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Using Animoto Slideshow Videos to Grow Your Business

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Choosing the Right Music with Roy Ashen

Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Kelly Brown, Jared Platt

Using Animoto Slideshow Videos to Grow Your Business

Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Kelly Brown, Jared Platt

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2. Choosing the Right Music with Roy Ashen


Lesson Info

Choosing the Right Music with Roy Ashen

And now we're here with Roy Ashen, who is the founder, co founder and CEO of Triple Scoop Music, which is the world's leading licensing service for creative professionals. And we couldn't have anyone better to be teaching you about the power of music and how you can emotionally charge your clients and your videos with music and how to choose the right music, which is something that could be incredibly challenging. And you can spend hours and hours and hours doing. But music is so important. Teoh your sideshow videos. So please help me. Welcome Roy Ashen. Welcome. Thank you, canna everybody. It's good to be here. So Triple Scoop Music was founded 10 years ago on a simple but powerful idea that photographers and creative professionals needed access to better music. Right, the kind of emotionally charged music that makes your clients by more that makes marketing easier. And we're absolutely thrilled to be a partner with an emoto. We love these guys. They're technology's amazing. What they...

do for the industry is amazing. So I'm thrilled to be here. Um, introduce triple scheme music. If you're not familiar with us, we might as well use the power of music to do it. So here we go on my mind. Hey, I screamed. Play, Don't don't have Teoh way Music has the power to change. How people feel about your images and the power of triple skin music in Enomoto makes it easy to really create amazing slideshow videos for your clients and market yourself. But many people identify as being a photographer. You might introduce yourself. Hi, I'm a photographer, but deep down beyond that, your storyteller and there's a lot of types of stories that we're telling. There's the stories for your clients that could be high school seniors or weddings or portrait sor babies newborns. There's the story of your business, which is an entirely different type of story, right, and there's never been a better time to create these stories and share them. They can help you grow more revenue, and they can certainly help you supercharge your marketing. Now, one of the things that photographers frequently are challenged by is how do we know what the perfect song is for my Enomoto slideshow video. Now the good news is it's incredibly easy to do and a moto and troublesome musical partner. If you're a pro, uh, subscriber. There's over 1000 songs waiting for you and a really cool music selector that makes it fast to find that good, good track. But it still is important to think about what story you're telling me. We're gonna talk about some techniques today and show some examples that show how the music, the power of music can change the meaning and the impact of ah, slideshow or a video. Now why is it important? It's because music is emotion. Write music has the power to supercharge the emotion that's really there in your images, right? We're enhancing the story that you're already telling. Now if you have ever heard the phrase when they cry, they buy. I mean, it's a compliment. And it's something that photographers say frequently because it's a testament to the power of emotion to help you sell more. Right. When people are emotional, they're more likely to buy. They're more likely to click to share that video, the more likely to call their friends there. Oh my God, you can't believe what they made form A music creates that emotional engagement. Have you ever seen an Apple ad with an IPad or an IPhone, and you get emotional watching a commercial. We'll hit mute next time, and it turns right back into a computer, right? So music is a powerful part of storytelling. Now there's a stat that Vanessa talked about, and I'm sure you hear frequently today. But there's a combined 12 billion views of videos, and I say videos. I'm also talking about slide shows on social media. Facebook YouTube, right. You should be part of that, right? That's gonna help you find a whole new collection of customers and clients to grow your revenue in your business. Now, um, one of the other staff that I thought was interesting of the people share 5 to 10 times Mawr. When it's a slideshow or video with music than they do is a single static post. Now it's still great to post those awesome instagram images and photos. But if you really want to grow your business, the power of an emoto to help you easily create those type. That type of content is huge. Now are you selling in silence? This is a powerful question that I think every photographer needs to ask themselves, because I have seen many many photographers of there's really talented ones. When they present images to their client, you can hear crickets chirping in the background. Now what happens when you're looking at photos and there's no other emotional stimuli happening? You're probably stuck in your own head. You're thinking the client is probably thinking, Can I afford this? How many prints am I gonna buy? Um, how many pages were gonna be in my book? Do I look fat? And that whatever right? The thing is, when you sell in silence the customer, your client is gonna fill that silence with something, and more than likely, it's going to be their doubts, their reservations, their fears. It's not. It's not that they don't love the images. It's usually based on their how much they want to spend, how much they want to do. You know, all those things that we all we all do. But what happens when you add music? Well, first, I'm gonna show you, um, a video that just stock photography, stock, stock video, and there's no music. And as you want it, I want you to think about this for a second. What's happening in your own mind, right? Now, if you're like me, you're thinking, What is this? What does it mean? This is the way our brains work, right? What does it mean? What does it mean to me? Who is that person? What are they doing? Why should I care? Now? Take the same video and just add music Now. It's not just about adding any music. It's about adding music that creates an effect on people. Here's an example. This is something tha what was amazing to me, and I wish you would have a camera for this is watching your faces. When you saw the first version and the second person, the first version everybody had kind of a blank look on their face is watch your clients when you do this, playing an Emoto video with triple ski music and you can watch that reaction. I think the NASA even talked about the reaction or clients that, of course, as soon as the kittens and the baby came up, everybody was like, so great. I love that so much. But now that's just a very simple example. Those those videos don't even really have anything to do with each other. But it was a completely different experience because this is how we grow up in the world. We grew up with mass media. We grew up with TV shows and movies that we love. We're looking for meaning. How do you start practicing this? When will you can do it is to start studying the TV shows, the movies that you love, the commercials even cover. Why do I love this? What is it about this? Because, remember, you're practicing being a master storyteller. Your clients need to trust you to be a master storyteller, that your collecting, collecting the stories of their lives. Now one thing you could do is think of music. Is the character another character in your story? Right, the characters or the family or the Children, or whatever it or you as a business owner? But the music is also a character, and obviously it's important that character play well with all the others. And if you ever wonder if music is really that important, just hit mute right when you're watching or listening anything that's really engaging, you go. Yeah, I think this is pretty good. Hold on and let it keep playing and you'll see if you feel something really missing? Um, another thing that we talk about in the music space is how Hollywood's top filmmakers use music. Now think about this for a second. They have $100,000, million movies, and they have 90 seconds with the trailer to get you off the couch away from your Netflix subscription and into the movie theater. I mean, that is some pretty amazing pressure. Um, I don't even understand that pressure. Frankly, it's incredible, right? This whole film is riding on getting you engaged. And how did they do it? Well, they use every tool available to create emotional impact video clips, photos, um, text, graphics, the speed of the transitions, the editing. Now, if you didn't figure it out already, an Emoto gives you all of this. They do the motion graphics for you. You can control the speed of the photos and your presentation to match the music. Work can do it automatically, which still kind of magical to me. How they do that, obviously of 1000 plus triple scoop music songs available is a pro subscriber. You can add text, right, so this gives you an easy way to put all the pieces together. But another way of putting it is that storytelling is like baking, which actually like I mean, I like chocolate. I like garlic. Not gonna mix them together, right? All the ingredients need to be working together in harmony. When you're making any type of slideshow or video again with this platform, it super easy. But I guarantee you, if you take a minute to think about this before you make your next an emotive slideshow, it's gonna improve. What? It might be good already. You're gonna make it great. The way you make it great is by just like the way if you have you ever baked anything, you don't start throwing things in the bowl and then figure out what it's supposed to be when it's done. Okay, I've done it a few times and it doesn't work out. You think about all the ingredients, all the images, the images, the video clips that you're taking, the music that you're selecting, the text that you're gonna put if you put text in there, right? The animal has all these great video styles. Which style matches your story, right? Think about this as a complete package, and it's gonna be much, much stronger now. Music can help you share and showcase life most life's most important moments. And so I was fortunate that photographer Kelly Brown, who's amazing, gave me a folder full of newborn images from a recent shoot. Don't want to do a show you three different an Emoto videos all create. I Did him all over the weekend, had a blast, and changing the music complete to me changes the meaning, the feeling of what I focus on. Let's see the 1st It's beautiful, right? Kelly is amazing. I mean, cheers to Kelly. It's adorable. Adore, baby. Now when I see that from my perspective, I'm feeling this music gives me the sense of a new life, right. This is precious new life existing in the world. For the first time, it's tender, it's intimate. You can also go completely different direction. So let's try something else. The baby's cute, but come on that owl. It's adorable. Alright, completely different feel. So why is that important? It's important because you are the person who's directing your the Steven Spielberg of your an Emoto video experience, right? You get to choose how all the ingredients fit together. Tell a story now that one to me. Actually, it feels more like a celebratory message of the family. Sort of like Hey, look who showed up this this new guys here and also again I'm studying everyone's faces in the audience, watching the difference in the 1st 1 You know, people. They that the serene music, the slower pacing you can control the pacing of the photos, which is great, actually. When I was building the an emotive video drag, drag the slider and I experimented a little bit. Which one fits the story better? So the 1st I slowed down the pace of the videos. It does it automatically if you want, but you can play with it. This one. I sped it up. It's a little more a little more upbeat when we're happy. Let's try one more with the same exact photos singing Teoh E. I love all three of these, and this is the thing that happens a lot. So I love all three of them. But which one? If you're my client, which one you're gonna get? Which one should I give you? And this is part of the decision that you make is the director of your Enomoto video. Right? And this happens for every single client. So we're gonna talk about we're going to one more example and we're gonna talk about the specific techniques you can use. They're gonna keep you on track every time without fail. Um, Jared Platt is here today. He's a good friend. Incredible photographer. Amazing instructor. Um, and, uh, we took a folder of his images to Now again, this isn't just about newborns. This isn't just about weddings. This could be for any story. That's the amazing thing about the combination of an emoto and triple skip music. Right? Could be you. Could be a small business. I think Vanessa mentioned corporate videos. Absolutely. What if you're a retailer? Absolutely right. There's every single person, whether you're making him for your family. If you're making him for your business. If you're a business that sells slide slide shows or videos to your clients, you can get something out of this platform. But Jared's a wedding photographer, so let's use some of his those crazy as way Very. I'm counting on. I see some feet tapping in the audience on that one. It's a great song, right? So music can enhance the energy. Music can also bring out in the heart and soul of your work. Same images, different Enomoto style, different music way, way, Teoh. Completely different. Completely beautiful. It depends on the story you're telling. So again, same images. You have so much power in terms of this music, the music that you choose, an animal video style you select. And the choices are very, very wide. There's so much there for you. Um I did all of these over the weekend. Each one probably took me five or 10 minutes. You know, I had some fun playing around with the different controls. It was super easy is probably the first time I've made this money. And if I can do it, I'm a musician, not a photographer, not ah, videographer, you know? So you guys are gonna have a great time using it. Let's do one more for Jared. Can we take a little time back porch in a rocking chair? Leave the lot on. I'll be meeting you out there. Reminisce Every moment passed, Bothered time to share you and I groan all together. We stood and faced a leather want No, no, Your muscle We're going to take it slow little things you do I love about you Hold you close Like the day we met much you're allowed and pulled in sky tonight Star story again Same folder of images and each one for me Anyway, when I'm looking, I'm focusing on something different. The one just before that had the really slow, sort of heart wrenching, poignant song. To me, it was about this love that's gonna last forever. It's infinite. This one is more romantic. It's about the couple, right? The 1st 1 was more about the celebration of the day. It all those those air, subtle differences. But they make a profound impact on you what the audience is gonna feel. So here's your chance to get it right. This stock photography, baby that you see on your screen right now I need you to get get it right. So we're gonna talk about the two steps. That's how easy it is to steps when you're ever you're thinking about music with your video or slide show. The first thing that I'd like you to do is define this story take out a piece of paper could be opposed to note and just write down a couple of sentences. Whose story are you telling? Whose story is it? The story of two people on the day they fell in love is that the story of two families coming together is the story of ah, new life. Is it? Is it their first baby? Is it their fifth? Is this somebody graduating high school in the promise you know of the few bright future for them? Is this a small business and the love that they have for providing great service to their clients whose story you're telling this huge right down just a couple of sentences doesn't have to be a s a right. The second thing that we're gonna do is define the emotion, and this is probably the bigger part of it because everything serves this. What do you want people to feel again using the apple example? You know, when you see those IPad commercials or Mac commercials that have done so well that have won awards, do you think that they just grab any old song and just tossed it in there because it sounded good on the drive to work, Or did they carefully think about what they wanted the entirety of that commercial to feel like filmmakers of the same way? And they're not a separate class of storyteller than you. If you're a photographer, you are capable of telling that same quality of story. But again, it's about being focused. And if you write down a couple of key words, it's going to keep you on track. Here's in a couple of examples. For instance, sunny, playful and silly. If you described your project is sunny and playful and silly. You're probably already feeling the emotions, just looking at those words like Oh, yes, sunny, happy, playful. So it makes you feel a certain way. Now imagine if every single image you'd put into their every the songs that you chose the an Emoto video style each other all match that it's going to really keep you on track as an example. Another one elegance, dramatic and serious, very different feel now what I do when I'm working on a project, whether it's an Emoto. I did it this weekend that that I put my little post it note out there with my three My three key words, but I do this when I'm working on video projects. I do this when I'm actually working on any type of storytelling content. Right and again, Anna Moto makes it easy, and this process just makes it easier for you because you do have a lot of music to choose from to hone in much more quickly. Again. If you said wild, carefree and joyous, that sparks a certain. If you're a photographer, you're probably thinking of how what that image looks like. Right for me, I mostly music. We're getting something. What it sounds like you might be thinking wild, carefree, joyous. Maybe there's an image that pops into your head, but again, all the ingredients need to work together in harmony. Now focus is gonna bring you success, because once you define what the story should feel like, use these two steps. Take a second right down whose story it is. Second step. Write down what you want people to feel. What are the emotional keywords, And I found that everything I actually, I could say to date, I've never met a photographer where a videographer that has not had success using these two steps very, very excited to tell you that because this keeps me on track to this works for filmmakers. This works for photographers. This works for if you're making videos for your friends and family or for your business. If you're making videos for social media, right, Because again, when you when you log into your an emoto account, you might this week maybe you're making a slideshow video for wedding client. But maybe next week you're doing a promo piece for your business. You know, you're going to use the same exact, probably style video style of the same exact music. So this will keep you on track. We're gonna play a little game three keywords. The three words approach. So if if your keywords are happy Innocent fund, tell me if you think this music matches doesn't match at all. So again it, imagine it now. It's a great track. So what happens if you're listening and you go? Hey, that's really good. I like that Makes me feel pretty excited. I'm just gonna drop that in, but it doesn't serve this story. It might be a great piece of music, but it's not great for that story. Okay, I see. Puppies. Rainbows. Hello, kitty. All right, let's try again. Works edgy. Aggressive, right. These keywords are so easy to do, and they will keep you focused. Let's try another one. Me back. Wait. Every single piece of music you're hearing today. Guess what? It's already in your an emoto pro account waiting for you and a lot more than that. So if you like what you're hearing, this is just a taste. But again, I used the three words approach. It's gonna keep you focused. I could see speeding up, like on my making and a motor video. I'll turn that slider up all the way. Make the images go fast, right? It could. Music can add humor. It's not. It doesn't have to be so serious. It depends on you and the story you're telling your story might be joyous and carefree and happy. Your story might be playful and funny. Retro. It might be poignant. You know, I've seen people do beautiful remembrance videos that are incredibly touching, that they might use a pop song for the wedding track or they wedding slideshow, and they might use a cinematic movie score track for something else. So wrapping up here, the three words approach is gonna help your stories have more impact. And when the music and the images work together to tell the same story, you're on your way to becoming a master storyteller and and I don't use those words lightly. Master storyteller. Think about it. There's a lot of photographers out there and they're all competing against each other, the ones in your marketplace, other people trying to get clients. But if your clients trust you to tell their story to capture their story and give them, you know, on an emoto video that shows them that you know how to tell their story that's picking the images, the music, the video sign, all of it meshing together to be something that's not just on ornament, that is gonna be a trends, a transitional peace for them. Or maybe they're gonna watch it a couple times. This is gonna be something that they're gonna hold on to as an heirloom, right? That's the way I think about it. I think about this stuff is that you know, if you're creating these, these for your clients, the days of it, a cute little slideshow. That's kind of, you know, an ornament to the package. This is a big deal for them. When they go to, you know, show their friends they're not going to care. I mean, look, you know, people use an EMOTO videos and triple skip music to sell more product, right? There's nothing like presenting. I saw Vanessa's peace, and Jerry does it as well. Um, Kelly does it. You can supercharge your marketing with this. You can You can get the emotional engagement, help sell more products, some or printed products books. But that video itself is something that's gonna get shared. That's gonna get kept as a digital memory. So in 100 years, maybe they'll still have the book. But I bet they're gonna play this, too. And so it's important to think of it is not just a little piece of the story, but a big piece of the story. Um, that's what I have for you today. I really appreciate you having me here. Thank you so much to an emoto. Um thank you. Creative life. Well, thank you, Roy. We do have a number of questions. They're coming in because we're just gonna take a little bit of time to go through those as people are. It's really thinking in for people how important the music is to go along with their stories. So ah, lot of people are asking about because it's it could be a little bit scary and making the decision. This is the song that I'm gonna use. So what What do you find? Helps you in addition to those three words. Do you end up going by instinct, feeling mood like, How do you know when you have the right song? It's a great question. Okay, well, how do you get good in anything You practice, right? That's it. We get good at the best habits in our lives and running our business successfully by practicing it. We also get really good at procrastinating or putting things off or bad habits by practicing. Um, So again, if you log in your an emoto account, you know, practice, try things out. It's so easy to do and you can make is many of these things as you want when you're subscribing, right? So part of it to me is that if you're a creative person, if you're capturing those images, in the first place, your storyteller. And if you're a storyteller, that story is already in there. But what happens is I think we get in a rush. And so what happens is we grab things that are familiar, you know, like when most photographers look at their images, they fall into two camps. Either they're in love with all of them, and it's hard to pick or they hate them all and is a struggle. The fix. But my take is, when you use these two approaches, it's gonna keep you focused. And the first time you might feel I think I'm doing it right. No one can tell you this is at the end of the No one's gonna tell you what the perfect images. And no one can tell you what the perfect song is. Your heart and your soul is gonna guide you. These keywords are gonna keep you focused, because even when I was working on something, I heard a few tracks, you know, in the triple Scoop library on an emote. I'm like, That's amazing. I wait, No, no, it doesn't fit. I'm gonna save it is a favorite, and maybe I'll use it for something else, right? I think we talked about one of those things earlier, but practice makes perfect. And don't be. Don't freak yourself out. You do have an instinct, is an artist, and you should let it guide you. It's there for a reason, but again, you can always double check right when you're finishing before you render the video. Of course, you can always make changes. But look at those three keywords and say, OK is this is the end result, making me feel like those words I wrote down. And if it's not, ask yourself what you could do to improve it. I really love the concept of those words. Super super Helpful framework. We have a number of people voting on this question and wanting to make sure they understand when they're using an EMOTO, and they have the intimate of pro subscription. Can you talk to us a little bit about what that means in terms of the license to use that song? Should they put them on YouTube? But can you put them anywhere? And do we have the permission to use the music without getting in trouble? Yes, absolutely. In fact, that's one of the hallmarks of triple skin music. You know, 10 years ago and we started, that was a real big issue, Right? Licensing was complicated, expensive. So we do all the legal work behind the scenes. That's part of what happened. So the music that you use through your an emoto account is free and clear. Tiu like you create the videos you create. You can post them on Facebook. You can post them on YouTube, you can post them on instagram. Now that that's a big deal, you should be posting in all these places. By the way, if your marketing you could link to it on Twitter, you can post it on video of India, and you can also, and this is a big thing. You can sell those and Emoto videos to your clients right before. What would happen years before we started is people would just take their ITunes collection. They would create something with it, not initially through an Emoto, but then they posted online, and they'd wonder why they were getting in trouble. Well, the reality is, and I'll say this quickly, but there's more information on on the triple scoop log about this But if you buy a song through ITunes, where you have the CD that you purchased at a retail store, that only gives you the right to listen to it for personal listening uses. You can't use it in your slide shows and videos. You can't post it on YouTube or Facebook. And if your consumer user Yeah, you'll probably have your video removed. That's probably as far as it'll go. But if you're a business, there is a real legal liability issue that you should be aware of, right. Our goal is only only to empower people. But, um, it's important that you know that if you're using unlicensed music within commercial videos that your reselling the clients and that you were posting on social media, you could get in a little bit of hot water with the people who own that music. It's their property, and you're using it without permission. So again, the partnership of an Emoto and triple skip music makes it so easy because every single song that's in that library is fully cleared for all those uses. And one thing that I can say if you are a YouTube user, occasionally you might see something pop up. It says, Hey, this song is matched to a database for a record label or for triples keep forever. That's not an indication that you've done anything wrong, and I think that question comes up. YouTube has audio software that listens through every single video that's uploaded. They do that because if you're using Beyonce's or the Beatles, you know, the record label that owns that content wants to know. Good news is that all you have to do is say, yet I have a license. It's through Inamoto in triple Skip music, and that usually gets Ah, zapped within the same day. And again, the point being that the partnership of our two companies allows you to really take advantage of this stuff across the entire Web. That's great. Thank you for explaining that, because I think that's something that, especially if you have never used Inamoto or you're just knew, you don't really understand, but that that is so important. To be able to have the license, to be able to utilize those songs and to know that you're clear, it's, you know, if you're a business owner, you know it's the same reason why we pay for the software we use, right? If you and historically always found that if you appreciate the value and other people's content, you're also much more like you appreciate your own work to value it highly to charge a fair price for it, right? So again, when you're when you're creating content, also, really think about that. This the music is licensed to use across all these platforms? One more question. We have somebody in the chat room. W. GRAVES photo Shout out who was sharing one of the recent Enomoto videos that she had created for her business. And it's beautiful, uh, question about using the music to actually build your brand, right? So if you're using these as marketing videos, how can you sort of picked songs that fit your brand is, Well, great question. Um, so at the start of this, there's a short there was a short 62nd promo clip for triple skin music. We have 25,000 songs. Can you imagine the internal battles that we had trying to pick the songs to match our brand? OK, but that being the case, music can enhance the feeling around your brand and you can use the same process. Now what I would say to use first questions What is your brand represent? What does it mean? Describe it. What? What is it? You know? And what is your business about? You can use the same storytelling process. And then what? What kind of feeling do you want people to have when they interact with your brand when they see your logo? Do they want to feel like this is a serious company that you know, is out fighting justice for justice and whatever? Or is it Manus companies really authentic and real, and they love their customers, and this is a real person who runs his business, but they're very different emotional feelings. Um, you know, this is somebody who you a super high energy or this is somebody that's very artistic like describe your brand in emotional terms, and then the rest. The next is practice, right? Try a couple different versions and and one thing that we dio when we work on TV shows and movies, triple scoop licenses, content for all over the world. We just recently did a national a commercial where we we went through. We did the same process. What's the story? What do you want your viewers to feel? And then we thought we had the perfect track. And then if you're if you're still not sure, save that, put it aside and do the process one more time and try and exceed it. Try and beat it and then you have two versions and they're both gonna be good. Um, and just remember that your brand, like everything else, has to evolve over time. So you might find you created an emoto video to showcase your brand now. But maybe in six months, every year you should revisit and ask yourself, you know, Is it current? Um, that's a good way to move forward. Great. And actually would work with questions. Azi, they come in just to clarify that, as the the time is, you said, How long does the license last? Once you make an Anna Moto idiota forever, right? Once you once you finish a video and you render it whether you linked to it or posted on your Facebook, whatever, it never expires. You never have to worry about it, and it doesn't. And you could sell one copy to the bride and groom. You could sell 100 copies to every guest of the event, right? It's Yeah, it's powerful and it's and most importantly, you don't to worry anymore. It's just easy.

Class Description

For anyone scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, it’s hard to ignore that video is everywhere. Photographers trying to market their photos are taking advantage of this trend by making slideshow videos of their work - with no prior editing experience. Animoto Professional makes it easy to combine photos with video clips, text, and licensed music to create seamless HD slideshow videos.

Animoto brings together the talent and knowledge of Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Jared Platt and Kelly Brown. They’ll share their methods for making an emotional impact on their clients, standing out on social media and increasing their sales using Animoto. In this class:

  • Vanessa Joy will use slideshows as a powerful sales tool for wedding and portrait sales. She will go through the 3 steps that will get you started using Animoto. 
  • Roy Ashen, Founder of Triple Scoop Music, knows how to compliment story with sound. He’ll help you choose the right music, and evoke an emotional experience for your clients.
  • Kelly Brown will drive home the importance of creating videos to educate and entice your customer. She’ll speak to the power of sharing slideshow videos on social media, and how it has helped her business.
  • Jared Platt will show you how easy it is to use Animoto. He’ll also reveal a few hidden gems that will make your Animoto workflow even smoother.
Photographers today are looking for effective marketing and sales solutions, with minimal input of time and money. Video is one of the most powerful ways to get yourself noticed and Animoto slideshows are increasingly becoming the way to reach people. With Animoto, you can upload your slideshow videos to social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. You can use it in the sales room to evoke an emotional connection with your customers. You can also download the HD-quality MP4 file, and deliver this to your client as an upsell incentive or a thank you gift.


Patty Hallman

Wow! Only 25 minutes into this program and I'm getting soooo many great ideas from Vanessa Joy about using Animoto to better build my business, as well getting inspiration from seeing Vanessa's incredibly beautiful work. Time well spent for me today, for sure!!


I became passionate about photography in the 1970s. I can still feel myself gently pulling the film leader over the sprockets in the camera back. I went kicking and screaming into the digital age. Didn't want to learn new tricks. But if you don't stop and listen; grow and change, you may as well dig a hole and jump in. Changes happen and customers move quickly so we all have to keep up. Animoto will keep customers calling, not running. For as much as I have learned and do, there is still much I still need to know. Yes, I need to know Animoto and I am grateful to this class for opening my eyes. Bravo! Great job! Great inspiration! I'm psyched!

Lianne Kruger

Excellent class. So excited to get it. I will use it to expand my business. A great introduction to Animoto and ideas with practical uses. So glad I have it so I can go over it again and again to practice and review their ideas and tips.