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Using Animoto Slideshow Videos to Grow Your Business

Lesson 3 of 4

Impact of video on Social Media with Kelly Brown

Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Kelly Brown, Jared Platt

Using Animoto Slideshow Videos to Grow Your Business

Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Kelly Brown, Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

3. Impact of video on Social Media with Kelly Brown


Lesson Info

Impact of video on Social Media with Kelly Brown

And now we are thrilled to have with us joining us all the way from australia. New born photographer kelly brown, who is going to talk to us about the power of video for social media, for educating your clients, as well as having your clients do the marketing for you. Alright, so kelly, welcome back to creative live. We're going to throw it right over to you. Good morning. Good morning it's uh it is four o'clock in the morning here it's it's a little chilly in brisbane at the moment but I'm well sit ready and married to go and and really excited actually to be able to share with you what I do with an emoto and how I use it and how I I suppose build a larger audience online with it as well but at the same time help educate my clients about what's involved with what happens in my studio during a session and 00:01:04.12 --> 00:01:06. for me one of the you know the biggest ways to market 00:01:06.78 --> 00:01:09. my business has always been violated mouth it's it's 00:01:09.97 --> 00:01:12...

. creating an incredible experience for my client so 00:01:12.75 --> 00:01:15. that they go out and tell everyone but you know the 00:01:15.62 --> 00:01:18. way that people communicate today has actually changed 00:01:18.43 --> 00:01:22. you know a lot more people communicate online so I 00:01:22.71 --> 00:01:25. sort of re evaluated the way that I was doing things 00:01:25.22 --> 00:01:28. and found an amount of quite a few years ago and and 00:01:28.38 --> 00:01:30. thought I can actually create beautiful videos that 00:01:30.7 --> 00:01:33. they can share online and they're still communicating 00:01:33.4 --> 00:01:37. it's still would've math so I have found that my my 00:01:37.93 --> 00:01:41. my biggest resource when it comes teo you know building 00:01:41.75 --> 00:01:44. a bigger audience online and also building a bigger 00:01:44.7 --> 00:01:49. client base as well so what I went about doing to 00:01:49.91 --> 00:01:53. begin with was how did I educate my clients? Can I 00:01:53.22 --> 00:01:56. mention before you know people don't read and I used 00:01:56.21 --> 00:01:59. to send information out saying you know this is what 00:01:59.05 --> 00:02:01. to expect for musicians that's how long it's going to take you know where this be prepared for this but they would turn up but it was like they hadn't even seen that document that I had sent to them so I've created a video that only goes for about a minute and a half and it shows them what involved it shows them you know how I worked with newborn babies it shows them what they can expect from position and how enjoyable it is a swell and that the focus and attention is always on them and their baby so by doing that that's been able to create a lot of excitement for them leading up to decision but it's also been a great tool for me to have on my website as well for new people that you don't having their first baby and just looking to see if you know newborn photography is for them because obviously it's not for everyone and there there's so many different styles so mm the first video that I'm going to show you I created a little while ago I used a model I did a model call and I invited them into my studio and I've been teaching for a little while and really encouraging other photographers to do this as well because it creates a beautiful show real for you and you can have friends do it I had my good friend garrett. Coming into the filming, we wrote a script. And and make sure that we hit every point that I needed my clients to know before coming to a decision. So printable, ever going to play that for you now? And I'll be right back afterwards. Yeah. A beautiful beautiful way to prepare your clients for what the actual experience is going to feel like there's no way you could communicate that and you have written statement no never and I just find that it gets him so excited before coming into the studio and they're aware of the process which is you know what I want them to babe because you know they're bringing in their their brand new baby it can be between, you know, six to ten days of age and they want to know that they're going to be in safe hands and that we're doing our job properly so for me to be able to create that video and share that experience it's just work tremendously not only for my clients and the trust that they haven't made the confidence but also they share that video thie amount of clients that I've sent that to to get them ready prior to the decision that that have shared it online themselves has been just phenomenal and I think even just having it on my website and on my facebook page you know it's been viewed over one hundred thousand times, so um it was never initially supposed to be an online marketing tool for forming for social media I had other ways of doing that with different types of videos, but it's worked so well which is incredible and being able to create videos like that and share them in the enomoto video challenge group has has been really good as well because I can get that feedback from other people who were doing videos and and see if I'm going in the right direction as well but yeah sharing my videos on social media is probably the number one way that I now reach larger audiences and I'm always looking for you no more effective ways and trying to be creative with the way that I do put my work out there because I mean let's face it there's a lot of photographers now on there's a lot of people on social media you know you've got four billion active users every month and trying to get your work seen in someone's news feed is pretty tough so you've got to be you know, quite creative with the way that you you know promote yourself and you've also gotta look att the different ways that you can save money and time when it comes to creating these things and that's why I chose inamoto because it is it's ridiculously easy to use andi it's so cost effective as well so another great way that I like teo to share what I'm doing with my appliances after the session I create like a birth announcement you know I was sitting at home one day and I came up with this idea and I said I'm going to make a digital birth announcement and one of my one of my business partner said that's been done before and I said no not like a like an e card an actual video I'm going to create a video and they said how you going to do that? And I said well with stills so I started off using about five images from my sessions and they would be detail shots we get all of the best details from my parents and create like a thirty thirty to forty second video come that I could then send to them after decision and that was my way of doing something extra for them since I started doing it I now incorporate little videos so I'll have you know, five second videos sort of slaughtered in so people can see that movement and it just creates it a whole new level off interest it's get you you know, sort of for it's more emotion I suppose in it and then I put beautiful music with it is well that that is just simple that goes with those videos so creating my birth announcements actually got quite popular I've seen lots of them you know so is showing up on my news stream on on social media which is really great because you know it allows our clients to share you know, their brand new baby with their friends and family around the world instantly and being able to create that for them they're going to share it on their social media pages they're going to send it in e mails and at the end I've always got a call to action I've got my website or my logo was something like that I'll show you one of the moment in the beautiful thing about it is that most pregnant women no pregnant women you know when you're getting married to friends getting married when you having babies or your friends are having babies so you know they're they're network around them eyes only going to help you grow your audience with people who are looking for the style or the type of photography that I have but yet the next video I'm going to show you is a new both announcement it's going a little bit of video footage in it it's got some stills and yeah I'm actually really excited about this one keep it really simple in terms ofthe the way that I did it so I'm not spending too much time I make it all black and white so it's a uniform and make it all about the baby is opposed teo every other part and and then I suppose that also adds that little bit of interest in excitement to see those finished images in a gallery because I provide this video about a week after the session so they haven't actually seen therefore gallery yet which is which is a great sneak peek into what they're going to expect. So yeah, if you want to play my next video I'll be back, right after. Callie it's. So lovely how short and sweet that khun b. I think also a lot of times where we think about how a video a saijo has to be so long, but that was just beautifully short and sweet, meaning that it is so share a ble, right? Is that what you see happening? Definitely, and keeping it short and sweet means that you're going to keep, you know, whoever's, viewing it engaged for longer. I find that when I ever have a video pop up in front of mae after about a minute, if all the images start to sort of look the same and it's not really giving me anything new or different, I'm going to move on. And so, that's, what I'm trying to do, create videos that is short on dh to the point, and just get that a little bit of excitement going make. You want to see more and that's how I get people contacting me. Kelly have you seen a tremendous effect then of the increase in enquiries increase in new clients and that being sort of the word of mouth as to how they found you it definitely and I'm always asking new clients how did you find mei and they might say oh our friend showed me some of the beautiful photographs or a sort of video online or and you know I'm always using my insights as well on social media and also my my sort of stepped on my website as well to find out how people are coming to me and it's incredible actually when you start using your insights on social media how many people click through your website so that's really important because if something's not working for you then it might be time to sort of go back and re evaluate what it is that you've done but I always you know say that less is more give them less make it make it intriguing make them want to see more and that's why they're going to click through your website and you know want to enquire about other position or whatever it is that you're selling so yeah definitely a big increase in the interaction that I have with people coming to me through video I suppose but yeah it's a really great tool well fantastic do you have any other tips or weaken see if there are questions from the studio audience 00:13:46.97 --> 00:13:49. yeah I mean I have lots of chips but I'm willing to 00:13:49.38 --> 00:13:53. answer some questions so so earlier roy was from triple 00:13:53.8 --> 00:13:57. scoop music was teaching us all about music and that 00:13:57.05 --> 00:14:01. emotion and the power do you find it hard to choose 00:14:01.54 --> 00:14:05. music and what is your process whether it's related 00:14:05.54 --> 00:14:09. to the particular client is it your brand how do you 00:14:09.08 --> 00:14:09. choose music 00:14:11.15 --> 00:14:15. so music is probably like he said is that the hardest 00:14:15.33 --> 00:14:18. year it is because you are trying to create that beautiful 00:14:18.74 --> 00:14:22. emotive connection you want people teo you know to 00:14:22.0 --> 00:14:24. feel connected to a weapon it is that they're showing 00:14:24.38 --> 00:14:27. and you know the wrong song choice can really make or break a video if it's not relevant or it's not sort of communicating the type of feeling that you want your video and I think because newborn photography for me is such a delicate way to work you know we're working with these these precious babies now it's it's a very gentle process for me during the sessions so I want to portray that through my videos I want people to feel that that gentleness and I'm choosing those right songs is is very hard because there's just so many songs to choose from and I love so many of them but I do have my favorites and I attend to the late lane more towards like the song that we just heard in that last video which is a dan phillips and song and it's just it's beautiful and gentle and soft and it's calm on that's how I want my clients to feel when they come in for a session so instrumental is always the way I'm going to go when I find that there are words to a song if they're not relevant to what people are looking at there's not going to be that connection you're going to they're not going to you know to lose themselves in what they think so I try to keep it very gentle and calm and that's the type of music that I'm looking for for my style of photography obviously if I was doing children and things like that you know I'm going to choose a more upbeat type of song you know, if they're they're playing and it's all fun with smiles and things like that so yes that process of choosing the songs and you can listen to so many off them that could be perfect so it all comes down to that personal choice but I'm a big believer in what you create in camera you know with your style you then sort of can betray that through your brand and how you put yourself out there so I want to keep that that feeling uniform and and simple and just beautiful year with the music but yeah as as I was saying before another point that I wanted to mention before I do run out of time is that when I am doing my video clips. It's, it's, important. Teo, choose video clips that, you know, obviously have that movement, that connection and things like that. But when you're working with newborns at the normal speed, video can consider, look a little jockey with babies. So I tend to slow my footage down, and I could do that in camera with my digital slr. So that's always worked really well for me, because when you slow it down, you know, it sort of goes with that flow of the music, and it becomes a lot smoother. And and, yeah, it looks, looks a lot calmer and more gentle in the videos. Fantastic such a beautiful touch with thes birth announcement videos I think they're just they're incredible and a question that had come in from online from cb is do you use that just as a marketing tool those announcement videos or do you actually include them in your package say, as a newborn photographer yes, so they're actually a gift to my client I don't charge them for those obviously when they when they book me when they come for this session you know they know that they're going to buy one of my packages so that whole process you know it's already sort of decided and then when they come to a decision that's when I sort of talked to them about birth details and I I get get those written down and then I go about creating the video with the commission I don't share those videos on my social media page unless they've given me you know, approval to do that I create the videos and an emoto ill then export them to video and I'll make those videos private and share the link with them s so that they can download those videos and share them with their friends and family on dh that's how I do that so it's not so much about my face facebook page but it's about them sharing them within it work their community of friends and family, so because I wanted to give my clients something which means I'm going above and beyond, I'm exceeding their expectations. It's, a gift from may for choosing me, because there are so many photographers out there, and it sets me apart, because, you know, people remember how you make them feel long after the fact. So I want to stay relevant. I want them to remember who the photographer was, you know, two years later, when they're having this second baby and it's all about that process. And, you know, I don't spend a lot of money per se on marketing. So years ago you would advertise in, you know, twenty print better and things like that. So today I invested and moto and it's, such a small investment and such an incredible tool for me to be able to use to give to my clients, but also they shared by by them, sharing. It means that they marketing, forming so it's, it just works. And and I think that's the echoing of what we're hearing all of our instructors here today is saying is it just works vanessa joy earlier in her segment she's been using inamoto videos for over seven years for her sales and marketing and if it works came doing it which is which is awesome I did have another question kelly for you that came in from folks online do you find that it's ok or that you feel like you have tio use a different song for each of your clients or is it okay tio keep using the same song if you find the one that you like yeah definitely I do have my favorites have got about four or five of them and you know there are collections on triple scoop music and I have one on there which is great for anyone out there interested in the types of songs that I do enjoy using but because I am only giving it to my clients and I'm not continually uploading a new birth announcement to my facebook page or instagram or any way like that um they're not seeing the same song over and over again so I will use the same song on a regular basis because they're going out to different sort of families and me it's funny because they if they see that that video on a friend's both announcement one day and they get theirs the next day and it's got the same video yeah, there's going to be you know, are they use the same songs, so mixing it up, you know, is good as well, but if you're going out to different clients that don't know each other than using the same choice, that same song choices is fine to make. Fantastic. Do you have any final tips for everyone at home? About the power of the animal? Oto slight video? Go out there and have fun, it's it's such an incredibly effective white, you know, to be present online and get creative, you know, marketing today you really have to stand out, so you have to create a unique, beautiful, you know, footage, videos to put online anything thatyou create has to be different to stand out from the wrist, so it definitely recommend have fun, you know, show you and your brand and why people should come to you on dh keep it short and simple not too long because you'll lose people's interest. People don't want to see a birth announcement with fifty images in it they wanted what they wanted. They want to be intrigued. They want to see more and that's how you should make people feel so yeah, have fun with it, that's my my biggest here.

Class Description

For anyone scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, it’s hard to ignore that video is everywhere. Photographers trying to market their photos are taking advantage of this trend by making slideshow videos of their work - with no prior editing experience. Animoto Professional makes it easy to combine photos with video clips, text, and licensed music to create seamless HD slideshow videos.

Animoto brings together the talent and knowledge of Vanessa Joy, Roy Ashen, Jared Platt and Kelly Brown. They’ll share their methods for making an emotional impact on their clients, standing out on social media and increasing their sales using Animoto. In this class:

  • Vanessa Joy will use slideshows as a powerful sales tool for wedding and portrait sales. She will go through the 3 steps that will get you started using Animoto. 
  • Roy Ashen, Founder of Triple Scoop Music, knows how to compliment story with sound. He’ll help you choose the right music, and evoke an emotional experience for your clients.
  • Kelly Brown will drive home the importance of creating videos to educate and entice your customer. She’ll speak to the power of sharing slideshow videos on social media, and how it has helped her business.
  • Jared Platt will show you how easy it is to use Animoto. He’ll also reveal a few hidden gems that will make your Animoto workflow even smoother.
Photographers today are looking for effective marketing and sales solutions, with minimal input of time and money. Video is one of the most powerful ways to get yourself noticed and Animoto slideshows are increasingly becoming the way to reach people. With Animoto, you can upload your slideshow videos to social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. You can use it in the sales room to evoke an emotional connection with your customers. You can also download the HD-quality MP4 file, and deliver this to your client as an upsell incentive or a thank you gift.


Patty Hallman

Wow! Only 25 minutes into this program and I'm getting soooo many great ideas from Vanessa Joy about using Animoto to better build my business, as well getting inspiration from seeing Vanessa's incredibly beautiful work. Time well spent for me today, for sure!!


I became passionate about photography in the 1970s. I can still feel myself gently pulling the film leader over the sprockets in the camera back. I went kicking and screaming into the digital age. Didn't want to learn new tricks. But if you don't stop and listen; grow and change, you may as well dig a hole and jump in. Changes happen and customers move quickly so we all have to keep up. Animoto will keep customers calling, not running. For as much as I have learned and do, there is still much I still need to know. Yes, I need to know Animoto and I am grateful to this class for opening my eyes. Bravo! Great job! Great inspiration! I'm psyched!

Lianne Kruger

Excellent class. So excited to get it. I will use it to expand my business. A great introduction to Animoto and ideas with practical uses. So glad I have it so I can go over it again and again to practice and review their ideas and tips.