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Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

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Creating Effective Inner Shadows in Adobe® Photoshop®

Traci Reed

Shadowing in Adobe Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers

Traci Reed

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Lesson Info

17. Creating Effective Inner Shadows in Adobe® Photoshop®

Lesson Info

Creating Effective Inner Shadows in Adobe® Photoshop®

That's all right in a shadow because I covered it, but I didn't actually teach on it yet, so the inner shadow makes it look like things are cut out. So the way that let's talk about the background papers, the way that it looks now is that you have the bottom background paper, and then the blue papers are on top of it, which is awesome and normal. But what if you wanted to be a little bit more funky than that? You can add the in her shadow instead of the drop shadow and make it look like the blue papers are actually on the bottom. So you want to have, um ah, hard edge on this because it's paper and let's do thirty two, fifteen and three and then we want to have linear burn so you can see about her. Now, if I zoom in, you can see that it looks like it's cut out. Now, the problem that we have is that we have this inner shadow right here, tio I'm agile layout that doesn't make any sense, so, uh, we could do a couple of things we can make. The inner shadow have its own layer style are its o...

wn layer, saying that the inner shatter layer style have its own layer, and then we can go in and we can weigh can erase so let's, we all we have to do is click just a little bit we want we want the top shadow to still be there like we want the top shadow to still be there. So we want to a race just below the top shadow, so make sure your inner shadows, like did start right here and then instead of trying to erase all the way down, just scroll all the way down and hit shift and click again while you're hitting shift and it will erase it all in a straight line. So you do that or we can be rebels and we can break the rules again, and I actually prefer this method, and I just like to change the change the angle of the lighting because I think it gives it a nice contrast. So if we change the angle to the opposite age, we don't have that problem with the shadow on the other side anymore. Now, it's super fun to do these kind of things you can do with pictures you khun dio with journaling cards you can do with just about anything, it probably wouldn't make sense on flowers. Yeah, that wouldn't be very good, um, but you can do it if we did it, tio, if we carried on this and ignore the shading. We can add it here and it'll look like the card is actually cut out of the background paper and it's just can give you such a different effect two year layouts and make it look so much different than if you were just adding shadows everywhere. Has anyone ever used in a shadow before? You don't ever make cutouts? What if you wanted? How about what if we wanted hum? What if we wanted to cut our title out that's easy too? So we'll we'll just write thin way have to have a big fund ariel bold and make it really big and I need my text palette, character, someone making all upper case it's probably too big so this was really cool because you can do so many things with the inner shadow so let's say way! We just wanted it to be black let's put it somewhere where it fits just a black word or weaken clip a paper to it and make it a paper. So we apply the inner shadow and it looks cut out, but because we're using the inner shadow instead of something destructive, like actually cutting it out of the paper, I could go back and say, hey, I like that, but, um I'm gonna clip uh, I'm gonna clip the valium to it instead, I'm going to make a vellum cut out her spend thirty is so what happens is you can clip it but that's a problem but magic of photo shop is you can clip it and now you can drop uh you could drop the fill of the of the words and they disappear was clipped command create any layer drop show off copy the inner shadow and now you can have a valium cut out you can have, you can clip photos to it. You can always change your mind down the road because it's not destructive felons a little bit harder, but I can take my my photo, which makes no sense but hello finn who actually would be cool with some photos though? Take my fill my fill back up tio one hundred percent is that you can add to the right of that fellow on top you gonna have photos, toe words and make him look cut out. It would be really cool with really big titles like blocky titles. Yeah, so it's a really fun way to be to just change the way that you do things and really think outside the box when it comes to your dish scrapbooking because we all kind of get in habit of doing the same thing over and over and over again, but at some point most of us, like, want to kick it up to them the next level and play around and we go in her shadow had added back it's pretty cool even as digital scrap bookers you'll know things that the person sitting next to you won't know what you're like that's easy I have known that forever but because it's your own journey and your own like experimentation you assume that other people know things but when you yeah yeah even such little things like removing the layer styles from the palate yearly as you like I'm like yeah well yeah you just told donald sean n y r v r is saying I'm so loving all of these new ways to do shadowing omar omg there's just so many new things to learn and to practice wow yeah like I said in the very beginning of the class it's a lot of information it's so much new stuff that do you really you have to process it one piece at a time try one new thing at a time and once you've got that down and added another new thing but tracy, do you have any sort of final force of this particular course that you'd like to leave our live audience with when I first thought about taking this course and I propose it to a few different people they're like how are you going to spend hours and hours on shadows like that is just something we go click click click click and you done e by style, you and you click yeah, but so it's, so interesting to me to see the reactions and in the audience and online, two things that I thought that were simple, that are just like they blow your mind when you think when you stop to think about it and so that's why I think shadows so important shadowing is so important because you can take a layout from just basic, plain old plain jane layout, which works perfectly and is great for your, um, your own personally uses, but then you can take it to the next level and you can make something really beautiful like this explains why when you're looking through a gallery and you see a layout that's good, and then you see them that cried. My god, this is amazing and especially the super realistic one so amazing! And so I hope that we've demystified it of it and like you guys understand a little bit more photo shop can be daunting for digital scrap pickers, so I hope that you guys understand it a little bit more and that you feel confident and going forward and at least playing with it, trying to figure it out and saying, ok, if I want my journal card to look toe look like it spending up. How do we do that? Ok, well, I remember that we use the warp function. So, yeah, I really hope that it's just taken your shadow appreciation to a new level.

Class Description

Learn how to create more polished and photorealistic scrapbook layouts with Traci Reed in Shadowing in Adob® Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

Shadowing adds depth and perspective to scrapbook layouts, but stock Adobe® Photoshop® shadow effects can look artificial. In this class, you’ll learn techniques that make adding and modifying shadows a simple process that yields believable results. Traci will teach you how to create shadows that fit the texture and composition of the elements you are using and look great on the screen and the printed page. 

You’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of Adobe Photoshop shadows
  • Realistic shadowing of objects
  • Options for adding finishing touches

If you want to create more photorealistic pages, produce product for sale, or just take your design skills to the next level join Traci for Shadowing in Adobe®Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers.

For even more advanced scrapbooking tips check out Layering in Photoshop for Digital Scrapbookers & Design Layouts in Photoshop.



I bought all three of Traci's classes and am very impressed. Even though I consider myself a professional Photoshop user, I learned some great new tips and tricks. Not only that, I found the classes inspiring and it kicked my digital scrapbooking creativity up a few levels. More than worth the money. Easy to watch, inspiring and a great teacher.

L. Phillips

This class was fascinating and moved at a good pace. Scrapbookers these days use so many varied Photoshop skills and are some of the most creative thinkers around. I learned so many practical - use it right now! - tricks for shadowing any kind of object and make styles out of them for one-click usability. There's a bit much of the biography section at the front of the class but I felt the usable information was enough to warrant the purchase so I can skip the personal section. Traci is a friendly and clear speaker, and a wealth of knowledge. She should definitely be featured in more advanced scrapbooking classes AND even for creating vector embellishments!

a Creativelive Student

Awesome class! WOW, I had no idea about the world of shadowing. I just started digital scrapbooking and knew my layouts were lacking something and now I know what...depth! I definitely feel more confident now in adding shadows to my pages and I have also graduated from Elements to the full version of PS thanks to Traci's suggestion. I am headed now to search for more classes by Traci. Thanks for a great class!