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Creating a Smaller Bouquet

Do you ever dio the wedding bouquet that's on the floral phone base to be able to make a cascading bouquet? No. Well, I'm not a fan of floral form at all. I don't use floral foam, so I to make something cascade I would use with the greens, for example, I would use vine I would use things you know? What is that other one that just kind of hangs. Forget the name. Those green ones the latest no, the one with the long hanging green stringing. Yeah, um I would use those basically, I would build my cascade with flowers, not the phone. Yeah. Any other questions? We were commenting on how pretty the ribbon is and we're wondering, yeah, so I did not buy this online. I have two places that I'll I like to buy ribbons from this is from bright ix in san francisco and then there is fraud fraud check. I don't know, sheik. Sorry, if you've heard of that, they bring it from france. I think it's made in france. Um they're just so delicate and beautiful. Um, anyway, I think that something simple is alway...

s better. As far as I'm concerned, simplicity goes a long way, especially when you got so much going on already in your book a and that makes it a lot more accessible to yeah, because that is such an intimidating thing I'm sure everyone in here agrees you know when you're trying to get started or you want to get involved in doing something all the materials that you have to get it really just gets in the way of the creative yeah it's true though the more you can get back to the simple which is what you're exactly I again like at home this I wouldn't even have this ribbon I just wanted to show people what it would be like to have a ribbon you know, to show how I would do it but I really understates the ribbon because of the flowers and other things selves are so beautiful that you don't need to do much more now we know that you're going to get into some of this smaller arrangements do you have enough materials here to maybe put something together quickly for a smaller really absolutely let me in fact I've got some of those thank yeah, you were saying that the flowers themselves air so beautiful yeah and I know on your promo you mention that you described yourself as a floral flower stylist uh huh and I thought that was so wonderful because it really is it's the flowers themselves are so beautiful and you have the eye to style them thank you make them look their best thinking it was a great description thank you and that's what we're all learning to do here how to be styler okay so I will make another quickly let me just find a home for this okay let's make something really quick and again I'll use what I have we'll use some of these roses this one will be a less pink and maybe more white okay the smell so good on the smell amazing also good these bouquets look great in the buckets here total total instagram photos yeah and we're all finding it's just amazing how many how much creativity can come from the same flowers same bunch of foul I agree it's like giving uh paper and water color to people and asked them to paint so again I'm going to start with my favorite flower to start with which is that which is the uh no main lily and the rose like the last time this time I'll put some filene would it in the center and maybe even calculus and some explosion grass which could be possibly are baby's breath the good thing is we still have some uh penny left so still make a pretty arrangement add a little bit more geranium to this punch the dusty miller can get a little bulky so you could always cut it this is what you have to be prepared when you're doing ok so you don't do this while you're making one checking in with the media's that's what I do and we see some more marines on the side are you going again with that asymmetrical yes. Okay so I think that is really sorry the studio here is well, now you guys can kind of see what exactly can you before you were busy with yourself now you can sort of thought process here to help inspire you for the next bouquets it's already been kind of built for me the asymmetry with this piece of flood with this noreen over here because it's bending this way so I'm going to just continue on building on that did you always use a mirror or was this something that you just yeah so basically I mean I discovered on my own from just doing them and kind of having a hard time you know, finding out what? Just it's not quite the same when you're for me when I'm not using the mirror and one day I thought how many russians look in the mirror and see what it looks like as I was struggling with the way it looks, especially because I make a symmetric I think that if I was more into making the regular round arrangement it wouldn't be so hard for me because people would do that they look down at it to see what it looks like but for me because it's kind of you know it's this way it's always nicer to look and see to watch myself also it's easier to see you know well, if I'm adding this over here doesn't look good or is it better down here kind of play around with it um and being in front of the mirror helps with that when you're deciding for a wedding do you take into consideration what the flowers they're going to look like in photographs? I pray that they haven't with photographer really but I do I think that I mean, I've seen some awesome photographers who do a great job, but what should be considered really is what the bride wants, what colors that she wanting I can yes, if it was up to me, I'd want something like this this this is my color palette, but some people really like it right? And um so basically no, I mean, I guess I don't do that because I don't I go by what their color palette is versus what would look good in pictures. But having said that I take my husband takes professional photos of everything I do and that's always on into my my instagram account, so because because of that that's been such a hit that all my work is on is so will capture that I don't have to worry about somebody else capturing it or not, I have a photo of it and hopefully I could get more from via the bride as well when you're designing the asymmetrical look do you tend to have a favorite side like do they tend to go down to the right or each one was saying yes I guess yeah it tends to be this way yeah yeah yeah right ok my favorite the upside is on the right hand side right handed I'm right handed okay yeah maybe a left handed artist would be the other one might tend to go on another the other way yes so here I don't normally put them all together but I kind of like this kind of ah pop of color in the corner so I'm not going to disperse all of my run oculus I'm just going to keep him on one side and have them all together would this color a combo and then add some more explosion grass and if I have some more of my leftover cy lean that's still actually looks good reviews in between still be in between and maybe some plum well this is too much plumb I don't like oh maybe I'll put it right here instead of putting it on the other side I had a little bit more my last the last of my marines this mom one has as I won't have as much of of a back side because I don't have as many flowers to work with and so I would rather just use whatever that's beautiful in the front here, I'm thinking I wanted here. Do I want it here? Not really. I just want it right here that you bring up, especially if you're working with a budget. Yeah, that would you recommend for people than toe on ly focus on the front side if they're on the like a budget, I absolutely because if you don't have, you know, an abundant number of these expensive flowers, then what's better to have a beautiful bouquet that looks really pretty in the front and in pictures. Um, yes, so I would, and this this is going to be just that I'm not going to add any flowers over here. I'll add mostly here in the front and I have some roses, which I could definitely utilize. Rachel, you have a question? I'm some curious how you got started. Yeah, with floral design. I used to dio my as I said, my mother always loved to have flowers in her house, and she I think even hot took a floral design course in england when she was to live there. And I remember her just see some of the pictures over work at some point and what she had left over from the work she had done with dried flowers, and I remember being just so fascinated with all that she was working with and then when I got older and had my own home, then I would use every occasion to make something beautiful for the center of my table or my coffee table or anywhere I could find by my bedside table, and so it got to a point where I had friends asking me to do flowers for them, and then one day my husband said, you know, I had really been struggling to find what it was that I had that I loved to do a za career, especially because, you know, when you're a mom as much as it's it's so, um, it is such a joy to be a mom, but at the same time it's so easy to forget yourself because you're always so busy pleasing, taking care of somebody else. Um, I wanted something of my own and I wanted a creative outlet, so my husband said, why don't you just start your own business? And yet you do beautiful work. I had taken pictures of all my work just for myself, and I put them all on the website and started a facebook page started the instagram account on before I knew it, I had lots of followers and people asking me teo do their weddings and um that's how that started on here I am today, yeah, so I never took any courses, it was all self taught and as I said, I was definitely have favorite florists out there that I'm I'm inspired by so I it would take a look at their work and see, I remember looking at re alicia's ours because as a little girl, I always wondered, well, why don't people use you know, these things that are in the garden in their wedding bouquets? Why is it always these tight roses from the ones that we see from the grocery store that are barely opened inside these bouquets? Why can't we use some of these geranium from our garden in my in our in our arrangements? And I remember the first time my mother for for some dinner table arrangements, she took a bunch of pansy ese from the deck and put it inside the vase, and I thought, my goodness, this looks so pretty, and you wouldn't imagine putting pansy is in an arrangement. So then I saw re alicia's ours working, I thought, oh, my gosh, this takes it to a whole new level and, um and that was it from there on now is that your focal flower? That's my focus far again. So I made kind of many, um, arrangement, I mean, I mean, people care of the other one. Right, so your thought process for this was similar to the last one you did? Yeah, because I have the same flowers. Maybe if I had different ones like if I had some, like some vines or something, I would put a bunch of vines here right now and make it a little bit more wild, but this is pretty much a copy of what I just made, which could minus this be easily used for a bridesmaid's job. Okay, now does anyone have any questions? Uh, for her? Now that you're seeing the difference, I want, like more about the learning I'm just asked it and how you learned all the names of the flowers, you know, nothing teaches you more about things than doing them. So I remember the first time I went to the flower mart, nobody knew who I wass nobody cared who I wass and I would ask them, I would say what you know, what is this flower? What is that flower? And they would give me a look of like, doing you know what this is? You should know what this is you're here, but that changed quickly and also because I do the block, I have to know what those flowers are because you better be sure people ask you what if you don't put the name of a flower somewhere somebody's going to ask you what that is and god help you if you put the wrong name there somebody will tell you that that's wrong so of course I have I have the interests it interests me to see what flowers I'm using and to know about them, but at the same time because I was keeping that blawg it really helped me to understand what I'm using and tell the people tell the people at the floor more that I want this flower can you get me this flower that flower? It helps to know it well, the great thing about, you know everyone that showing up today, no matter what experience probably you are, whether you're a professional or your someone who doesn't know the name of even one flower, you know from either side, you know, this is definitely given us the foundation of where to start and then also the permission to ask and to just be that person that doesn't know you are the customer. Yeah, after all andhra member that and you're the designer now tio very true some other sites as well. I am fortunate to work in a flower shop, a lot of flowers, but I never hesitate to ask, even working what things are and yeah, I highly recommend anyone who you know enjoys going to their local flower shop absolutely good. Honest conversation starter to I mean, you could find people like you out there who have the same, you know, sort of interest like you and I did at the farm where the other day, you know, way we're talking about these, um, I was admiring these and you talked about how cool they were and how pretty they are you still d so that's it done? And do you have enough materials tio to show us how to wrap it up again? Trim it for sure. Just add this one right here. Maybe over here. I'm not sure I want it here. We'll put it right next to this. But before that, I want to put a little bit of explosion grass. And we have becca sneezing or no apology. That actually brings up a good point. Have you ever can? I worked with flowers that you're allergic to. I have been fortunate that I have not, but I know many who are I mean, I know a lot of people. I've worked with a keisha. You know, those little, uh, yellow flowers from the tree? Does anyone you guys know, right? Those can give you major on allergies, but I have never had any problems with that. But you have to be mindful of the others I guess when you use that type of stuff that would be no good if the bride for allergic to some of the flowers and they have to really make sure that you you you ask your bride where she's allergic now you just trimmed try to get a little bit because I didn't want it in my way I might true it some more, but you know, keeping it longer is always better than, you know, cutting it too short so until I examine things again, not for this one, I can also do this because it's easily I can handle it with what I have is smaller and small enough, okay, that I could just use the tape to secure them together so I'm going to do that floral tape is nice because the more you pull it, the more it stretches is that the standard kind of floral tape? Are there other types out there that people may want? Try um this's the standard really? Some of them are white, okay? I'm not mistaken. It was probably standout away. What you don't really know I've seen some white ones, but otherwise this is a warning to you that and not, you know, masking tape or scotch taking really wouldn't use scotch type oil also because it would totally come apart and you don't want your bouquet to come apart right uh in the middle of an event the wedding day when is the last time that you cut the stems like do you ever re cut them the morning of the wedding oh yeah before you give them to the bride but no I don't because I make him the night before ok and it's already been caught so I don't bother anyone standing in roger yeah some well that depends ok? It depends on the bouquet as well if it's a ok that's really just has a lot of things in the bottom that I don't want it touching the lip of the vase then I keep a taller I'll put it inside inside of fuck it till the next day but it really depends on the bouquet if I have hyla bore it you better be sure that I will cut it before I give it to the bride because hala bores so it's so finicky um I would just lost one of our roses how sad and so this is it and then you can either use I'll do the same thing as I did for the other one or for a more organic locate could do I would like I like to do this kind of wrap it with this my need love it more than that but I'll added if I do I'm not buying it you just now not including yeah, I'm just putting some twine around this to cover my tape and, uh, make it look very natural. It's a longer process and they sell these types of twine cz and developing this is to right. Yes, it's very easy to find. You can find this at my calls. You can find it at ours. Home depot back. I have a question. So what do you make each bright made? Uh, ok, would you make it slightly different or would you try to mimic? Yeah, I mean, no, I don't like to copy it could look, we should look just different, like a piece of art like, you know, five different paintings with the same color palette. Um, so I'll try to he was a little bit of different flowers just to show you that you can complement the bride's bouquet with some different flowers and then slowly put this down, make him that's it way could see the other bouquet along with that to kind of look at the differences sisters, sisters and maybe we can get our students actually toehold there's back up again waken get come all the different expressions. Remember, what side is front? All right, look at these beautiful theme wake with the same building blocks from I'd say this is a victory

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A wild, lush bouquet for the bride is an essential component of a DIY wedding. Join Kiana Underwood for Build Your Bridal Bouquet and learn how fun and simple it can be to create unique bouquets with an organic look.

This class will prepare you for the process of assembling an eye-catching, non-traditional bridal bouquet. You’ll learn about how to prepare the flowers and develop a color palette that complements your wedding colors perfectly. You’ll also explore ways to incorporate asymmetry into your bouquets for maximum impact.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, this class will teach you how to create bouquets that stand out and photograph beautifully.