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When to Use the Patch Tool

Lesson 4 from: Cloning, Healing and Removing Distractions in Photoshop

Matt Kloskowski

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Lesson Info

4. When to Use the Patch Tool

Lesson Info

When to Use the Patch Tool

next up, we have the patch tool, so the patch tool is it's kind of a secret sleeper and photo shopped. A lot of people haven't used it before, and it's it's one of the most useful. It's the way the past tool works is is your cursor becomes a lasso, so you're just gonna very loosely lasso around something. So last, so around it. And then you put your cursor into the lasso and you just move it and you can kind of line it up and then let go. Not too bad. See a little little bit of a pattern there. Maybe a little bit there, but pretty darn close. So that's your lasso tool are not your lasso tool. Your patch tool works like a lasso. Pax tool is interesting. It has actually going to become a liar because it actually has a content aware mood to it, and the Content Aware Mode allows you to make a separate layer and do that whole sample all layers thing. The problem is, it's I don't usually find, and I've really had to refine the way I speak in this class because I say usually I don't usually f...

ind that it works as good. After I just said, You know, any time you can, you content aware, but let's try it, See what it's doing? You see the edges there, so sometimes it just leaves leave. Seems to me where the other the regular way didn't, um, so again you. It's one of those things. Try it, Put it kind of in that real repertoire of schools. Understand that it's there, but I can't say I always use that version. The only other problem with the Patch Eliza's It won't let me make a regular layer. If I take it out of that content aware mood, you'll see it can't do. I can't do a layer over here, So if you want to keep it nondestructive, you could always press Commander Control J duplicate the layer and then just go and drag it so that your patch tool that I see your hand raised so patiently well, we had a couple questions that came in right at the end there when you were talking about the patch tool so quickly. Go back to those and this was just for Jessica Peak, she's saying. When she uses the patch tool she cannot get the first circle to go away. Why is this? When I used the patch tool, I can't get the first circle to go away. So we've made a patch and then we drag. We do that. In fact, let's do better patch. So I make a patch and then a drag, and I do that. So if by circle, if maybe she's talking about that selection edge. Um, select D Select our commander Control D Now make it go away and photo Dee Jay asked. Kanye Deejay Photo D J. Can you feather the selection while using the patch tool? You could feather the selection while using the patch tool. It's it's actually already feathered by default because if you'll notice the edges, uh, the edges match up really well. But, yeah, you could make a selection. If you're having trouble getting those edges toe work, you could make a selection. You go up here to select, modify feather and feather that by two or three pixels, you're not really gonna visibly see it on there. And then you could go and make it. And that can sometimes help those edges. They're not familiar with what feathering is, by the way, I could give you a visual way. If you look under your remember that selected mask we talked about in the other classes Didn't see the other glasses you could go to select and mask. And as you scroll down here under global adjustments, you can get change your view. There we go. So I just picked it on black here. If you go over here to feather, you can actually get a visual version of your feather. So no, that's always tough. If you ever use feathers like you, like, what's three pixels? You can't visually see what it's gonna look like. But here you go in there and actually see what that feather means, I think.

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Barbora Lobkowicz

Great class. Learnt a lot of useful tips and tricks in a short time. Thank you Matt!

Norma Rediker

I usually don't leave comments but I really enjoyed this class because it focused on the one subject. Learning photoshop can be overwhelming. The way he walked you through the whole process of all the tools and how they can work together to finished the job was very helpful.


Thumbs up. Very useful class, well paced and clear. Thanks!!!

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