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Command the Fees You Deserve

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Red Flags: Cluelessness & Disrespect

Ilise Benun

Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

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16. Red Flags: Cluelessness & Disrespect


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Lesson Info

Red Flags: Cluelessness & Disrespect

Lesson fourteen. The other two red flags, which are cluelessness and disrespect, all right, cluelessness, so clueless people are not bad people. In fact, none of these people are bad people, right? They just have problems that we're gonna have to deal with and clueless people especially I think I'm a clueless client for most of the people I hire. I am a clueless client because I don't know what I'm asking for. I don't know what's involved, and therefore I make it up in the, you know, kind of optimistic sense. And I think, well, what could this involved? It can't be that hard, right? So keep in mind that the clueless people are people who are good at heart, they just ignorant. They may be ignorant because they're young and they don't have a lot of experience. This is like the young marketing coordinator who doesn't have a lot of power but is put in a position of hiring someone like you who? He's older than he or she perhaps, and you have to understand that those people are goingto grow ...

up into the senior marketing people, and so you don't want to put them off, but you do need to help educate them and not in a condescending way, obviously not in a patronizing way. Coolest people can also be older people who are kind of burnt out. Maybe they haven't kept up on the technology may be they don't understand analytics or data or anything like that. And so you really want to again educate them as much as you possibly can, but keep in mind that it's going to take extra time, it might require some nagging or some handholding, and therefore you need to budget for it that's also how you command the fuse you deserve by recognizing what type of client or prospect you have in front of you, and then how do you need to accommodate for that in your own pricing? Sometimes we call that a pain in the butt factor, right? You can put an extra percentage for people who you can tell we're going to be difficult. You're welcome to do that. I just wouldn't itemize it on the envoy. So what could be happening? I've mentioned a few of these already what could be happening that that there's a younger and younger workforce obviously more people coming into the workforce so those are going to be clueless people you should expect clueless people in fact um also a lot of what's happening is that there are people being laid off and no one's replacing them and therefore responsibilities are being put on people who don't know how to do what they're being asked to do and therefore you also need to educate those people and not assume that they know what they're asking for and that means that higher demands are going to be put on you which actually makes you more valuable to them if you can demonstrate that value through your marketing again. All right, so what you khun do with clueless people as I said educate them gently insist on including the decision makers especially if we're talking about young clueless people insist on including the decision makers in your process because you don't want to spend a lot of time with people who don't understand but aren't going to be making the decision and then find out that the decision maker doesn't know anything about you and therefore isn't choosing you all right and finally especially these young ones make them your best friend help them as much as you can and it will pay off in the future all right now the red flag number four is disrespect this is the worst one and there's a whole spectrum actually of disrespect that I want to cover it could be anything from treating you like a pair of hands, not valuing the creativity that you bring to the table, and part of that is because you haven't done your marketing to demonstrate the creativity that you bring to the table you just assume they should know, but no, you have to demonstrate and explain what you bring to the table or these could be people who just in insist that you drop everything as if they are your only client. Now I don't suggest you say, well, you're not at the top of the list or you're not my only client you just simply state the fax just the fax ma'am, that is not possible I'm sorry, that is not possible. These are also people who are pushing to see how far you will go and again you have to push back. These could be young people who are experimenting with their power right? Just because maybe they have no power within the corporation and their tryingto wield it outside. You have no idea, but just keep in mind that district spect is usually a sign also of ignorance and you could educate these people or you really have to put your foot down and say no so what could be happening? As I mentioned, they have little power or it could be office politics and you are caught in the middle and there's nothing you can do, they could just be frustrated on their job because of how much responsibility is put on them and how little time they have to do well, the things that they're being asked to do. I actually deal with a lot of people that way and there's nothing I can do because they just have all these responsibilities, and sometimes it translates into things that are perceived by you as disrespect. They could be having problems at home that you have no idea about, or they just could be a person with a generally negative attitude, so you could be watching for these things and you can usually sense them at in the prospecting process and you should be looking for them, especially what can you do instead of three things I'm giving you five things to do about these people because it is more serious, the first one is don't react, don't react emotionally and that's actually a very important piece of advice in general whenever possible don't react and don't react emotionally, but especially with people who are being disrespectful don't take it personally again. There could be this whole list of reasons about what's happening and you have no idea about it don't make assumptions or jump to conclusions about what any behavior actually means as it relates to you the fact as I've been saying that it's not about you means you can think about what's going on for that what might be happening on their end and be accommodating but firm right pushback say yes but or I'm sorry no but and you decide because you are in control of your business and they don't own you and so you really do have to take that position and especially again going back to the idea of marketing and having many irons in the fire it's really important so that you can step up and push back and say no to the people you really don't want to work with all right? We're gonna do one more what would you do with before we get to the exercise and then maybe we'll see what's happening in the chat room okay, so if instead of saying no to a disrespectful prospect you quote high prices thinking they'll never agree to it and they do has this ever happened to someone saying yes talked to us that's happened backfired that they backfired I mean, it wasn't like particularly like the client type of business that I wanted to work with um but they wanted to work with us but uh yes I took on the project because it was uh it was attractive quote money um and you did it for the money for the money and yeah, it was actually turned out to be pretty good but I, uh I didn't expect uh working with them uh the way it turned out so it was pretty good. Okay, yeah, anyone else try that, dana yeah, I've tried it too, and it and I think it really depends on your personal tolerance for people. I worked with a lot of small businesses, and so you work very closely together and it's a lot about personality and usually if I haven't inkling in the beginning that there is something I don't like um it it's true if you know it comes out somewhere in the relationship and I get didn't go disastrously or anything. I was just glad when the project was over, even though it was good money. It's yeah, I'd rather work with people that I like exactly and I really think it's usually not a good idea to just quote high and hope they go away because why would you not say no? What is the problem with saying no? And again, I'll give you some language to say no, but and maybe that's why people don't say no because they just don't have the language, but I think it's cowardly frankly tio not say I'm sorry this is not for me take care, what's happening in the chat room about this. Well, it's, interesting. I mean, chris, jeffrey says, if that happened to me, I simply laugh all the way to the bank, I think is great, positive attitude and say, well, if it ended up being ok, and I got the fever and it is the right feet, then yes, I wouldn't be too concerned. That seems to be the general pattern, all right, here's, the exercise again. Think about it, pause if you need to come back, but for the moment again in the workbook, there are details about each of these red flags, and the questions are. Can you think of someone who flew either the clueless or disrespect flag? What did you say to them? How did you respond, and what might you have? How might you have responded differently based on what you've learned today?

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Earn more money for the work you love to do – let Ilise Benun show you how in the complete guide to marketing, pricing, and booking freelance work: Command the Fees You Deserve.

Ilise has built a career advising the independently employed. She has authored 7 guidebooks for creative entrepreneurs and runs the popular online freelance resource, The Marketing Mentor. In Command the Fees You Deserve, she will teach you how to land clients who value your services and stop the self-defeating cycle of taking whatever comes along. Ilise will share:

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Helping others help themselves. Ilise Benun is clear and well-organized. The methods she shares are easy to understand while honest and straightforward in approach, stating from the git-go that work on my part is required. Ilise draws on her own experience as well as the methods and experience of other professionals in this course. She welcomes us into a proven plan for successful growth embracing an attitude of progress rather than perfection and attraction rather than promotion. This is my kind of mentor!


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