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Techniques for Decorating

Talk to you about borders now I'm a piper and I really have no problem picking up a big and piping on a beautiful lace border or something like that but a lot of you are not piper's so what I want to do is show you how to do a border. I have a couple of the lace molds that have borders we can also do something as simple as rolling little balls. Now I will tell you a trick to rolling little balls or pearls that are all the same size and close to the same shape. If you roll your funded out, put it through your pasta machine in particular so it's exactly the same thickness all the way along and then use a drinking straw and cut out circles and you get various sizes of drinking straw so you can adjust your pearls and then roll those little spots. If cut out with the drinking straw, you can get dots that are all the same size and dots are great for making a border. They're also great for making all kinds of things. You can also do things like work your fondant and you can roll. I'm gonna ma...

ke this smaller so it has a little better effect on I can roll out like this sort of shape and then roll it into a shape and then I can attach it to the side of my cake you know you could get very creative and have a lot of fun with it I not gonna take the time to do that that doesn't appeal to me so when something doesn't appeal to me I moved past it. I move on to something else but let's start with a snake. We all did these in kindergarten and using your fondest smoother can help you get run that's a little more even without your fingerprints in it, sometimes they have to remind myself you're above an ape use your tools, even apes, shoes, tools look at that beautiful snake I'm getting guys okay on. I'm going to use this one now these all come as one, not one, but there's several to a sheet. But one of the tricks that I've discovered is that if I cut them into strips and then I'm going to take my snake and I want to start at one end and precedent, I could probably make my snake a little thinner than what I did, but I've already started. We're going with it and precedent. One thing is I'm stretching my snake so it's going a lot further than I originally planned, which is good okay just left that portion hang out there we're not going tio dump it let's I want to make this so I don't have too much roughage hanging off, okay I always do a double check on the pressing in because I want us clean a pattern as possible then I'm going to pick it up and just give it a little pinch and then let's go ahead and gently remove that I say gently as I will but right out try to tear it and then where this ends a million two bring it at the beginning and finish up my snake crowd can't you see this painting done on the side of the cake because truthfully what I'd like to do is do it all the way around the cake I think that would be adorable adorable just adorable adorable is not really a word I use very often okay pinch it let's take this out if I unpick it to take it out it comes out a little easier and I have one little section here let's go ahead and put that end if I were to put on a pinch it if I were to put a little light dusting of pearl dust on this, it would really make all the detail show up just like it did on our lace but I don't think it really fits the design so I'm not going to pearl dustin and uh a little panda jungle theme doesn't cut it we're going to use an elephant so I'm going to get that last piece in case I need okay now then, just like we did with the edging that we put around here, I'm going to kind of roll these try to do it the same on either end so that I have the center and then I'm going to attach it now before you attach it, I need to either brush thiss with the vodka or another option is I can just take a beat of buttercream course I have to get my couple are off so what I'm going to do is I have aa number three plane tip on here I'm just going to put ah little beat of icing all the way around and that was impressive you guys don't even know how impressive that was I just piped all the way around an eight inch kick in one fell swoop sometimes I show you guys things and you don't even know how impressive that isthe ok, so now let's start in our center and I'm going to attach that border that little it's almost like a rope. I want to make sure I don't have any little dark spot showing when I say dark spots that's basically where the the funding is not attached to the cake all the way so there's like a little air pocket showing I just keep amazing myself with how long I'm making all this stuff usually I'm running short, but I'm right on I've got extra who I amaze even myself some days I'm going for my spatula just like we did with our bottom portion do the overlap and then cut it and if I can cut along the edge of the pattern it doesn't show is much okay so that is looking cute and I have my little modeling chocolate um elephant that didn't totally melt on the way here let me I'm I'm going to ream I have him on a little fund and plaque but I'm going to remove him and just set him right up here he'd be cute down here too but I'm going to sit him here can you guys see that I think I think my panda would have been more adorable but that's all right he really didn't survive the trip so how you guys doing awesome going so before like we lay the border around I just put a bit of icing but you can't just take your brush with your vodka on it and oh gosh a little just so it gets sticky enough to stick okay and do I want to start at the back of the cake and or doesn't matter as long as you keep it consistent I was like starting at the back and I'll tell you why because if something happens it's gonna happen right there okay yeah as opposed to starting the front and have it happened right in front and again cinnamon roll up your your things and I also gave you guys several lace things so if you wanted to add a if you want to add a lace flower onto your cake because it fits so well with the bamboo theme you can do that basically what I want you to do is I want you to try things have some fun experiment make a mistake it's on ly cake you can eat your mistakes how often to get each mistakes and if you're at home by yourself and nobody's watching then you can really trust oh, he did the pearl one so what you want to do is you want to add a little a little ribbon of sticky so like right here where your color is that sticky I touched it that's all right I smeared your painting I'm sorry so you can do it either with a little bit of butter cream or you can do it with with the vodka yeah and a clean brush oh, you also chose a pearl one this one is beautiful, isn't it? Let me get you a tool to do that. Um this's called the pounds tool and it's got a little serrated edge so when you cut along the edge and then you pull it off it will give it a little laser pearl look along the edge very nice so actually this is the back of my cakes and I've seen it on the perfect so I guess it doesn't really matter what it's okay, yeah doesn't matter I like how they got creatively added sky and son when I taught a class in florida I had him do a bamboo not a bamboo tree had him do a palm tree on I said just you know, do a palm tree they have lots of palm trees in florida and there were I think I had a class with maybe ten students I think there were ten different palm trees had never embody palm trees very good. I sing the isis is today that's too big. Um let me get you a smoke there's girls, you have a tip? You did that one. There you go. That's a number two I'm guessing you pipe right? I did just I just right right in this little crevice. Now you have a fairly wide so you might want to put it up a little bit higher so it doesn't flop down this way it's not gonna be okay, I got to help you here, okay? On our decorating begs you want to push it down like this? You want to twist it, okay, so that's keeping the icing going down it's also adding pressure so that you don't have to squeeze as hard and then you want to hold it between your thumb in your hand and you're applying pressure with your whole hand not just your fingertips and you're keeping all this is doing is keeping that from unwinding and then your whole hand is applying pressure and you're squeezing with your right hand because you're right handed yes right so squeeze with your right hand and then your left hand's gonna be down here to study it because when you're squeezing it's gonna go like this just because you have muscles that are gonna shake your daughter's laughing at you you know it's okay someday she'll have a daughter squeeze hard squeeze hard that's looking good you see how good these air looking nice all they need is a critter to go on top possibly a molded chocolate crater criner all right, listen this so how are you feeling? Are we feeling great? Well, everybody else is have we wrap this shop up? I think so I think that great because from new it's just being it's just a matter of being creative yeah using your colors one of the things I didn't touch on and I probably should very quickly is that we did painting but if I wanted to color it I just use my color my paste again I prefer the pace as opposed to using my airbrush color just because of the moisture thing and just needed in and if you want a marble effect don't need it in a swell or you can get it. Put in strips of color and kind of need it. And get a cool effect. It's. Just a matter of experimenting, thinking outside of the box, having some fun with it and just having fun. It's cake.

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Fondant icing can be a sleek foundation for a truly inspired cake or it can be an unruly and unattractive topping that never makes it out of the kitchen. Learn the tricks to getting it right.

In Cake Decorating: Fondant Fundamentals, Lucinda Larson will show how to prepare, handle and shape fondant to create a finished product you are proud to present. You’ll learn how to achieve a smooth, professional appearance and to avoid the rookie mistakes that ruin most cakes. Ambitious bakers will learn the secret to making a delicious fondant yourself(!) and everyone will master how to roll it out, cut, and mold flowers. You will learn handling and shaping tips that apply to both store-bought and homemade fondant.

If you want to add a professional touch to the cakes you bake for your family and friends, join CreativeLive and Lucinda Larson and learn the secrets to shaping and draping fondant.