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Cloning, Healing and Removing Distractions in Photoshop

Lesson 6 of 9

Why You Need the Clone Stamp Tool

Matt Kloskowski

Cloning, Healing and Removing Distractions in Photoshop

Matt Kloskowski

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Lesson Info

6. Why You Need the Clone Stamp Tool

Lesson Info

Why You Need the Clone Stamp Tool

So the clone stamp tool lets go switch photos. The clone stamp tool. You know I'm gonna do because somebody had mentioned this. Why would I use the clone stamp tool? I actually think that clone stamp worked really good on here. So let's make ourselves a blank layer, hit the clone stamp tools right down here and then option or all click sample, and now I'm gonna line it up. That's not too bad. I'm gonna sample again down here and bring it up and then maybe go get rid of that rock, even some of that out. But that's pretty good. Nice part about it. I think I think the reason why it works so well. There's there's a lot of texture there. It's not. It's not a big area of changing tone like a Grady in in the Sky, which is gonna be difficult if you're cloning from one to another. So there's a lot of texture. I think I think that would probably be the way to go in there and get rid of that, because I can't tell if you do see a repeating pattern. I'll just go sample from somewhere else and then ...

paints over some of those little patterns, but not from there. And that can help, too. All right, let's take another look at a clone stamp example here. So this where I, where I tend to use the clone stamp the most, is it's usually going to be cleanup work after I've done something with one of the other tools. Because where the other tools don't work well is an edge. The other tools tend to fail when it gets to a really hard edge on something. So if I look, let's say let's say we want to remove these little these little guys up here and say we want to just clean up that skyline, Okay, so I go to my I could go to let's do spot, healing brush, get rid of it, get pretty close, Okay, And then once I get down to here, cause this is gonna be a tough for area to just go in here, I'll try to get rid of this. You will see. So this go paint. It works. Maybe. See what I mean, though I'm telling you when I rehearse this and I did this it like, brought in part of the building up there, but now it looks good. So just stop disuse, the spot healing brush. I don't care. Uh huh. Let's just say it worked like it did before. Which usually will, that the healing tools are not great on edges. I mean, neither is content aware it's not. It's not gonna It's gonna feather an edge when there's a firm edge. So that's where the clone stamp tool comes in, because now it could be very exact. So we'll go over here option or all click and I'll paint, and I'm gonna show you one other little initially. One other little trick here and that is See how it's kind of smashing into the building. It gets kind of blurry. Normally, we want a low hardness setting for our brushes because all these tools are brushes. Normally, we want a low hardness setting, which means it's a feathered, soft edged brush right, 100% hardness means hard firm edge, 0% hardness means very soft feathered edge. Normally, we want that because we want toe. We wanted to blend in with the with the area around us, but in a case like this, you want a really a really firm, straight edge to go along there. So in this case again option are all click and just paint along. And to me, that's when it usually comes in pretty handy, all right, rather than trying to get it with the other tools.

Class Description

It happens to every photographer when they are going through their images. A stray branch, soda can on the ground, or other distracting element in your favorite image. Why not just remove it? Sometimes it’s easy, but sometimes you just can’t make it look right. On top of that, there are several tools that all seem to do the same job in Photoshop®. In this class, Matt Kloskowski will walk through which tools work best for which jobs and how to remove those distracting elements from your photos.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


Norma Rediker

I usually don't leave comments but I really enjoyed this class because it focused on the one subject. Learning photoshop can be overwhelming. The way he walked you through the whole process of all the tools and how they can work together to finished the job was very helpful.

Barbora Lobkowicz

Great class. Learnt a lot of useful tips and tricks in a short time. Thank you Matt!

Beatriz Stollnitz

Great in depth explanation of the different ways to use cloning and stamping in Photoshop to remove unwanted objects in your photos. As usual, Matt explains the topic clearly and at a great pace.