three her name's vanessa for example. Okay, so really get specific on that a great question for you to answer when you're really thinking about your ideal customers what what other brands? Shia consumer off what clothing does she wear? What brands does she shop from? What kinds of foods does she eat and basically get a really good understanding or paint a picture of this person and and what she shops with? What does she spend money on? And if if she spends money and clothes, what brands are they? If she spends money on self improvement, what brains does she buy? Self improvement courses or workshops or books from so when you can get specific like that, it really helps you position yourself in in in regards to those other brands. So if you like, if you if you actually come from a position where you've never done an ideal customer exercise before, you can actually download one on my website at creative hive co dot com slash ideal customer, and this is includes five really great pages of great questions and prompts to really ask for you to ask yourself who your ideal customer is. So in speaking more, you know, that's backtrack a little bit, why is this important? Why can't we market to everyone? So if we tried to market to everyone, the the problem is not everyone is going to like our product and it's kind of it's counterintuitive to think this way, but it really helps with your marketing efforts. It really helps you focus on your messaging. You know, the branding that you give out there in social media posts that you put out there, the tone of your e mails and things like that. So at any one point, if your business is if it's kind of all over the place and you're kind of creating products for all different types of people that can kind of trip you up in terms of how to market that to other people because you could market it to so many different groups of people and that can confuse you, and then you're not sure what you're branding should be and then it's just a big mess. So as long as the moment you can really hone in and get really targeted on that specific person, um, the easier it's your marketing is going to be basically ondas, I said, is really counterintuitive. When I first started with this, I had no idea who my person wass and if you're new in business, like when I was doing business, your best bet is to make and your best educated guess right make this person up. This isn't like a really like two plus two equals four type of exercise. This is really an abstract, kind of just like you're creating a vision board or a mood board or something you're making this person up. Chances are, this person does exist out there in the world and be open to making changes to this, so if you've gone through the exercise and at the ideal customer pdf but you're going to download, if you go to creative high co dot com slash ideal customer, and you come up to this certain personality type, you have this person in your mind and then once you start selling your products and you get into business and you do all this marketing stuff in three, four, five months down the road, you find that the person that's buying your stuff isn't exactly the person that you had drawn or pictured in here. That's. Totally okay. That's. Totally fine. Could be open to making changes as we go along that healthy, as long as you're able to adapt. Aa lot of small business in general that's, a great skill toe have is just to be able to adapt quickly to when, when things don't work out, just work. Go with the flow, right?

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