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Color Matching in Photoshop

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Class Introduction

Jason Hoppe

Color Matching in Photoshop

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

we're gonna talk about color matching in photo shop today and several things about color matching that you may not know. So we're gonna fill you in on that? Um, I've got several images here, and we're gonna walk through being able to take the color from one image and apply it to other images and got a whole bunch of different colors. And I want to be able to go in and pick up these colors and apply them to other images. Now Photoshopped has a color matching feature which allows you to take an image and match it to the color of another image. And it's interesting. It works sometimes. And it works other times and nothing like having something that you kind of have to guess at. Nice thing about color matching is it just happens. So I'm going to show you the color matching function, and then I'm going to show you how we actually go through and do the manual color matching by the numbers. And you've seen color matching done in so many instances. Clothing catalogs, you know, houses, cars, pr...

oducts where you'll see 10 pair of shoes and the all the different colors and they're all exactly the same chew. They don't shoot the 10 different colors. They go in and they take one shoe and then they match the color to every swatch of fabric or paint color, whatever it may be and literally go into photo shop and color, match it exactly the way it's supposed to be. And in many cases out there, corporate colors are absolutely imperative that you get them reproduced exactly the same. So you have to be right down to the absolute percentage to get the red or the green or the blue of their corporate color to look absolutely riel. And it's not just a matter of guessing and going in curves levels, stuff like that. It's actually doing it by the numbers. We're gonna show you what those numbers really are.

Class Description

Stop depending on Photoshop's Match Color feature, and learn how to match any image color, no matter the use case. Learn how to use the hidden features of the eye dropper tool. Use the info panel to fully understand color composition. Apply color adjustments with an eye for preserving the highlights and shadows of the original image, while expertly importing the sample color to your image.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.2

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Color Matching in Photoshop

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Janaina de Assis

For me it was easy and simple to understand, easy for an online training. His formula to teach is amazingly fun and energising.


This is a concise course which teaches the concepts of color matching "by the numbers" in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. It was fun to try the techniques I learned in this class on one of my own photographs and the results were not only accurate but quick to achieve.

Emily Bristor

I learned a lot from this course, and Jason Hoppe gives clear instructions and explanations. I'll be looking for more of his courses.