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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Brush Lettering: Putting Together a Finished Piece

Laura Worthington

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

You know, composition and lettering it's really important because there's so much complexity that exists within it were, you know, we go beyond just dealing with words, and now we're getting into bringing in things like color and dealing with white space in unity and balance and just everything, you know, bringing it all there's a lot of things to consider when putting together a brush letter piece. So the one thing to really think is that with good the composition, here's, what we want to achieve, we want to really be able to deliver the message with impact, you know, it's the usually, you know, you can take a look at brush lettering and or any kind of decorative, expressive laddering, and you kind of get an idea at a glance of what you know, messages trying to be conveyed, but good lay out really puts all of that in the context, you know, it adds additional elements that really drives home the message with much greater impact, and it also really helps organize the content in a meanin...

gful and cohesive way. We're able to take the viewer and walk them through the composition and say, this is what I want you to be looking at first. so on and so forth and helps them go through a hierarchy it also keeps the viewer interested and engaged you know if something is chaotic as faras the layout goes then we tend to lose the viewer and so having that really strong layout to first get their attention and then engage them and then keep them interested that's what we're trying to achieve with designed with lettering composition so what we're going to learn in this course is we'll learn the elements of lettering composition all of the different tips and pieces and parts that you have to consider when you're putting this all together we'll also talk about setting the stage you know how to get ready to pull up together you're littering composition the planning and the execution of it you know drawing thumbnails creating different pencil skeleton and you know how do you actually bring all the stuff life once you've done that how do you make it work revising and refining your work and this is a really critical one there's a lot of steps that you can take in revising and refining and so many different approaches that you can go through and we'll kind of explain all of those different pieces and parts and then last of all finalizing it really making that layout just come to life and be as impactful in meaningful and expressive as you have always wanted it to be so we'll take a look at some of some examples here that we've got just kind of give you guys an idea of what what we're going to be looking at we'll go through this more in depth a little bit later on this is a nice little brush letter layout it's a vincent van gogh quote and what I like about this is that you know it's everything just you know kind of fits together the diagonals you know putting putting all the words and diagonals gives a little bit more of a dynamic look as you notice I capitalize the night and alive I really wanted those particular pieces stand out within this composition this was really fun I'm really proud to say that when I actually sketched the sound pencil I actually got the ten percent slice perfect right off the bat on it was a funny story my husband was like what the heck are you doing I bring out this like this metal like you know mixing bowl I set it down on top of my paper and I go and I start drawing around it and he's just like you know twenty seven years of watching you do lettering I'm just not even going to ask why you have a bowl on the coffee table anymore anyway I got it right though so happiness depends on ourselves you know I really wanted tio kind of invoke a bit of a smile you know in having this curve in this arc and so there's a little bit of a trick to getting this sort of thing to work out the trick was photo shop and taking the work tool and working my lettering a little bit so they fit more on a narc

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I was fortunate to be in this class live and I am so glad I own it! I have gone on to buy more brush pens and continue to practice (relax :) ) on my own. She is thorough and engaging. I feel like I learn a new gem each time I watch it!.


Laura Worthington is one of the best calligraphers I follow. She is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed this class very much. It allowed me to know her "in person". She teacher her tallets and allow students to follow their own style.

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